Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 567

“What’s the matter?”
Seeing Sakuragi Zon’s expression, Tomohisa Matsushita, the master of Shinobu Ninja Hall next to him, couldn’t help asking.
“Chi…Master Chiba Yoshimasa was killed by him!” Sakuragi Zon was still in shock, almost subconsciously responded.
Tomohisa Matsushita almost jumped up when he heard Sakuragi Zon’s words in amazement. He looked at Sakuragi Zon with an incredible face, and asked with a trembling voice: “This is impossible! You will Can’t you read it wrong?”
“Master Chiba Yoshimasa was indeed killed. I clearly saw through the observation mirror that his eyebrow was hit by a bullet, and he didn’t get up after he fell to the ground!”
Sakuragi Zoe said, and then He raised the observation mirror again, and his face suddenly changed: “That Chen Feng is going to kill Master Saito!”
Hey! Matsushita Tomohisa was still waiting for Sakuragi Zon to confirm, but when he waited for such a sentence, he almost didn’t scare a heart attack!
They carefully set up a killing round to kill Chen Feng. The biggest reliance was Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear. Now that Chiba Yoshimasa is killed, Chen Feng is going to kill Saito Wild Bear…
This means they are. The second killing game will fail, and they are likely to die here!
“Master Chiba Yoshimasa is a respected Ninja power, and how could he and Master Saito be killed by Chen Feng alone? How did Chen Feng do it?”
Matsushita Tomohisa yelled, he His emotions are completely out of control. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t accept this fact, or I’m too scared.
“He intercepted and killed Master Yoshimasa Chiba and Master Saito Wild Bear halfway, among them Master Saito Wild Bear was shot in the thigh by him, and Master Yoshimasa Chiba escaped the bullet, then went to kill him and was finally killed. They shot too fast, and I didn’t see the specific process clearly.”
Sakuragi Zon explained in a panic, then he swallowed and said: “Master Saito Wild Bear was shot in the thigh and he couldn’t show his true strength. , I must assist him, this is our only chance!” After the words fell, Sakuragi Zon quickly condensed his mind, took two deep breaths in a row, and then concentrated on aiming and locking Chen Feng’s figure through the sniper rifle scope.
Just as Sakuragi Zon said, after killing Chiba Yoshimasa, Chen Feng did not stop, and went straight towards Saito Wild Bear.
For him, Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa are the biggest threats. As long as they kill them, the next thing will be much easier.
“Damn it!”
Not far away, Saito Wild Bear saw Chen Feng’s actions and recovered from the shock. He never expected that Chen Feng, a martial artist, would be so proficient in gun control.
How did he do it? While practicing martial arts, he was also proficient in firearms?
Saito Wild Bear was annoyed, but at this moment, he could no longer think about this problem, because Chen Feng had already killed him.
If he was not shot in the thigh and his speed was greatly reduced, even if he gave Chen Feng ten courage, Chen Feng would not dare to take the initiative to attack, only he took the initiative to kill Chen Feng!
However, from time to time, from annoyance to annoyance, Saito Wild Bear chose to escape him like a kangaroo, jumping on the ground with his uninjured right foot.
Because Saito Wild Bear knew very well that his thigh was hit by a bullet and his speed was greatly reduced, which would seriously affect his combat power. Even in close combat, he may not be Chen Feng’s opponent.
What’s more, in his opinion, Chen Feng would probably not choose to fight him close, but would use firearms as before.
Saito Wild Bear’s judgment is correct.
Chen Feng did not intend to engage in close combat with Saito Wild Bear.
On the one hand, Saito Wild Bear is a martial artist in the early stage of transformation. Even if he is injured, he should not be underestimated, especially if he fights hard under the pressure of death, it will be very dangerous.
On the other hand, Chen Feng decided to fight quickly and rescue Lin Wanqiu as soon as possible just in case.
Under the night, Chen Feng urged his internal energy, combined with his physical strength, to maximize his speed, first skimmed to the previously hidden place, and picked up a handful of MP5A1 left there.
With the submachine gun in hand, Chen Feng didn’t stop, and immediately locked Saito Wild Bear’s figure, and then decisively pulled the trigger.
“Da da da da da…” In an instant, the gunshots were loud.
Bullets roared out of the barrel, sparking sparks, forming a terrible fire net, sweeping toward the Saito Wild Bear in front, almost covering a range of 10 meters from the front to the left and right of Saito Wild Bear.
Although Saito Wild Bear’s escape speed on one foot is not weaker than that of ordinary dark warriors, and is close to a hundred meters away from Chen Feng at the moment, Chen Feng blocked all his escape routes, making him unable to hide.
“Puff! Puff! Puff!” The blood blossoms bloomed, and three bullets hit Saito Wild Bear almost at the same time, causing him to take a beating and fall directly to the ground.
“Bang” just then, another gunshot pierced the sky.
On the roof of the three-story building, Sakuragi Zoen decisively pulled the trigger, and a sniper shell screamed at Chen Feng.
It has to be said that Sakuragi Zoen is an excellent assassin. He took advantage of Chen Feng’s figure to stop shooting. This is the best opportunity and his only opportunity to kill! however
Chen Feng had already expected this scene. The moment he finished shooting, his body suddenly jumped, like a flexible wild cat, jumped aside.
At the same time, the sniper shell passed through the afterimage left by Chen Feng, hit a big tree behind, and directly penetrated the trunk, leaving a circular hole.
Seeing that the bullet fell through, Sakuragi Zoen was so angry that he scolded his mother , but he didn’t give up, instead he firmly aimed at the area where Chen Feng was hiding, preparing for the second sniper.
Huh! Chen Feng was carrying a submachine gun in one hand, his figure resembling electricity, and it flashed out quickly.
“Bang!” The gunshot sounded again, and Sakuragi Zoen pulled the trigger for the first time, but still did not hit Chen Feng.
Then… he saw Chen Feng rushing towards the three-story building like a whirlwind, but because the speed was too fast, he could not lock and aim Chen Feng at all as before.
“Quick, go!”
Seeing this scene, Sakuragi Zon immediately gave up and continued to kill Chen Feng, but a loud reminder to Matsushita Tomohisa, and then didn’t even need the sniper rifle, and ran directly toward the stairs.
Hearing Sakuragi Zon’s words, Tomohisa Matsushita was taken aback first, and then rushed towards the stairs with a short breath.
About half a minute later, when Matsushita Tomohisa rushed out of the three-story building with milky energy, the gunshot sounded again, scaring him involuntarily to stop.
In panic, he clearly saw that Chen Feng was ten meters in front of him, holding a gun, aiming at the east side of the three-story building.

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