Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 580

A few minutes later, Kamiya Ida entered the farm and walked straight into a wooden house on the west side of the farm. The underpass leading to the base is in the wooden house!
Entering the wooden house, Kameji Ida stood in front of a special wall, the wall was shining red, scanning his eyes.
“Wow” soon, with a soft sound, the characteristic walls slowly separated, and a hidden door appeared.
Kamiji Ida stepped into the small room in the secret door, stood still, and was scanned by red light again.
After “Ka” scanned and confirmed the identity, the floor of the room slowly sank, and a brightly lit passage appeared.
Seeing that the underground passage opens, Itian Shanger will now step into the passage.
At this moment … a figure appeared quietly behind Kamiji Ida like a ghost.
It’s Chen Feng!
Chen Feng seemed to appear out of thin air, and then before Ida Kamiji noticed the abnormality, he grabbed Ida Kamiji’s head and twisted it lightly. He only heard a “click”, he broke Ida Kamiji’s neck, and then stepped in.了channel.
“Ka” as Chen Feng entered the passage, the thick and solid underground passage entrance door slowly closed.
“Chen…Chen Feng is here!!”
At the same time, in the monitoring room of Soul Ninth Organization headquarters, a killer in charge of monitoring saw Chen Feng’s figure on the monitoring screen. He was startled and then immediately took out the walkie-talkie. , Yelled in horror! !
For the Ninth Soul organization, the establishment of a firm secret door is to prevent outsiders from entering the headquarters, and the setting of monitoring is to monitor the killers in the organization.
Because of the killer’s solitary and bloodthirsty character, the killers under the Ninth Soul Organization are not monolithic, they will have contradictions, and they will fight, and there have even been examples of one killer killing another.
In addition to preventing killers from killing each other, another function of monitoring is to grasp the dynamics of killers in the organization, including going out, training, and so on.
In other words, when the head of weapons of the Ninja Organization designed surveillance, he never thought about using surveillance to monitor outsiders!
Outsiders broke into the headquarters of the Ninth Soul Organization, this is the first time that Huang Hua maiden went to the sedan chair!
Because of all this, the killer who was on duty in the monitoring room saw Chen Feng entering the headquarters of the Ninth Soul Organization. He was stunned for several seconds before he recovered from the shock, and then panicked and used the walkie-talkie to speak to Hidesuke Nakata. report.
“You…what did you say?”
Hideki Nakata jumped up from the sofa in shock, couldn’t believe his ears.
“In… Master Nakata, Chen Feng is here! He entered the base channel!!” In the monitoring room, the assassin stared at the monitoring screen, his voice trembling to report again.
Huh! After hearing the report from his subordinates again, Hidesuke Nakata’s face suddenly changed!
Because Momojiro Yamamoto, the leader of the Shinobu organization, was very worried and gave the order, Hidesuke Nakata called Kamijiro Ida immediately after the meeting. After learning that Kamijiro Ida would immediately return to the base, he was relieved.
At this moment, not only did his face change wildly, a heart was instantly mentioned in his throat!
“Quickly, sound the red alarm immediately!!” After a brief stupefaction, Hidesuke Nakata blasted his hair like a cat whose tail was guessed. He yelled and gave instructions.
“Yes…Yes, Lord Nakata!” In the monitoring room, the killer subconsciously responded, and then went to sound the alarm.
For the Ninth Soul Organization, the alarm at the headquarters is not set to prevent an enemy attack, but to summon all the killers immediately. As long as the alarm goes off, all the killers can hear it for the first time, and then they will take out the portable ones. Walkie-talkie, receive instructions. at the same time.
Chen Feng has arrived at the lobby of the Soul Ninth Organization headquarters.
For ordinary people, a base like the Headquarters of Soul Ninth Organization would be very mysterious, even unbelievable, but Chen Feng was not surprised or surprised at all.
The hall was empty and no one was visible. Chen Feng turned his gaze to a warehouse-like building near the hall, and at a glance he saw the shooting room at the entrance.
This discovery caused Chen Feng’s heart to move, his figure flickered, and he quickly swept towards the shooting room.
“Woo… woo… woo…”
Just when Chen Feng came to the door of the shooting room, the piercing alarm sounded loudly, resounding throughout the Ninja Soul organization headquarters.
“What’s the situation?” In the shooting room, several assassins had just finished shooting and took off their headphones. They were startled when they heard the sudden alarm.
Because, in their memory, the siren in the headquarters has never sounded! next moment.
The answer is revealed.
Chen Feng pushed the door in and appeared in the sight of several killers.
Although the assassins didn’t meet Chen Feng, they all saw Chen Feng’s photos, remembering Chen Feng’s appearance, and they recognized Chen Feng at a glance!
Chen Feng suddenly appeared, making the several killers in the shooting room stunned as if they had hit a ghost in broad daylight.
At this moment, they even wondered if they had an illusion, otherwise how could Chen Feng come here? !
“Da da da…” There was a rapid gunshot in response to them.
Chen Feng grabbed the mp5 on the gun rack next to the entrance of the shooting room, quickly loaded the magazine, pulled the trigger, and the bullets roared out, instantly sweeping down several killers, causing them to fall in a pool of blood.
The severe pain told them that it was Chen Feng who came here. But until they died, there was still shock and unbelief on their faces. The feeling seemed to be asking: How did Chen Feng enter the base?
“Chen Feng is here! He is going to bloodbath here, everyone takes up the weapons around him to go shopping with him!!”
At the same time, as the alarm sounded, in addition to the dead several killers, including the leader of the Ninth Soul organization Yamamoto Momojiro and the other assassins turned on the intercom and clearly heard Nakata Hidesuke’s loud roar.
Nakata Hidesuke’s roar sounded in his ears, and everyone including Momojiro Yamamoto was startled.
“Everyone has it, execute the order immediately, hurry!” Soon
, Momojiro Yamamoto took the lead to recover, and also shouted.
Since the failure of setting up the bureau to kill Chen Feng, he has been having trouble sleeping and eating. He even had a special meeting just now and made various arrangements. As a result, Chen Feng still came!
This made him feel deep fear after a brief shock.
However, fear belongs to fear. He is very clear that Chen Feng’s purpose here is to wash the Soul Ninth Organization headquarters!
For this reason, even if he knows that his killers want to stop Chen Feng from being a car, there is no difference, but he doesn’t want to sit still.

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