Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 568

Then… he subconsciously cast his gaze in the direction Chen Feng was aiming at, and he saw Sakuragi Zoen fall to the ground.
Under the night, Sakuragi Zon’s head was hit by a bullet, and blood stained the ground!
This discovery made Matsushita Tomohisa almost suffocated!
At the same time, Chen Feng put down his submachine gun and walked towards Matsushita Tomohisa blankly.
That’s it!
Seeing Chen Feng coming, these two words appeared in Matsushita Tomohisa’s heart. The whole figure seemed to have been used by magic, and his body was completely frozen in place, unable to move.
Because he can tell from the chickens between his legs that as the five assassins of Chiba Yoshimasa, Saito Wild Bear and Ninja Soul Organization were killed by Chen Feng, their carefully arranged killing game no longer has any impact on Chen Feng. Threat!
Under the night, Tomohisa Matsushita’s body shivered uncontrollably, and his two calves seemed to be cramped, constantly spinning, and it felt as if they would fall at any time.
Although the temperature at night is not low, he feels like he is in an ice cellar at this moment. He is cold, with cold sweat on his forehead, and his face is pale as paper. The gaze towards Chen Feng is full of fear!
“Come with me to the Ferris wheel.”
Chen Feng stopped three meters in front of Matsushita Tomohisa. He didn’t shoot at Matsushita Tomohisa, but said blankly.
Chen Feng’s words sounded in his ears, and Tomohisa Matsushita shook his whole body, and his head nodded as fast as a chicken pecking rice. It felt like Chen Feng would kill him directly.
When the voice fell, Matsushita Tomohisa took two deep breaths in a row, calmed down, and then took the initiative to walk towards Chen Feng, still trembling.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything more, he walked towards the Ferris wheel with Matsushita Tomohisa with no expression on his face, first passing by Chiba Yoshihisa’s body.
” Hey ~” Although Matsushita Tomohisa knew that Chiba Yoshihisa was killed by Chen Feng, when he saw Chiba Yoshimasa’s body lying motionless, he was still very scared and gasped.
After all, Chiba Yoshizaki is a master of martial arts, such a master, looking at the whole country, there are few such masters, but when he arrives in Chen Feng’s hands, he hasn’t survived for half a minute, so Chen is killed. Feng shot his head.
Immediately, in Matsushita Tomohisa’s horrified and puzzled expression, Chen Feng’s figure flashed, and he appeared beside Chiba Yoshimasa’s body like a ghost, and picked up Chiba Yoshimasa’s body.
“What is he going to do?”
Matsushita Tomohiro was puzzled, but he didn’t dare to ask more, just silently following Chen Feng.
Soon, he saw Saito Wild Bear again.
Saito Wild Bear, who was also in the early stage of Huajin, lay on the ground, his body completely stained red with blood, even the ground was stained red.
He didn’t die, but because he was shot in the leg, lungs and spine, he almost lost his ability to move, lying there like a dead dog, lingering.
The next moment, without waiting for Matsushita Tomohisa to recover from the shock, Chen Feng carried Chiba Yoshimasa’s body and walked straight to Saito Wild Bear.
“Dam…damn, we all underestimated you!”
Saito Yexiong raised his head hard and looked at Chen Feng, his words filled with regret.
Although Chen Feng’s martial arts strength was only in the early stage of Huajin, at most he could kill the martial arts masters in the middle stage of Huajin, but Chen Feng’s gun combat ability was too prominent, and the two were superimposed, even if he and Chiba Yoshimatsu were two. In the early days, I couldn’t bear it.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
In response to Saito Wild Bear’s four crisp sounds, Chen Feng raised his feet blankly and stepped on Saito Wild Bear’s ankles and wrists.
With the sound of a cracked bone, Saito Wild Bear’s wrist and ankle broke one after another, shattered by the terrifying inner strength, and bloody.
So far, Saito Wild Bear has completely lost its combat power!
After doing all this, Chen Feng picked up Saito Wild Bear like a chicken.
At the same time, two shurikens fell from Saito Wild Bear’s sleeves to the ground.
“You…you are so cautious…”
Saito Wild Bear smiled miserably. He originally wanted to take advantage of Chen Feng’s most relaxed moment, suddenly attack Chen Feng with a shuriken, but he did not expect Chen Feng to stifle this opportunity. Up.
Without a response, Chen Feng carried the body of Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear, who had completely lost his combat power, with his left and right hands, and continued to walk towards the Ferris wheel with Matsushita Tomohisa.
“He…what the hell is he going to do?”
Walking and walking, Matsushita Tomohisa once again had such a doubt in his heart, but he still did not dare to ask, just silently following Chen Feng.
Below the Ferris wheel, the remaining six groups of thirty soul-ninja elites gathered together according to Matsushita Tomohisa’s previous instructions.
The nine Ninja ninjas still acted according to the plan, hiding in the bushes.
“I haven’t heard the gun for a long time. The battle should be over?”
Suddenly, a soul-bearing elite couldn’t help but ask. He had been killed by Chen Feng just now, and he almost came to the ground. Here.
At this moment, although a group of companions gathered around him, and they all had guns, he still felt insecure.
“That’s enough? Master Chiba and Master Saito Wild Bear jointly attack, ten Chen Feng is not enough to kill?” Another Soul Ninja elite said. He is different from the man who spoke first. do not worry.
Because he firmly believes that Chen Feng has been killed!
“Is he still alive?” In the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, Lin Wanqiu couldn’t see everything underneath because he was tied to the seat. After vaguely hearing the words of the soul-bearing man, her heart hung directly in her throat. His face was full of worry and anxiety.
“Damn, if Chen Feng didn’t attack us by surprise, how would we die so many brothers?”
“Yeah, if Master Chiba and Master Saito Wild Bear had taken action from the beginning, that Chen Feng would be impossible. Killing many of us so easily…” In response to Lin Wanqiu’s remarks, almost everyone thought that Chen Feng had been killed, but when the last big man said halfway, he only felt that his throat was As if pinched, he could no longer utter a word.
Under the curtain of night, he opened his eyes and looked at the front incredulously, as if he had seen the most incredible things in the world!
Immediately, more eyes were cast forward, and the entire Ferris wheel became extremely quiet.
Whether it was the remaining Ninja elites or the nine ninjas, they all cast their gazes forward.
Through the faint light, you can clearly see that their faces are all covered with incredible!
Because, following their gazes, you can clearly see that Chen Feng is carrying Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear, and walking with Matsushita Tomohisa from the front!
In the next moment, before the soul-ninja elites and the nine ninjas recovered, Chen Feng moved.

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