Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 576

“What can I do if I know it? Knowing that he has to go to the port. Going to the port is his only way of life. If he stays in the city, the mangosteen group and hundreds of thousands of gang members will find him sooner or later. Once these people If you find him, Japan’s top powerhouse will inevitably attack him and encircle him. At that time, he could not escape even with his wings!”
When many warriors were discussing what methods Chen Summit used to escape from Japan, Chen Feng was already there. Quietly arrived at the heart of the Miyamoto family.
Half an hour ago, Hu Li sent him a message. The content of the message was simple: Miyamoto Hanzo went to the Zhanmeng office. He did not stop Lin Wanqiu, but let Lin Wanqiu fly back to China by helicopter.
After reading this information, Chen Feng made a decisive decision to come to the Miyamoto family.
Because without Miyamoto Hanzo’s Miyamoto family, it’s just a mess of loose sand.
The Miyamoto family is a well-known family in the Japanese martial arts world and one of the families with the longest heritage.
With the development of modern science and technology, even in Japan, which advocates the spirit of Bushido, the number of warriors is far less than in the glorious period of martial arts.
However, the
Miyamoto family is different from many martial arts families who abandon martial arts and go to business. They still follow the road of martial arts, and business is only auxiliary.
This is why Miyamoto Hanzo’s reputation in the Japanese martial arts world is extremely high.
It was late at night, but the ancestral home of the Miyamoto family in Chiba Prefecture was brightly lit.
All this is due to the death of Saito Wild Bear. As one of the few Shangnin in the Miyamoto family, Saito Wild Bear died terribly.
His death not only gave the Japanese martial arts world a resounding slap, it also dealt a huge blow to the Miyamoto family!
Under the curtain of night, the members of the Miyamoto family rushed back to their ancestral land overnight. Saito Wild Bear’s flesh and blood corpse was placed in the ice coffin, which made all the tribes see it truly.
The ancestral land of the entire Miyamoto family was filled with a panic. Every member of the Miyamoto family had a sense of fear on their faces. Chen Feng actually killed even a Shinobu such as Saito Wild Bear. Where is the strength?
In addition to panic, the emotions of many Miyamoto clan members are more hatred!
The hatred on their faces was overwhelming, and they could not wait to smash Chen Feng’s body immediately to avenge the dead Saito Wild Bear.
At three o’clock in the morning, when the members of the Miyamoto family accepted the fact that Saito Wild Bear had died and recovered from their fears, some key members of the family gathered together and talked with hatred.
“Mr. Wild Bear died so miserably that he didn’t even keep the whole body. That Huaxia Chen Feng should be hacked to death!”
“Several adults of Shenyin have already stated that they will do their best to kill that bastard in Japan. country! ” ” we should talk to God hidden application, such as that bastard after being struck down, cut off his head and pay homage to the king of wild bears souls! ” ”
Not only that, we wait Hua Xia Chenfeng death, should retaliate! ” this Once, the person who spoke was the son of Yuichi Miyamoto. He was in the mid-level state of Shinobu. In the global martial arts world, he was not a genius, but in the Japanese martial arts world, his reputation was not small.
Because he was bloodthirsty and easy to kill, the number of warriors killed reached an astonishing double-digit number, and he even killed ordinary people!
“How to get revenge?”
Yuichi Miyamoto frowned. After Miyamoto Hanzo went to the Zhanmeng office, he was temporarily responsible for all matters of the Miyamoto family.
“Kill the people around him! Kill all those who are close to him! Only in this way can you really avenge the wild bear!”
Miyamoto Huowu said with an awe-inspiring murderous intent, and it felt like he could not wait to take the katana and go to Huaxia to kill.
“I agree with Huo Wu’s suggestion.”
As Miyamoto Huo Wu’s voice fell, a middle-aged man in a black samurai suit said, “Because, even if Shenyin kills that Chen Feng, we cannot be counted as The wild bear takes revenge. The wild bear died so miserably, we must do something for him!”
He is a close friend of Saito wild bear and the master of Miyamoto’s fire fighter. He is also bloodthirsty and kills at the pinnacle of Zhongnin. He went abroad to kill the warriors many times, and his hands were stained with blood.
“I also support revenge!”
“We must take revenge!!”
… Hearing the words of Master Miyamoto Hakutake, other core members of the Miyamoto family felt that their master and apprentice made sense and expressed their support.
“Since you all support revenge, after Huaxia Chen Feng is killed, we will hold a family meeting to discuss the matter, make a detailed plan, send people to sneak into China, and kill the people around Huaxia Chen Feng!”
Miyamoto Yuichi After pondering for a moment and making a decision, he also agreed to retaliate.
“You have no chance. Tonight, you are all going to die!”
As Miyamoto Yuichi’s voice fell, a voice suddenly blasted over the ancestral land of the Miyamoto family.
The voice fell, and the figure appeared.
Chen Feng stepped out of the darkness and strode towards Miyamoto and the others.
Under the curtain of night, he was still wearing the blood-stained clothes before, and his whole body exuded a strong smell of blood, just like a blood Shura from hell, killing intently.
Chen Feng’s words rang in his ears, looking at Chen Feng who was striding over, including Miyamoto Yuichi, all the key members of the Miyamoto family’s face changed drastically.
Through the light, you can clearly see that their faces are full of horror!
Surprised, because they never dreamed that Chen Feng would take the initiative to kill him!
On the contrary, in their opinion, after Shenyin issued the killing order, Chen Feng should hide in the first place, and then find a way to leave Japan as soon as possible!
Horrible, because Chen Feng just killed Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa and others before, but now he appears here, making it clear that he wants to attack them!
And they were still discussing how to retaliate against Chen Feng…
More importantly, the name of the person, the shadow of the tree, and even Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear did not kill Chen Feng when they both joined forces. How did they compete against Chen? peak?
“Don’t panic!”
Seeing that the clansmen were frightened and disturbed by Chen Feng’s arrival, Miyamoto opened his mouth. He was lucky with his dantian, and the sound shook the sky, and he roared: “Although he killed Lord Wild Bear, but Wild Bear Jun died of a gun. Now he does not carry a gun, and his combat power will be greatly reduced. We will go together, killing him, just to avenge the wild bear!”
In response to Yuichi Miyamoto, there was a breaking sound.
Chen Feng suddenly kicked his feet, and with a movement, he appeared in front of Miyamoto Hotake in an instant, and slapped him.
“Pop !”
After the muffled sound, blood splashed all over.
Under the eyes of everyone, Miyamoto Hirotake, who had been agitating and clamoring to attack people around Chen Feng before, couldn’t even make a muffled hum, and was slapped by Chen Feng, his head shattered and killed instantly.

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