Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 562

“I’m sorry, Quasi-Xin didn’t find it well, it’s stubborn, let’s do it again.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, then wiped the blood from the dagger, his movements were very slow, as if he was wiping a piece of art.
However, such a move fell in the eyes of the big man, giving the big man a creepy feeling, and the fear in his heart rose straight!
“Well, this knife, I can find the exact position.”
Chen Feng ignored the man, but once again picked up the dagger and gestured up and down against the position of the man’s thigh artery.
Every time he gestured and swung the knife, Dahan’s heart was tense. Three times in a row, Dahan nearly collapsed and fell directly to the ground.
“No… don’t!” The big man slumped on the ground, sweating all over, looking at Chen Feng in horror: “If I told you, would you let me go?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded very simply.
“You… are you sure?” The big man was a little skeptical.
“I’m here to save my friend. You are just the horse below. You are ordered to act. Your life and death are meaningless to me.”
Chen Feng said like this. He knew that only by saying this can the big man get rid of his guard. ,trust yourself.
“This time, our Ninja soul sent us 100 elites, and also sent 30 Ninja ninjas. Among them, 20 were ninjas and ten were ninjas.”
“Besides, There are also two respected Shinnins from the Miyamoto family and the Matsushima family, Lord Saito Nokuma and Lord Chiba Yoshimasa…” Chen Feng’s words rang in his ears, and the man chose to believe that he quickly killed the game like a bean Chen Feng was told about the personnel situation.
“What about the distribution of personnel?” Chen Feng asked again.
“A hundred of our elites scattered around the playground to patrol and guard. Thirty Ninja ninjas were hidden near the Ferris wheel. Four killers from the Ninja organization were in the cockpit on top of the Ferris wheel. They all carried snipers. Guns, responsible for sniping.” The big man did not dare to conceal anything, so he told them all, “Master Zette Wild Bear and Master Chiba Yoshimasa are on the third floor. By the way, your friend is in the cockpit on top of the Ferris wheel. It’s the distribution of all personnel, I did not lie to you at all!”
“You did not lie to me, and I will leave your life.” What the big man said is almost the same as Chen Feng’s own judgment, and he nodded , And then slapped the big man on the back of his head, and the big man fell to the ground again and fainted.
He didn’t kill the big man, but whether the big man can survive in the end depends on the big man’s luck.
After thoroughly grasping the enemy’s strength and personnel distribution, Chen Feng did not stop, and once again took advantage of the night to use trees and grass to lurk towards the playground.
A moment later, when Chen Feng came to the edge of the playground again, the enemy hadn’t noticed that the tenth team was destroyed, and the sniper in the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel was also sitting on a stool without alert.
All of this allowed Chen Feng to enter the playground smoothly.
Under the night, Chen Feng lurked and concealed all the way, instead of taking action against the Soul Ninja elite who was responsible for guarding and patrolling, he deliberately avoided them.
Because his second plan is to kill the four snipers in the top cockpit of the Ferris wheel, so naturally he cannot engage the guard and patrolling Ninja elite to expose himself.
Time passed by, and after a while, Chen Feng lurked to a distance of 100 meters from the Ferris wheel.
Despite this, Chen Feng still did not stop.
Because the submachine gun he snatched from the Yamaguchi group’s elite is mp5, to be precise, mp5a1, produced by hk company.
The original gun-type sight has been improved. The flip-type rear sight is changed to a rotating ring-type rear sight that can be adjusted between 25 and 100m. The exposed front sight is changed to a front sight with a protective ring, and the barrel with fins is changed. For a smooth barrel without fins, a three-piece clip is added to the front of the barrel to install various muzzle accessories such as mufflers and flame arresters.
The effective range of the mp5a1 is the same as that of the mp5, which is 200 meters, while the top of the Ferris wheel is nearly 100 meters from the ground.
In this way, if Chen Feng wants to effectively shoot the sniper in the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, he must ensure that he is within 100 meters from the Ferris wheel. Only in this way can the range be within 200 meters!
Although Xiao Guozhong told Chen Feng to use guns as little as possible, because warriors should not rely too much on external forces, but in general, guns are the best solution to the problem.
Although he did not stop, Chen Feng no longer squatted and lurked. Instead, he lay down in the grass, propped his arms on the ground, and moved slowly.
By moving on the ground, Chen Feng advanced another 30 meters, and then found a black shadow hidden in the bushes between 30 and 50 meters away from the Ferris wheel.
This discovery caused Chen Feng to stop moving. He slowly pulled the mp5a1 off his shoulder, and then double-checked to make sure that the gun was ok, and finally removed the silencer.
Although the silencer can reduce the sound and avoid being spotted by the enemy, it also weakens the power of the gun.
The four snipers were all in the cockpit of the Ferris wheel. The cockpit had glass, and the bullets would be blocked by the glass to weaken their power. To be on the safe side, he had to remove the silencer to ensure that one shot was killed.
After doing all this, Chen Feng picked up his gun and aimed at the cockpit on top of the Ferris wheel.
“Report… report, someone sneaked in from the east!” After all this, Chen Feng turned on the headset, learned the voice and tone of the big man before, lowered his voice, and suddenly made a report.
In order to unify command and operation, all those involved in the operation tonight are equipped with walkie-talkies.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s words were immediately heard by everyone!
Huaxia Chen Feng is here? !
As Chen Feng’s voice fell, ten ninjas hidden near the Ferris wheel squatted up and looked east.
And in the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, four killers from the Ninja Soul organization stood up for the first time, held up the observation mirror, and looked at the east.
“Tell me, what’s the specific situation?”
At the same time, Saito Wild Bear, who was on the three-story building, asked aloud, both shocked and excited.
Four gunshots responded to Saito Wild Bear.
The harsh gunfire cut across the sky, broke the silence of the night, and responded to everyone.
Huaxia Chen Feng is indeed here!
Chen Feng imitated the voice of the big man before, caught everyone’s attention, and then fired four consecutive shots while the sniper got up.
Among them, the first two gunshots are almost superimposed on each other, the latter two gunshots are the same, and they are less than a second apart from the first two gunshots!
“Kang Dang! Kang Dang!”
After the gun shot, the sound of the glass exploding sounded. The four bullets seemed to be equipped with trackers, and they hit the heads of the four snipers with unparalleled accuracy.

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