Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 564

“Da da da da da da da…”
At the same time, in the bush next to the soul forbearing elite, the remaining four big guys heard the gunshots, saw Chen Feng’s figure, frantically pulled the trigger, and the flames flickered. The dense bullets knocked down a piece of the bushes in front, and as a result, they didn’t even hit a single piece of Chen Feng’s hair!
“Chi…Master Chiba, we are in the eighth group. His speed is too fast. He’s just like a ghost. We can’t aim and shoot at all!”
“Yes, we can’t kill him at all. And his marksmanship is terrible, every shot is a headshot, and we are like a target in his eyes!”
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t hit Chen Feng, the remaining four elites in the eighth group were scared into cold sweat. The fear from the depths of the soul enveloped each of them, and they couldn’t help shouting.
“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”
As their voice fell, Chen Feng appeared behind them like a ghost, and, as they said, directly blew their heads like a target.
“The eighth group, tell me, what’s the situation now?”
Chiba Yoshizaki’s brows were completely twisted together in the three-story building, and he shouted loudly.
There was no response, and the radio was silent.
That silence made everyone feel a little hairy!
At this moment, the silent silence gave everyone a feeling of suffocation and depression.
Because everyone knows that the people in the eighth group are dead, just like the ninth group, they were completely destroyed by Chen Feng!
“So… everyone listen, don’t go to war with him, gather all toward the Ferris wheel according to the original plan!” After a short silence, Chiba Yoshizaki shouted again and gave orders.
His voice was full of anger!
He investigated Chen Feng’s information and knew that Chen Feng was very strong, but what Chen Feng did was beyond his imagination. It was a massacre!
“Chiba-kun, you don’t have to panic or be nervous.”
Following Chiba Yoshimasa’s order, Saito Wild Bear saw Chiba Yoshimasa’s anger and panic, and he spoke in a cold and low tone, “Just dead. It’s just a little cannon fodder, it doesn’t matter, he is destined to die here tonight.”
“” Chiba Jizheng’s mouth was slightly open, but he was speechless.
All the elites who died just now were soul-bearing souls. Saito Wild Bear didn’t care, but he couldn’t care less.
In other words, if the death of Shinobu was heavy, even if Chen Feng was successfully killed in the end, he would not be able to explain to the Songdao family when he returned.
What Chiba Yoshimasa didn’t know was that Matsushima Yuno and his son had died in Chen Feng’s hands an hour ago.
“Saito-kun, although it doesn’t matter if you die some cannon fodder, we can’t tolerate a Chinese dog running here to kill him. We can’t wait anymore, let’s go and kill him now!” Chiba Yoshizawa said angrily.
Saito Nokuma nodded. Although he didn’t care about the death of the Ninja elites at all, he also knew that he and Chiba Yoshimasa were here. If Chen Feng was to kill people like crazy, it would be humiliating to them. face.
“Two masters, I won’t go there. I’m going to the top of the building and kill him with a sniper rifle!”
At this moment , the third dark figure in the room said in a deep voice, he is the top killer of Shinobu. His best method is to kill, he has used a sniper rifle to kill no less than ten dark warriors.
“Yes, Sakuragi-kun, just stay on the top of the building and find a chance to kill him with a sniper rifle.”
Chiba Jizheng nodded, and then reminded: “However, I want to remind you that the possibility of killing Chen Feng with a sniper rifle is very small. After all, Chen Feng is a strong chemist. The warrior has reached the stage of faculty. The induction is very strong, it is difficult for you to lock him and shoot. Of course, your presence is also a threat to him, just replacing your four dead men.” After the voice fell, Chiba Yoshimasa stopped talking nonsense and got up directly with Saito Wild Bear. Go downstairs together.
At the same time, the remaining seven groups of Soul Ninja elites, one by one, seemed to be crazy, rushing from all directions to the Ferris wheel in the middle of the playground.
At this moment, they were all scared!
Really scared!
Because, only a few minutes have passed since Chen Feng appeared to the present. As a result, four killers from the Ninja organization, two Ninja ninjas, and three groups of Ninja elites, a total of 20 people, all died in Chen Feng Hands!
All this was beyond their imagination, so that they felt that Chen Feng had entered the flock like a butcher, slaughtering them like a sheep!
They have completely abandoned the idea of ​​killing Chen Feng, just want to get to the Ferris wheel as soon as possible, and then gather together.
This will dispel the fear in their hearts and make them feel safe.
As for killing Chen Feng…
Fuck it!
That’s what Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa are going to do!
In a sense, their ideas are correct and their practices are correct.
However, ideals are full and reality is very backbone.
“Da da da da da…”
After a while, the harsh gunfire sounded again, piercing the sky and breaking the short silence of the playground.
A group of soul-bearing elites suddenly swept through the bullets, and fell in a pool of blood, all killed, and no one was spared.
The sudden gunshots once again shocked the other six groups of Ninjin elites. They were originally running, and almost subconsciously fell to the ground, not daring to move.
“Don’t panic, everyone squatted down, covered with trees and grass, and don’t stand up, or he would find him!”
At the same time, Zuozaki and Youji judged that Chen Feng was a little far away from the Ferris wheel through gunshots. Then he boldly reminded the remaining soul-ninja elites.
“We used trees and bushes for cover, but it was useless. His whereabouts were erratic and suddenly appeared!”
“Yes, if this continues, we will all be killed by him!”
“I suggest waiting for the fast. Master Fuji and Master Chiba are here, let’s go over again!” As soon as Zuozaki and the second right spoke, there was an immediate response. Some of the soul-suffering elites who were scared by Chen Feng and killed to the fearful, lie on the ground, trembling all over. Speaking, the words are full of fear.
At the same time, Sakuragi Zon, carrying a sniper rifle, went upstairs. Hearing the words of many Ninja soul elites in the pager, Sakuragi Zon was furious: “You follow what Zuozaki said. Do that, remember, this is an order! Who the hell will beep again, I shot him!”
He also plans to use the many souls of the soul to attract Chen Feng’s attention. If the souls of the soul are all on the ground, he There is no way to kill Chen Feng at all.
Sakuragi Zon didn’t worry that these Shinobu elites would not listen to him.
As the banner of the Japanese underground world, Shinobu uses a pyramid management model similar to MLM organizations.
To be precise, the MLM organization’s online and offline management model is borrowed from Shining Soul.

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