Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 566

As far as he was concerned, he had never thought that he could kill Chiba Yoshimasa just now, so that he could get time for himself and stop Chiba Yoshimasa from getting close.
Because once Chiba Yoshimasa gets close, he will no longer have the opportunity to shoot, and can only use his body to fight with Chiba Yoshimasa.
And it is impossible to solve Chiba Yoshimasa, a top powerhouse in the early stage of transformation, through physical combat in a short time!
Therefore, he must not let Chiba Yoshimasa close!
At this moment, Chen Feng perfectly combined his inner strength with his physical strength, and his speed was already fast to the extreme, but compared with Chiba Yoshimasa, it was still slower.
Huh! After the explosion, Chen Feng moved sideways, leaving an afterimage on the ground. call!
Chiba Jizheng rushed to the culling, a hand knife cut on the afterimage left by Chen Feng, and directly cut the air out of a hole, making a crisp sound like a firecracker.
“Puppy, don’t want to run away. Tonight is your death date. I will use your blood to wash away the shame of the Japanese martial arts academy!” After a blow was missed, Chiba Yoshimasa shook his body and continued to pounce on Chen Feng while coldly. Open the mouth and put pressure on Chen Feng, so that Chen Feng can’t exert his full strength under the tremendous pressure, so that he can kill Chen Feng earlier and more easily!
“Da da da da da da…”
Chiba Yoshimasa responded with harsh gunshots.
Chen Feng once again took advantage of Chiba Yoshizawa’s opportunity to pull the trigger, and the bullets once again screamed at Chiba Yoshizawa. however
Like the previous two times, Chiba Yoshimasa relied on his sense of danger and terrifying reaction power and moving speed to dodge all the bullets in the first place.
At this point, Chen Feng uttered a submachine gun in the hands of MP5A1 empty sound.
“There are no bullets? Go to death!”
Qianye Jizheng sneered when he heard the voice, and slaughtered Chen Feng again, his eyes full of jokes.
Because, for him, Chen Feng, who had lost his gun, could no longer pose any threat to him, just like the fish on the chopping board, which he could kill.
Huh! Chen Feng’s expression changed, and he drew back again.
Seeing this scene, Chiba Yoshimasa’s eyes were even more joking.
However, Chen Feng took advantage of the opportunity to retreat and quietly shook his wrist slightly, and a pistol fell into his left hand, but it was hidden by his palm and was not found by Chiba Yoshimasa.
“It’s over.”
Soon, with the advantage of speed, Chiba Jizheng shortened the distance between Chen Feng and Chen Feng to ten meters. He was full of murderous intent, like an unsheathed sword, sharp and unstoppable.
Huh! Chen Feng changed back again to move horizontally, and at the same time, his expression changed in cooperation, revealing’fear’.
Immediately, Chiba Jizheng roared, and the long sword in his hand was severely cut out towards Chen Feng!
Ihe swordsmanship!
The ancient Japanese swordsmanship, which is as famous as Beichen, is also Chiba Yoshimasa’s best swordsmanship!
At this moment, Chiba Jizheng’s killing intent had reached the extreme, his momentum was like a rainbow, and the whole person was like a sword out of the sheath. The human sword was unified, and Chen Feng was bound to kill!
“Boom, boom, boom…”
Immediately, before Qianye Jizheng’s sword reached Chen Feng, the gunfire sounded again.
At the moment of crisis, Chen Feng moved his speed to the extreme, while he squeezed his wrist and quickly pulled the trigger. Six bullets roared out and shot towards the culled Chiba Yoshizhang.
Ok? Chiba Jizheng’s pupils suddenly shrank, and he suddenly accepted the move, then spread his inner strength all over his body, and leaped out sideways.
Although Chiba Yoshimasa’s reaction was almost at its extreme, because the distance was too close, he was shot twice and two bullets in his shoulder and heart respectively.
However, at the moment the bullet hit him, he controlled his inner strength through his mind, guarding his heart with his inner strength, and at the same time the muscles in his chest were tight.
“Puff” the blood flower shot out from Chiba Yoshimasa’s chest, but with his internal defense and tight muscles, he changed the trajectory of the bullet abruptly.
The bullet almost wiped the heart of Chiba Jizheng, penetrated his body, did not cause fatal damage to him, but also caused the essence of his body to leak out, and his blood was disordered.
Kill you while you are sick!
At this moment … Chen Feng turned from defense to offense, and his whole body instantly rushed to Chiba Jizheng and threw a punch.
Shanhe Fist!
The bottom pressing technique that Xiao Guozhong passed to Chen Feng back then!
It is also Chen Summit’s strongest killer move!
Even if he was poisoned by Wang Hongyi last time, Chen Feng had never used this killer.
But today, Chen Feng used it!
And one shot is the strongest killer move!
Faced with Chen Feng’s violent punch, Chiba Yoshizhang, who was struck by a bullet and made his body unstable, changed his face and dared not to be careless, he hurriedly waved his palm to greet him.
He wanted to defeat the fist with his palm.
The next moment, there was a muffled sound, and Chen Feng punched Chiba Yoshizawa’s palm, and his internal strength burst out like a torrent of water rushing towards Chiba Yoshizawa’s palm.
Although Chiba Yoshimasa has been a martial arts master in the early stage of advanced Huajin for more than ten years, the quality of his internal strength is much higher than that of Chen Feng. The strength of Chen Feng just barely blocked Chen Feng’s punch, and the whole person was directly shaken out.
“Bang” was at this moment … another gunshot.
The seventh and last bullet in the pistol roared out and shot at Chiba Yoshizawa again.
This time, although Chiba Yoshimasa sensed the danger, but could not dodge.
“Puff” blood spattered, and the bullet hit Chiba Yoshimasa’s eyebrows accurately and shot out from the back of his head.
No matter how high martial arts is, he is afraid of bullets.
He was shot headshot by Chen Feng!
As the top martial arts master in Japan’s martial arts world, Chiba Yoshimasa.
He was shot headshot by Chen Feng and died on the spot!
His body fell heavily to the ground, his eyes rounded, his face was full of shock and unwillingness, until the moment his life stopped, he couldn’t believe that he would die in Chen Feng’s hands.
Not only the dead Chiba Yoshimasa, but the Saito Wild Bear in the distance was also stunned.
His thigh was pierced by a bullet. Although he was not fatal, he was inconvenient to move and his combat power was greatly reduced.
Originally, in his opinion, Chiba Jizheng, after avoiding Chen Feng’s interception, launched a fierce counterattack and could easily kill Chen Feng, but he did not expect that he would eventually die in Chen Feng’s hands.
“This… how the hell is this possible?!”
At the same time, on the roof of the three-story building, Sakuragi Zon was holding a sniper rifle, and through the observation mirror, he clearly saw the scene of Chen Feng killing Chiba Yoshimasa, and the whole person was directly shocked.
A martial arts master in the early stage of Huajin died like this? !
Is that Chen Feng a man or a ghost? !

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