Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 579

The headquarters of the Ninja Organization covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. It has training grounds, shooting ranges, fighting fields, weapons stores, offices and meeting rooms. In addition, there are restaurants, gyms, baths and hot springs, bars and other recreational entertainment. facility.
In a sense, the headquarters of the Shinobu organization is more like a military five-star hotel.
All this is because the profession of killer is so special.
They received cruel training since childhood, grew up to be a killer, and then began to perform missions to kill people. Long-term blood staining on their hands will affect their psychology and character to some extent, and they need to relax and even indulge.
This is why many killers like to indulge in alcohol and indulgence after performing tasks.
In such a situation, in order to provide a comfortable environment for the organization’s killers, the Ninja Soul Organization has spent a lot of money to build a headquarters, which is also the home of all Ninja Soul Killers organization.
In addition to performing tasks and occasional indulgence outside, the killers spend most of their time at headquarters.
A few days ago, he took the task of kidnapping Lin Wanqiu commissioned by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, so Shinobu dispatched nearly a hundred elites, plus dozens of ninjas.
But it’s a pity that all those people were lost in the playground and killed by Chen Feng alone!
The death of hundreds of elites severely hurt Shinobu.
Originally wanted to cultivate health, but Shenyin gave the order of Ninja Soul and the mangosteen team to find Chen Feng’s whereabouts.
Reluctantly, Shinobu sent a large number of gang members out again.
However, out of selfishness, Shinobu still left dozens of top killers and ninjas at the headquarters.
These assassins and ninjas are the greatest heritage of Shinobu.
Only those who are alive with these people are the real Shinobu!
It has been eight hours since Lin Wanqiu was taken away. Although the killing scene photos last night had a great impact on many Ninja members, this morning, many Ninja members remained as usual, training, relaxing, Sleep, and then wait for the task to arrive.
However, Momojiro Yamamoto, the leader of the Shinobu organization, has trouble sleeping and eating.
Because just now, he learned about the bloodbath of the Miyamoto family.
This news made his anxiety rise in a straight line. He worried that Chen Summit would retaliate against the Ninja Soul organization just like the Miyamoto family!
Because of the anxiety in his heart, after the dinner, Yamamoto Momojiro organized a meeting of the four core members of the Ninja Soul Killer organization.
“Rixiangxue, what’s the situation with Chen Feng now?” Momojiro
Yamamoto personally presided over the meeting. After the meeting started, he first asked Rixiangxue, the head of intelligence of the Shinobu organization.
“Returning his news at the moment.” Ri Xiangxue was somewhat helpless. The Mangosteen Ninja Soul has dispatched nearly 100,000 gang members to find Chen Feng’s hiding place, but as of now, there is still no information about Chen Feng. Chen Feng just As if completely evaporated from the world.
“Will he have escaped from Japan?” a bald man asked, he was the head of the Ninja Soul organization.
After the organization receives the task, he selects the person who completes the task, draws up a plan to perform the task, and then reports to Momojiro Yamamoto, and implements it after approval by Momojiro Yamamoto.
He and Hikayuki can be said to be Momojiro Yamamoto’s right-hand man.
“Unsure.” Ri Xiangxue shook her head.
“Although it is a shame for Japan to let him leave the Japanese Diet alive, I hope in my heart that he will leave.”
Yamamoto Momojiro sighed and did not hide his inner anxiety in front of the four core members.
“Chief, you are worried that Chen Summit will retaliate against us, so you specially organize this special meeting to study countermeasures?”
This time it was a thin man who was the head of the Ninja Soul organization training and was responsible for the organization. Train the killer and add fresh blood.
Momojiro Yamamoto nodded and said, “According to the data, he is a person who has revenge, and his bloodbath of the Miyamoto family also confirms this. The same also shows that he did not combine Amaterasu and Miyamoto. The president’s killing order is in my eyes.”
“Boss, I don’t think this is very likely.”
Ri Xiangxue spoke again, wisely analyzing: “He retaliated against the Miyamoto family largely because The Miyamoto family is in Chiba Prefecture, which is convenient for movement. And we are in Hokkaido, even if he can find out the location of our headquarters, we want to go to Hokkaido on the premise that the mangosteen team and our Shinobu and Shenyin will jointly investigate his whereabouts. Impossible.”
“Boss, don’t worry, even if he can get here smoothly, it will be useless. Although his combat power is terrifying, he can’t enter our base at all!”
This time, a middleman wearing glasses spoke. A young man, he is the head of weapons of the Soul Ninth Organization. In addition to purchasing and refitting various sophisticated weapons for the organization’s killers, he is also responsible for the organization’s headquarters base construction and has set up many agencies, as long as he is not a member of the organization Cannot enter the base at all.
Because the gate to the underground headquarters is an alloy gate, let alone manpower, it cannot be opened even with artillery shells. It will only be opened after the members of the organization scan their pupils and confirm their identity.
“Too many incredible things have happened to him, we still better be careful.”
Yamamoto Momojiro loosened his brows when he heard the words, but he was still a little worried and made arrangements directly, “Notify everyone, in the exact Before getting that Chen Feng killed or leaving Japan, all members of the organization are strictly prohibited from going out!”
“Yes, leader!”
The bald man took the order at the first time. In addition to performing the tasks of the killer, he was also responsible for the daily management of the killer. “However, the leader, Kamiji Ida went out to find a woman yesterday, and he has not returned yet.”
“You will fight later .” Call him and ask him to return to the base immediately!” After the voice fell, Yamamoto Momojiro turned his attention to Hikayuki, “Hikayuki, you continue to pay attention to and collect news about Chen Feng. Once he has any news, tell me as soon as possible. Report.”
“Yes, boss!” The bald man and Nixiangxue replied in unison.
“The meeting is over!” Momojiro
Yamamoto said, got up first and left the meeting room.
When the four of them saw this, they also left. After returning to his room, the bald man immediately followed the instructions of Yamamoto Momojiro and dialed Ida Kamijiro.
“Where are you?” The bald man asked in a deep voice when the phone was connected.
“Master Nakata, I am on my way back to the base, do you have a new task to give me?”
“No task, but the leader just ordered me to call and inform you to return to the base immediately!”
“Okay, Master Nakata, I will be there soon The base is up, five minutes at most.”
Nakata Hidesuke said and hung up directly.
“Since there is no new mission, why did the leader ask me to return to the base immediately?”
Listening to the “beep” from the receiver, Ida Kamiya Eryi’s face was puzzled, then he put away his phone and hurried to the farm ahead. .

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