Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 569

Under the night, Chen Feng used both hands and suddenly threw Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild bear towards the sky. The two looked at each other as if they were in a plane and rushed straight towards The sky was even higher than the top of the Ferris wheel, so that Lin Wanqiu in the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel could see it.
“What…what’s the situation?” The sudden scene directly stunned Lin Wanqiu.
“Da da da da da…”
Lin Wanqiu responded with a deafening shot.
Under the gaze of Matsushita Tomohisa, six groups of Ninja elites, and nine ninjas, Chen Feng picked up his gun and squeezed the trigger suddenly. Bullets roared out and shot into the sky, hitting Chiba Yoshimasa, who was dragged down by gravity. And Saito wild bear.
Under the night, the bodies of the two of them were almost beaten into a sieve, and the blood mixed with the minced meat was scattered, like a rain of blood.
Seeing this scene, whether it was the six elite groups of Ninja souls, nine ninjas, or even Tomohisa Matsushita, they were so scared that they held their breath, and the pale faces were completely frightened. Occupied!
Yes! You know, they were still discussing just now, and firmly believed that Chen Feng had been killed by Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear. In a blink of an eye, Chen Feng appeared with the two of them, and then they sifted their bodies in public… …
All this, the inner shock brought to them is simply unimaginable!
“Bang! Bang!”
Soon, the broken corpses of Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear hit the ground with two muffled noises, almost reduced to a pile of flesh and blood, extremely tragic.
“Let down your weapon, kneel and surrender, or die!”
At the same time, Chen Feng carried the MP5A1 with the barrel of the gun in one hand, his eyes swept toward the crowd like a knife, and his tone was cold and cold.
“Puff!” As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, a soul-bearing elite dropped his gun uncontrollably, fell to his knees, and squatted tightly on the ground.
… Then, the voice of kneeling continued to ring.
One, two, three… After half a minute, whether it was the remaining thirty elite soul ninjas, nine ninjas, or Tomohisa Matsushita, they all dropped their weapons and fell to the ground, choosing to surrender and beg for mercy.
Chen Feng held the gun in one hand and stood proudly.
One person, one gun, he killed everyone and surrendered!
At this moment, whether it was the remaining 30 Ninja Elites, or the nine Ninja Ninjas and Matsushita Tomohisa, they were all scared.
Chen Feng first sneaked into the playground unconsciously, killing four snipers and two Ninja ninjas, and then easily killed those ninja elites like a butcher slaughtering a sheep, killing them with fear.
However, at that time, Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Yekuma had not made a move. Although they were frightened, they firmly believed that they could kill Chen Feng, and they were expecting the two to make a move.
As a result, Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Nokuma all died in Chen Feng’s hands, and Chen Feng threw their bodies into the air just now in public, sifting their bodies into a sieve!
All this directly killed the hope in everyone’s hearts and made them all desperate.
This kind of experience from hopeful to desperate brought fear they had never had before. That fear was carved into the depths of their souls, so that when Chen Feng shouted out those words, they all chose to kneel down. surrender.
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Although these people present could no longer bring him any threats, he could not kill everyone in an instant.
In such a situation, if he continues to kill everyone with iron and blood, it may force someone to choose to burn the jade and the stone and shoot Lin Wanqiu.
In order to avoid the tragedy, he sifted the bodies of Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear in public, giving everyone a great deterrent, so that he could successfully rescue Lin Wanqiu.
At this moment, the choice of Tomohisa Matsushita and others proved that Chen Feng’s plan was correct!
“It’s Brother Chen Feng!”
Lin Wanqiu’s eyes were red in the cockpit on top of the Ferris wheel.
Although it was expected that it was Chen Feng who came to save herself, when she heard Chen Feng’s voice, she was still inevitably moved.
She didn’t know what Chen Feng did to make so many people surrender.
But the process must be very dangerous.
Out of curiosity, Lin Wanqiu struggled fiercely again, trying to break free from the shackles of the rope, and his desire to see Chen Feng became more eager.
At the same time, Chen Feng carried the MP5A1 with one hand and walked to the operating room below the Ferris wheel blankly, and then clicked the run button.
In the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, Lin Wanqiu noticed that the Ferris wheel was turning, and stopped the futile struggle, but waited expectantly for the Ferris wheel to descend.
Chen Feng walked out of the operation room and stood at the entrance of the Ferris wheel, holding MP5A1, as if death is coming, making everyone including Matsushita Tomohisa dare not look at him. Instead, they lay tightly on the ground, even the atmosphere. I dare not breathe one.
At this moment, they only hope that Chen Feng can leave here with Lin Wanqiu as soon as possible!
This is ridiculous, but it is their truest idea!
Because Chen Feng is synonymous with danger and death to them. Chen Feng stands there, and they may die at any time!
Although Chen Feng’s rescue of Lin Wanqiu would cause them to be punished, in their opinion, it was better than death in Chen Feng’s hands.
About ten minutes later, in the panic and restless waiting of Matsushita Tomohisa and others, and Lin Wanqiu’s excitement and anticipation, the cockpit she was in slowly came to the bottom.
While staring at Matsushita Tomohisa and the others, Chen Feng looked at every cockpit that came to the bottom with his peripheral vision, and at a glance he saw Lin Wanqiu tied to the bottom of the cockpit seat.
Without saying anything, Chen Feng stepped forward and opened the hatch.
” Woo …” Seeing Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu was shaking with excitement and tears streaming down her face. She tried to say something, but because of the towel in her mouth, she couldn’t say a word and could only make a vague voice. .
“It’s okay!”
Seeing Lin Wanqiu’s disheveled, flushed face, excitement and tearful appearance, Chen Feng felt a pain in his heart, stepped into the cockpit, pulled the rope away, and leaned over to hug Lin Wanqiu.
Immediately, Chen Feng did not stop, holding Lin Wanqiu, his figure flashed, and he jumped out of the cockpit like a ghost, the speed to the extreme.
However, his worry is unnecessary.
No one under the Ferris wheel took advantage of this opportunity to slam the killer. They were still kneeling on the ground, their faces tightly pressed against the ground, and they dared not move.
Lin Wanqiu was stunned when she saw all this in Chen Feng’s arms.
After hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Rao had already determined the result, but she was still shocked by this scene!

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