Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 563

“Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!”
The heads of the four snipers were shot through by bullets one after another. The hot blood mixed with white brains splashed, spraying the entire cockpit.
Then, the bodies of the four snipers crashed into the cockpit, and one of the sniper rifles fell from the window and fell to the ground.
All of this, seemingly complicated, only happened in a short moment, so that whether it is the ten ninjas under the Ferris wheel, or the Ninja elites scattered in every corner of the playground, or even Saito Wild Bear and Chin in the three-story building. Ye Jizheng and others have not recovered from their dazed state!
At this moment, they all looked dumbfounded!
It seems that until this moment, they couldn’t accept that Chen Feng came to Japan without knowing it, and found it here, and went straight to work!
Not only them, but also Lin Wanqiu were confused.
Lin Wanqiu was tied to the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, with a towel tucked in her mouth, unable to speak, but she could hear outside sounds and could see everything outside.
She heard the deafening gunshots and saw the snipers in the two cockpits were shot headshots and fell into a pool of blood.
“Is it Brother Chen Feng?”
Lin Wanqiu thought of Chen Feng’s name almost instantly.
Apart from Chen Feng, no one can come to rescue her at this time.
All this made Lin Wanqiu’s heart shake, she subconsciously wanted to stand up, but because of the rope tied up, she couldn’t move at all.
At this moment, she struggled with all her strength, trying to break free of the rope, but to no avail. At the same time, she tried to push out the towel in her mouth with her tongue, but she couldn’t do it.
She wanted to remind Chen Feng, but she could only make a “oooo” sound.
“Brother Chen Feng, you must not have an accident!”
Lin Wanqiu was so anxious that her eyes were flushed, tears in her eyes blurred, she could only pray secretly in her heart.
She doesn’t know why she was tied here, but she knows one thing, that is, there are hundreds of killers in this amusement park.
These killers are ambushing Chen Feng at this moment!
“Hua…Chen Feng of China is here…”
At the same time, the ten ninjas around the Ferris wheel woke up like a dream. One of the ninjas used the walkie-talkie to report for the first time, with a hint of panic in his tone that could not be concealed.
As a member of Shindo, he knew very well that the Miyamoto family had docked with major airports and was constantly monitoring the information of the Chinese coming to Japan. However, before the news of Chen Feng coming to Japan, Chen Feng appeared and killed him instantly. Four killers of the Shinobu organization!
This… how can we not let him panic?
“Bang!” The next moment, without waiting for the ninja to say the following words, the gunfire sounded again.
In the night, Chen Feng judged the hiding place of the ninja with his excellent hearing, and then immediately turned the muzzle, pulled the trigger decisively, and the bullets roared out, accurately hitting the ninja in the head.
A headshot!
Just like killing the four killers of the Ninja Soul Organization, Chen Feng still exploded the ninja’s head with just one shot.
In this scene, the remaining nine Ninja ninjas were all lying on the ground, motionless, and at the same time they didn’t dare to say anything, for fear that they would follow that ninja.
“What…what’s the situation?”
At the same time, Saito Wild Bear’s voice was heard again on the radio. He had recovered from the shock, accepted the fact that Chen Feng came here, and asked.
There was no answer. The nine Ninja ninjas clamped their mouths tighter than the virgin’s legs, for fear that their opening would reveal their hiding place!
“Report your lord, the gunfire came from the Ferris wheel, we don’t know the specific situation!”
“My lord, we are rushing to the Ferris wheel!” The nine ninjas were afraid of revealing the hidden location, so they did not dare to answer, but they were responsible for alerting. The patrolling Ninja soul elite answered while quickly rushing to the Ferris wheel.
According to the plan, once Chen Feng appeared, they must gather towards the Ferris wheel for the first time, and then join forces with the Shindo Ninja near the Ferris wheel to block Chen Feng.
The replies of those soul-bearing elites rang in his ears, Chen Feng holding a gun, cats at his waist, quickly disappeared from the place and merged into the night again.
“Damn, Zuozaki and second from the right, tell me, what’s the situation on the scene?”
Saito Nokuma grumbled into the radio on the third floor.
In his mouth, Zuozaki and the second right were the leader of the ten ninjas, who led the remaining nine ninjas to stop Chen Feng.
“My lord, Huaxia Chen Feng lurked near the Ferris wheel. He first killed four assassins from the Ninja Soul organization, and then killed one of our Ninja brothers!”
Zuo Qi and second right were in the farthest place from Chen Feng, After he fell to the ground, he immediately found a big tree to cover his body to avoid being shot by Chen Feng, and then reported to Matsushita Tomohisa.
” Wh …what?” This time, before Saito Wild Bear could speak, Chiba Yoshimasa on the side asked subconsciously, “You said he killed the four killers of our Ninja Organization?”
“Yes, Chin. Your Excellency Ye Jizheng, he only fired four shots and killed our four assassins…” Zuo Qi Youji said, but his heart was a little hairy.
As Nindo’s Zhongren, he has also learned marksmanship, and even experienced assassins with awesome marksmanship, but he can’t imagine how Chen Feng killed four snipers in such a short time!
Even if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would rather believe that Japan is a pure country than believe all of this!
“This… how the hell is this possible? Is my person standing there like an idiot and being shot by him?”
Not only is Zuozaki Yoshiji, Chiba Yoshimasa is also incredulous. He wants to avoid four snipers. Hands were easily caught in one cockpit. Four snipers were specially separated in two cockpits. Chen Feng only fired four shots to kill the four snipers, which was completely beyond his imagination.
“He pretends to be our person to speak, attract everyone’s attention, and then take advantage of the time your subordinates get up, fire four consecutive shots, there is a pause of about one second in between.” Chiba Yoshimasa spoke, as if he was for Zhai Fujino bears the puzzle, more like restoring the scene just now, with a slightly solemn tone.
“Damn, is he a spear god?”
Chiba Yoshimasa’s response sounded in his ears, and Saito Wild Bear couldn’t help but cursed.
As a master of martial arts, he does not know how difficult it is to shoot four targets in two different directions in a short period of time, he knows.
“Bang, bang, bang, bang…” The response to Saito Wild Bear was a burst of intensive gunshots. Five gunshots were transmitted by radio and sounded accurately in Saito Wild Bear’s ears.
“What’s the matter?” Saito Wild Bear asked subconsciously.
“Zai… Lord Saito, I saw him! He is in the northeast and just killed five brothers from the ninth group…” In a bush in the northeast of the amusement park, a ninja man in the eighth group The elite squatted on the ground and said.
But before he could finish the rest of the sentence, a bullet pierced his head, ending his life, and making his voice come to an abrupt end.

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