Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 575

In the martial arts forum, in addition to Japanese warriors, warriors from all over the world are discussing Chen Feng.
Only the Japanese fighters were surprisingly quiet at this moment.
It’s not because they didn’t know that Chen Feng had rescued people. They had already learned everything half an hour before the Zhanmeng released the photos.
But, at this moment, they don’t know what to say.
There is no doubt that Chen Feng played the entire Japanese martial arts world this time, and slapped all the top powerhouses in the Japanese martial arts world.
At this moment, all the Japanese warriors felt that their faces were burning with pain.
There are countless top powerhouses in the huge Japanese country, but Chen Feng rescued Lin Wanqiu under the eyes of these countless top powerhouses.
Moreover, he saved Lin Wanqiu, but also killed two Shangren from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and nearly a hundred elites from the Soul of Ninja.
How is this different from riding on the Japanese martial arts world and peeing?
It was late at night, but an underground base in the outer suburbs of Tokyo Bay, Japan, was still brightly lit.
At this moment, in the lobby of the base, the principals of many top Japanese forces gathered together, and Miyamoto Hanzo, the Patriarch of the Miyamoto family, was among them.
“Hanzo, don’t you have anything to say?” After a long silence, the black-clothed old man sitting on the main seat glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo with a gloomy expression. Since entering the base, Miyamoto Hanzo has been sullen. Say nothing.
“This matter is my fault. I underestimated the strength of that chopstick.” Miyamoto Hanzo took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.
“Huh, is it useful to admit mistakes at this time? The Xiongye-kun family is dead.” On the left side of the black-clothed old man, a man in a kimono spoke dissatisfiedly. It has been seven or eight years in Japan, and there has been no such big family being destroyed by people. Something up.
But this time, because of the Thousands of Water Chamber of Commerce, Matsushima Xiongye was completely wiped out.
“Hanzo, the teacher is very dissatisfied with you.” The black-clothed old man frowned and glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo: “He wants you to eliminate the influence of this matter on the empire as soon as possible.”
“Hi!” Miyamoto Hanzo’s pupils shrank, and he immediately respected the collar. Ming, the teacher mentioned by the black-clothed old man, is the three chiefs of Shenyin and one of the six martial arts masters in Japan.
Under the circumstances that both the Great Chief and the Second Chief of Shenyin are unable to retreat, the third Chief is Shenyin’s supreme speaker!
His words are destiny!
“This time, Shenyin will fully cooperate with you.”
“On the official side, the three leaders have already issued orders. All airports have been grounded and the entire territory has been blocked for two days. Chen Feng wants to leave Japan, only by boat. Road.”
“Within these two days, let the Mangosteen Group and Ninja soul dispatch all gang members to conduct a carpet search. Don’t let go of one place.”
“Remember, you only have two days. Within two days, you must find Get out of Chen Feng and behead him in Japan!”
“If you can’t use his life to wash away the shame of the imperial martial arts world, then you should judge yourself.” The black-clothed old man gave Miyamoto Hanzo a cold look. It happened because of Miyamoto Hanzo, and that should be resolved because of Miyamoto Hanzo.
“Hi!” Miyamoto Hanzo was sweating profusely and immediately took his orders respectfully.
I have to say that the strength of Shenyin’s support for him on this matter has exceeded his imagination.
The entire territory of Japan was blocked for two days, and all the members of the Mangosteen Group and the Ninth Soul gang were dispatched. This was already a nationwide effort to hunt down Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng cannot be resolved under this situation, then he really has to decide on himself.
As the meeting ended and orders were issued one by one, the entire country of Japan fell into a state of high alert.
The two top Japanese underground forces, the Mangosteen Group and Ninja Soul, were all dispatched, and hundreds of thousands of gang members began a nationwide carpet search.
During this period, the main investigation locations for many gang members were naturally ports, because Japan’s airports had been completely blocked. If Chen Feng wanted to leave, he had to take a boat.
Mangosteen and Shinobu searched the city, Miyamoto Hanzo was not idle, he went directly to the Zhanmeng office.
After arriving at the Zhanmeng Office, Miyamoto Hanzo did not go in, but waited quietly not far from the office.
A few minutes later, a black figure appeared in front of Miyamoto Hanzo: “My lord, Lin Wanqiu came back in half an hour, but there is no such stray shadow beside her.”
“Are you sure?” Miyamoto Hanzo asked with a gloomy expression. In one sentence, in his opinion, Chen Feng is likely to leave Japan through the Zhanmeng Office.
“I’m sure not. The two who came back with Lin Wanqiu at that time were two elderly people in the Zhan League office. They have been in the office for five years, and it is absolutely impossible for their subordinates to admit their mistakes.” Hei Ying said respectfully.
“Did they say where the crap was going?” Miyamoto Hanzo asked unwillingly.
“I didn’t say.” Sombra paused, and then said: “My lord, the Zhan League has sent someone to pick up Lin Wanqiu, should we stop her…”
“Let her go!” Before Sombra finished speaking , Miyamoto Hanzo gritted his teeth and interrupted.
If Chen Feng was by Lin Wanqiu’s side, he still had reason to stop Lin Wanqiu, but Chen Feng was not by Lin Wanqiu’s side, and he stopped Lin Wanqiu, but he declared war on the Chinese martial arts world.
Moreover, as long as Chen Feng had a bit of a brain, he would not tell Lin Wanqiu his traces.
Therefore, even if Lin Wanqiu was stopped, he would not be able to ask anything from Lin Wanqiu’s mouth. On the contrary, it would make the public opinion of the global martial arts world fall to the Chinese martial arts world again.
After Miyamoto Hanzo gave the order, the many ninjas who had hidden in the Zhanmeng Office retreated like a tide.
Lin Wanqiu boarded the Zhanmeng helicopter safely.
After Lin Wanqiu boarded the plane, Hu Li took out his mobile phone, edited a text message and sent it out…
Soon, the news of the blockade of Japan spread to the martial arts forum.
The world of martial arts around the world is shaking again!
Both shock and Japan’s ultra-fast response, but also shock and Japan’s deployment.
The airport was grounded, the entire territory was blocked, and hundreds of thousands of gang members from the Mangosteen Group and Soul Ninth were dispatched together…
It was a nationwide effort to kill Chen Feng!
“That Chen Feng is dead!”
“Yes, there is no doubt that he will die!” The warriors all over the world began to express their views on this matter. No one thought Chen Feng could come out of Japan alive.
Under this circumstance, it would be a miracle if he could come out of Japan alive.
“Guess, what method did Chen Summit use to escape from Japan?”
“What other method? It must be by boat. Now all airports in Japan are grounded, and there are special personnel on the border line that are responsible for the blockade. Under circumstances, if he wants to escape from Japan, he can only take the boat.”
“Huh, is Chen Feng a fool? He can certainly think of things we can think of. You think he would not know that there are warriors ambushing in the port. ?”

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