Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 572

What makes her do not understand is why these people want to tie her? No matter where you look at it, she has no value in being kidnapped.
“Because of your father.” Chen Feng said.
“My father?” Lin Wanqiu was stunned.
Chen Feng sighed. Looking at Lin Wanqiu’s appearance, he didn’t even know that she had a father. Maybe she didn’t even know the name of Emperor Lin Qing.
“Yes, your father, his name is Lin Qingdi…”
Chen Feng didn’t hide it, but roughly said the whole story. He didn’t know what happened between Lin Qingdi and Lin Wanqiu’s mother. However, Lin Wanqiu was obviously an extremely important part of Lin Qingdi’s plan.
After listening to Chen Feng’s words, Lin Wanqiu didn’t recover for a long time. She didn’t expect her father to have such a big origin, one of the nine great martial arts masters in China, and the most powerful man in the world.
“Brother Chen Feng, this is the first time I know my father’s name.”
Lin Wanqiu gave Chen Feng a complicated expression: “I asked my mother before, but my mother never told me, she just said, I My father is a man upright and upright. Sooner or later, he will come back to me.”
Chen Feng said nothing. He and Lin Wanqiu had similar experiences. When he was a child, Su Zhaoxi never mentioned anything about Chen Haotian when he asked Su Zhaoxi.
There was a time when he resented Chen Haotian from the bottom of his heart. He felt that Chen Haotian was an irresponsible man who abandoned his wife and son.
But Su Zhaoxi said that Chen Haotian is the most indomitable man in the world.
Chen Feng shook his head. He no longer wanted to recall the past. The most urgent task is to find a way to ensure Lin Wanqiu’s safety.
“I’ll take you back first.” Chen Feng said.
“Go back? Where are you going back?” Lin Wanqiu was taken aback.
“Hua Xia, someone will come to pick you up soon.” Chen Feng said, before coming to Japan, he contacted the Anbe of the War League in Japan through the Shibajun. Half an hour ago, he had notified Anbe, and soon, there would be someone in Anbe. Come to pick up Lin Wanqiu and send Lin Wanqiu to the Zhanmeng Office.
“What about you? Brother Chen Feng, won’t you go back with me?” Lin Wanqiu asked subconsciously.
Chen Feng shook his head: “I can’t go back for the time being.”
“I have something to deal with. I can’t go back until I finish dealing with the things in my hands.” Chen Feng said, he naturally cannot go with Lin Wanqiu now. After all, having just killed so many Ninja elites, it is impossible for Japan to let him go abroad in a big way.
And Lin Wanqiu has the status of a grandmaster descendant, coupled with the Zhanmeng’s pressure on the martial arts forum, as long as Lin Wanqiu is sent to the Zhanmeng office, Japan will inevitably release Lin Wanqiu back.
“Brother Chen Feng, if you stay in Japan, I am afraid it will be very dangerous…” Lin Wanqiu was a little worried, even if she was ignorant, she also understood the truth that murder pays for life.
What’s more, Chen Feng killed not one or two people, but hundreds!
The Japanese martial arts world and the underground world must not let him go.
“It’s okay, it’s not dangerous, trust me.” Chen Feng smiled. It is indeed dangerous if he stays in Japan. If nothing else, people in the Japanese martial arts world and the underground world will hunt him down.
But there is no alternative.
Ten minutes later, a black Japanese car stopped on the side of the road.
A man and a woman got off the car.
Both men and women wore black, almost blending with the night.
After the two got out of the car, they glanced around first, and after confirming that no one was following, they dialed Chen Feng’s phone and whispered: “Senior, we are here.”
“Well, I saw it.” When the words fell, Chen Feng jumped down from the sky.
A figure suddenly appeared in front of them, which immediately frightened the men and women.
They did not expect that Chen Feng would stay on top of their heads.
Chen Feng glanced at the two of them again, and after confirming that they did not have tracking devices, Chen Feng was relieved. He had been observing the surroundings from the canopy just now, although Shi Pojun said that the two of them are absolutely trustworthy, but To be safe, he decided to observe.
When the two of them showed something wrong, then he would never hand Lin Wanqiu to them.
“When are the seniors going to rescue Miss Lin?” The two were very respectful to Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng was at least four or five years younger than them, depending on his age, Chen Feng could get rid of them in terms of strength. More than that.
This can be seen from Chen Feng staying in the tree just now and observing them for five or six minutes, but they didn’t notice Chen Feng at all. If Chen Feng wanted to kill them at that time, they wouldn’t even have died. Do not know at all.
“It has been rescued.” Chen Feng said lightly. He didn’t tell the two of his plans, but only said that they would come here once, so they didn’t know yet. He had rescued Lin Wanqiu.
“Already rescued?!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the two of them were so shocked that their eyes almost fell off.
What international joke? !
From Chen Feng to Japan and now, I am afraid it will not even be two hours.
It was less than two hours, and it took a while to hurry. Chen Feng actually rescued the person from the dense net of Ninja Soul? !
“Senior…you didn’t make a joke with us?” A young man among a man and a woman bit his head and said. He felt that Chen Feng was joking with him. He probably knew some of the power of the soul. There were at least thirty, in addition to Xia Ren, there were dozens of Zhong Ren, these people just stood and let Chen Feng kill, Chen Feng had to kill for a while.
What’s more, in addition to these people, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce must have other arrangements, and it is absolutely impossible for Chen Feng to rescue people so quickly.
“Do you think I would make a joke with you about this kind of thing?”
Chen Feng glanced at the two of them and spoke lightly.
The two shook their heads hurriedly. Although they still didn’t believe that Chen Feng had rescued the person so quickly, Chen Feng said so, and they didn’t dare to question anymore.
“Come with me.”
Chen Feng didn’t say anything, but took the two directly to the place where Lin Wanqiu was hiding.
When they saw the real person Lin Wanqiu, their eyes suddenly became round.
Really saved!
Chen Feng is not kidding! How did he do that? !
“Wanqiu, you will follow for a while… By the way, what is your name?” At the end of the conversation, Chen Feng remembered that he still didn’t know the name of the man and woman in front of him.
“Junior Hu Li.”
“Junior Zhao Xinyue.” The two hurriedly responded respectfully. At this moment, they were completely convinced of Chen Feng.
Before receiving news from Shi Pojun, when Chen Feng came to Japan to save people alone, they still felt that Chen Feng was overwhelming. After all, Shinobu is one of the best underground forces in Japan. I am afraid that they want to save people from such forces It’s harder than climbing.
In less than two hours, Chen Feng brought the person out of Ninja Soul completely. Although he didn’t know the specific process of saving the person, he could think of it with his toes. It must be extremely dangerous.

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