Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 573

“Hu Li, Zhao Xinyue.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, remembering their names.
Immediately, he said again: “Wanqiu will trouble you, take her to the Zhanmeng office as soon as possible, and if possible, send her back tonight.”
“Senior rest assured, we will definitely take Miss Lin back safely. “Hu Li nodded his head. Today is no better than before. Before, Lin Wanqiu was just an ordinary female college student, but now Lin Wanqiu is a descendant of Grandmaster Lin.
The respect of her status and status has long surpassed the limit that ordinary people can imagine.
“What about you, senior… won’t you go back?” At this moment, Zhao Xinyue couldn’t help but ask. Compared to Lin Wanqiu, she was even more curious that Chen Summit would not go back.
“I can’t go back for the time being, I still have something to deal with.” Chen Feng shook his head, and now he can’t go back even if he wants to.
Not surprisingly, the martial arts world and the underground forces here already knew about the annihilation of the Songdao family and his rescue of Lin Wanqiu, and the next thing waiting for him was to hunt down.
In this case, he and Lin Wanqiu walking together will only drag Lin Wanqiu down.
“Senior, if you stay here now, I am afraid it will be very dangerous.” Zhao Xinyue looked worried. Although Chen Feng did not know the specific process of saving people, it is certain that Chen Feng absolutely killed people, and killed people. Not a lot.
Under this circumstance, the martial arts community and underground forces here will inevitably pursue and kill Chen Feng.
“It’s okay, I can handle it.” Chen Feng shook his head. Soon, he took out his mobile phone and sent the video screen recorded at Songdao Feng’s house and the photos taken at the playground to Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue.
“After you go back, you will contact Big Brother Shi and ask him to post this video and these photos to the martial arts forum.”
“The video contains evidence that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce kidnapped Wanqiu.”
Evidence that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce kidnapped Lin Wanqiu?
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue’s faces suddenly showed joy. What they lacked most now was evidence.
As long as there is evidence, the global powerhouse will stand on their side and condemn the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce with them.
The two hurriedly opened the video sent by Chen Feng.
In the video, the dying Matsushima Yuino was lying on the ground, explaining the plan of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
When they heard that there were dozens of ninjas ambushing in the soul of Ninja, the faces of the two of them suddenly showed shock. The dozens of ninjas can already fight a small-scale battle. With such power, Chen Feng unexpectedly rescued the man.
How did he do it?
Just when the two thought this was all, Matsushima Yuno in the video spoke again.
“In addition to them, there are two Shangren. These two Shangren are the biggest killers against you this time…”
Shangren? !
The two of them almost coincided with each other in shock, and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce even sent two Shangren to deal with Chen Feng!
How can this be!
“Senior, those two Shangren…” Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue couldn’t help but speak. They wanted to know how Chen Feng rescued Lin Wanqiu from the two Shangren’s hands, but before he could finish his question, he was caught by Chen. Feng faintly interrupted: “Dead.”
“Dead?!” The two took a breath again.
Chen Feng actually killed two Shangren who were equal to his realm!
If this news spreads, I am afraid the world will shake!
“I have sent you their photos. Go back and let Brother Shi check their identities.” Chen Feng said lightly. Powerful men like Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa are definitely not unknown people. It takes a little use of the relationship to find out the identity of the two.
Once the identities of the two are found out, they will be able to see that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is behind the kidnapping of Lin Wanqiu.
Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue nodded hurriedly, and then swiped their fingers on the phone screen and began to look at the photos sent by Chen Feng.
Huh! In an instant, the two of them turned pale.
Rao is that they have seen a lot of killing scenes, but they are also shocked by these photos of Chen Feng!
The scenes in these photos of Chen Feng are called purgatory on earth!
The corpses of hundreds of Ninja elites are displayed in various places in the amusement park. Their faces are full of deep fear and despair.
Among them, a few corpses are particularly eye-catching.
One is Tomohisa Matsushita. He is the head of the Ninja Battle Hall. In the underground world of Japan, Tomohisa Matsushita is definitely a well-known figure in the world, but in the photo, his death can only be described as miserable.
In addition to Tomohisa Matsushita, there were also two corpses, and Chen Feng took photos alone.
After reading these two photos, Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue couldn’t help but glance at each other. They both saw the solemn touch in each other’s eyes. If not surprising, these two photos are probably the two Shangren sent by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. Up.
The two Shangren were beaten into a sieve by Chen Feng with bullets…
If this news spreads out, the martial artist here might be completely crazy.
“Senior, do you really plan to stay here?” Zhao Xinyue’s tone trembled a little. Before seeing these photos, she felt that although Chen Feng stayed here was dangerous, it would not be too dangerous.
But after looking at these photos, she felt that if Chen Feng stayed here, she would definitely die!
He angered the entire martial arts world here!
Next, the martial arts world will do its best to deal with him!
It is even possible that the martial arts master is dispatched!
“Send Wanqiu back soon.” Chen Feng sighed, and did not directly answer Zhao Xinyue’s question.
He naturally knew that if he continued to stay here, there would be no life.
But he has no retreat.
“Brother Chen Feng, you must be alive.” Lin Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes were a little red. Through Zhao Xinyue and Hu Li’s words, she also judged something. In order to save her, Chen Feng killed many important figures in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
Next, Chen Feng will be hunted down by the entire martial arts world.
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Before coming here this time, he was ready to face many dangers.
The only regret is that he left too hurriedly to have time to inform Xia Mengyao of his news.
Soon, Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue left with Lin Wanqiu.
And Chen Feng’s figure gradually melted into the darkness.
Soon after Hu Li and Zhao Xinyue returned, they sent Chen Feng’s video and photos to Shi Pojun.
Shi Pojun sent photos and videos to the headquarters of the Yanjing War League.
Undoubtedly, when many photos and videos appeared in the conference room of the Zhanmeng headquarters, the entire conference room fell into silence.
All silent!
Even Zhou Pokong, who presided over the meeting, fell into a sluggish state.

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