Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 578

When the black-clothed man drove through the front yard of the manor, after passing a few buildings to the back yard, he stepped on the brakes with a look of horror.
It was not only him who was frightened, but also Miyamoto Hanzo and his assistant Iijima Sora!
Because, following their gazes, they saw human heads stained with blood, headless corpses, and the ground stained red.
At this moment, they seem to have come to the purgatory on earth!
“Oh…” In a panic, Iijima Sora’s stomach squirmed and twitched, and he vomited all the breakfast.
“Yes… Did China Chen Feng do it?”
At the same time, the man in black asked in shock.
Miyamoto Hanzo did not speak, he directly vomited a mouthful of old blood, and his entire face was full of anger.
Because everything in front of him told him that the Miyamoto family was bloodbathed, and most of the murderer was Chen Feng!
You know, Shenyin made a voice last night to leave Chen Feng’s life in Japan. As a result, Chen Feng not only did not escape, but bloodbathed the Miyamoto family that night.
“She…President, all family members were killed. Almost all his heads were chopped off. The entire manor did not have a living mouth, and even a few Tosa fighting dogs were slaughtered!”
Ten minutes later, the man in black went back and came to the car, his face turned Bai, his voice trembling reported to Miyamoto Hanzohui.
“Where’s Yu… Yuichi?” Miyamoto Hanzo trembled. He still had sporadic hope. Miyamoto Yuichi was his only son, and his strength was strong enough that even if he lost to Chen Feng, he might escape.
“Yao is also dead.” The black-clothed man swallowed and glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo. He knew that this news would make Miyamoto Hanzo very difficult to accept, but the fact is that Miyamoto Yuichi’s head is in the living room. Doorway.
Hearing the news, Miyamoto Hanzo spit out a mouthful of old blood again, and even his hair was instantly grayed out.
“President, you… are you okay?” Aidao Sora looked at Miyamoto Hanzo worriedly. Even if she was not a warrior, she could feel the disorder of Miyamoto Hanzo’s breath at this moment.
“I’m fine.”
“Call Amaterasu-sama and tell him what happened here.”
Hanzo Miyamoto took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, but the crazy muscles in the corners of his eyes betrayed him. The most true feeling in my heart.
“Yes, President.” Aidao Sora took out his cell phone and dialed Amaterasu Takeno’s number.
Tokyo Bay underground base.
Amaterasu Takeno, dressed in black, was sitting cross-legged in the hall, motionless as if an old monk had entered his mind.
He is the head of the Shenyin Secret Hall and the person in charge of the campaign to kill Chen Feng.
“My lord, President Miyamoto called and wanted to talk to you.” A warrior in a kimono walked up and respectfully spoke to Amaterasu Takeno’s back. no answer.
Amaterasu Takeno opened his eyes suddenly, and then he disappeared from the boy’s sight with a movement.
Soon, Amaterasu Takeno came to the lobby of the base, answered the phone, and asked straightaway: “Hanzo, you called me, did you investigate the hiding place of the Chinese warrior?”
“No…no! ”
Aidao Sora has been holding his cell phone, and was shocked to hear Amaterasu Takeno’s words, and quickly replied: “Amaterasu-sama, I have not investigated the hiding place of the Chinese warrior. No…but, President Miyamoto and I have just When I went home, I found that everyone in the President Miyamoto’s family had been killed…”
Amaterasu Takeno’s face changed slightly when he heard this, and his pupils dilated instantly.
Even though he was the 18th peerless strongman on the god list, he was strong in martial arts, and he could almost stop his heart, but he was still shocked by the news at this moment.
“Everyone in the President Miyamoto’s family is dead! Even a few dogs in the manor are not spared! It is basically certain that all of this was done by the Chinese warrior!” Aidao Sora reported the truth, feeling a little hairy.
She has heard of killing people and even killing people, but this is the first time she has heard of killing people!
Amaterasu Takeno was angry!
He didn’t expect that Chen Feng would be so bold and bold. Faced with a nationwide chase, he not only did not escape, but sneaked into the Miyamoto family and destroyed the entire family!
“Love Island, listen, let Hanzo use all the resources he can use. If necessary, he can ask the Shenyin Secret Hall Battle Hall to provide help. Even if it is digging three feet, I must find that bastard!”
Annoyed, Amaterasu Takeno coldly issued an order, “As soon as there is news, report to me immediately, I will kill him personally!”
“Yes, Amaterasu-sama!”
Aidao Kong was shocked, and then the first time. Take the command, and then wait until Amaterasu Takeno hangs up before putting down the phone.
“President, Master Amaterasu asked us to use all resources to track down the whereabouts of that lunatic. As long as there is news of that lunatic, Master Amaterasu can take action in person.” Aishima Sora respectfully reported the situation to Miyamoto Hanzo.
Amaterasu Takeno is the first person under the well-deserved master of Japan. His cultivation base is the pinnacle of Shinobi. At the same time, he is also ranked 18th on the global god list.
“Master Amaterasu wants to take action personally?” Miyamoto Hanzo was taken aback. The news made him a little surprised. After all, Amaterasu Takeno is a peerless powerhouse on the god list. Such powerhouses, even if you look at the world, have them. Great reputation.
Under normal circumstances, such a strong player would never attack Chen Feng in the early stage of his energies, because it would be detrimental to his face.
But now, Amaterasu Takeno has made such a guarantee, which shows that he is really offended by Chen Feng.
“Yes, Master Amaterasu said, as long as there is news about that lunatic, he will come in person.” Ai Daosora confirmed again.
“I see.” Miyamoto Hanzo nodded slightly, and Chen Feng would undoubtedly die when Amaterasu Takeno, the top powerhouse of the gods, shot!
Hokkaido is the only road among Japan’s 47 prefectures and the northernmost first-level administrative district. It is the largest island in Japan except Honshu and the 21st largest island in the world.
The terrain of Hokkaido is high in the middle and low on all sides. There are mountains and mountains in the middle, so the terrain is undulating on the whole, and the surroundings are vast flat land. Mountains account for 60% of the total area, of which volcanoes account for 40% of the mountain area, and the forest cover area accounts for more than 70% of the total area. In addition, there are special terrains such as snow rivers, and the snow scenery is even more famous.
The beautiful snow scene makes Hokkaido one of the well-known tourist cities in Japan, and the complex and changeable terrain also makes it a training base for Japanese underground forces.
The headquarters of the famous Ninja Killer Organization and the headquarters of the Mangosteen Group are located in Hokkaido, using the complex and harsh terrain and climate of Hokkaido for training.
In addition, Hokkaido has always been the first choice for Japanese warriors to retreat.
Even in March, the snow in Hokkaido still hasn’t melted. The urban area is relatively better. The snow in the outskirts of the mountains is even two or three meters thick.
As night fell, a farm in Hokkaido was dark, but underneath the farm was brightly lit. That was the headquarters of the Shinobu organization.

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