Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 570

She couldn’t imagine what Chen Feng did to make a group of murderers kneel on the ground and dare not move.
Immediately, before Lin Wanqiu recovered from the shock, Chen Feng hugged her and left quickly.
Chen Feng temporarily gave up killing Matsushita Tomohisa and others.
Because, for him, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of Lin Wanqiu. As for killing Matsushita Tomohisa and others, there is no need to rush for a while.
“Hu~” Perceiving Chen Feng’s departure, Matsushita Tomohisa and the others unanimously breathed a sigh of relief, and then stood up after Chen Feng’s figure disappeared completely.
Under the night, the fear and anxiety on their faces gradually receded, and they were replaced by depression, which felt even more depressing than eating a dead mouse while eating!
Depressed, the remaining thirty members of Shinobu and nine ninjas walked towards Matsushita Tomohisa in silence.
“Master Matsushita, what shall we do next?” Zuo Qi Youji asked bitterly.
“What the hell do I know?”
Matsushita Tomohisa looked irritable, and Shinobu led the team to take charge of the operation. Now it is the result that he can’t deal with the family.
Hearing Matsushita’s reprimand, Zuozaki and Youji shut up wittily, no longer looking for bad luck, and the other people’s mouths were clamped tightly.
At this moment, Matsushita Tomohisa’s cell phone rang, and the ringtone was particularly harsh in the quiet night.
The sudden sound shocked Matsushita Tomohisa, and also caused Zuozakiyou and the others to cast their eyes on him.
Afterwards, under the gaze of Zuozaki and the others, Tomohisa Matsushita looked ugly and took out his mobile phone. After seeing that the caller ID was Miyamoto Hanzo’s phone, his expression became even more ugly.
“My lord…” A few seconds later, Tomohisa Matsushita bit the bullet and connected the phone, his face was full of anxiety. He didn’t know how to report to Miyamoto Hanzo.
“I just received news that the Xiongye family was killed. It is very likely that Chen Feng did it! He may have learned of our plan from Xiongye. He will definitely go to you tonight. Ready to fight!” On the other end of the phone, Miyamoto Hanzo said in a deep voice.
“My lord, he has come.” Matsushita Tomohisa said bitterly.
“Wh…what? He has gone?!”
Miyamoto Hanzo was shocked at the sound of Matsushita Tomohisa’s ears, and quickly asked: “What’s the situation now? Did you kill him?”
“No, he killed him .” Two masters, Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Nokuma, rescued the hostages…”
“This… how is it possible?”
This time, before Matsushita Tomohisa finished speaking, Miyamoto Hanzo interrupted his words, his voice filled with voice. I can’t believe it.
As the patriarch of the Miyamoto family, he knows the strength of Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear. In his opinion, it is easy for them to kill Chen Feng.
But now, Tomohisa Matsushita told him that Chen Feng killed the two and saved Lin Wanqiu… At this moment, he even felt that this was the most absurd thing he had heard in his life!
Is it possible?
Is it ridiculous?
“Da da da da da…”
Matsui Cangtian responded with a harsh gunshot.
A hundred meters away, Chen Feng held a gun and fired frantically at the crowd.
He killed a back carbine!
Chen Feng went and returned.
After hiding Lin Wanqiu in a relatively safe place, he immediately returned to catch Matsushita Tomohisa and the others.
“Puff puff……”
After the gunshot, bullets swept toward the crowd, like cutting wheat, instantly sweeping down a piece of blood, splashing.
“Ah” “That Chen Feng is back again!”
“He is going to kill all of us!”
“Run away!” For a while, the crowd panicked, and those who had not been shot seemed to be crazy. Shouted, while fleeing around.
“Get down!”
At the same time, Zuozaki and Youji immediately threw down Matsushita Tomohisa, who had been completely sluggish, and then shouted loudly to remind everyone to get down.
Because running away will not help at all, it will only become a living target.
A reminder from Zuozaki and the other right sounded in his ears. Seeing all his men falling in a pool of blood, Tomohisa Matsushita shivered with fright and almost threw the phone out.
“What’s the matter?”
At this moment, Miyamoto Hanzo’s voice came from the handset of the mobile phone again. He heard gunshots and chaotic shouts.
“Big… Your lord, that Chen Feng has killed him again…”
Matsushita Tomohisa responded subconsciously, his voice trembling, and his words were uncomfortable.
“Don’t fight with him, take someone to escape immediately!” Miyamoto Hanzo was furious when he heard the words. After the anger, he decisively gave instructions.
With the smallest price in exchange for the greatest benefit, this is his style of doing things.
Today, Chen Feng has killed Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear, and rescued Lin Wanqiu, Matsushita Tomohisa and others, if there is no hostage to threaten Chen Feng, if they fight against Chen Feng, they will undoubtedly hit the stone with a pebble.
“Yes, my lord!”
Matsushita Tomohisa hurriedly replied, and then hung up the phone.
At the same time, as everyone lay on the ground, the gunfire stopped, and Chen Feng stopped shooting and disappeared into the dark night.
Although the gunfire stopped, the fear in everyone’s hearts, including Tomohisa Matsushita, did not decrease.
Because, they all know, Chen Feng did not leave, just temporarily stopped attacking, just like the short silence before the storm, death will come at any time!
“Master Matsushita, that Chen Feng must have come here, you must make a decision immediately and give an order, otherwise all of us will die here!”
Zuo Qi You Er is one of the more calm people, he immediately told Panasonic Tomohisa reminded: “At this point, we can’t all escape. I suggest letting the brothers of Zhantang shoot for cover, and the brothers of Shindo and I will take you away!”
Matsushita Tomohisa also forced himself to calm down upon hearing this. After coming down, he knew that Zuozaki Youji’s proposal was correct.
On the one hand, they want to leave all alive, it will be more difficult than reaching the sky.
On the other hand, although the people in Zhantang are also elites of Shinobu, the ninjas of Shindo are the elites of the elite, and they are also the foundation of Shinobu. Their lives are much more precious than those of Zhantang. Every death is huge. loss!
“That Chen Feng wants to kill all of us, we can’t let him slaughter, we must fight back, we must fight back!”
Matsushita Tomohisa shouted and issued the order, “All brothers in the battle hall, take up your weapons, as long as Chen Feng Appear, shoot immediately!”
“Yes, Master Matsushita!”
Tomohisa Matsushita’s command sounded in his ears. Although the remaining elites in the battle hall were killed by Chen Feng to the horror, they took the lead immediately.
This also confirms from the side that Ninjin’s management is in place, and the execution of orders can almost be described as out-and-out.

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