Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 581

Following Momojiro Yamamoto’s order, the entire Shinobu organization headquarters was in chaos!
Whether it is a killer resting in their room, a killer bathing in a hot spring bath, or a killer drinking at a bar, they immediately picked up their weapons and prepared for the challenge.
At the same time, after Chen Feng killed the killers in the shooting room, he took another submachine gun and left the shooting room and walked to the second room gym.
In the gym, the four killers stopped working out. They hid on both sides of the gym entrance, preparing to wait for Chen Feng to enter.
Through the light, you can clearly see that, with their cruel training and countless hands stained with blood, their faces are full of panic and anxiety, and even their bodies are trembling.
All this is only because they have already felt like Chen Feng, especially when Chen Feng killed Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear last night, which shocked the global underground world and martial arts world, and completely frightened them! boom!
Soon, while several killers waited nervously, the door of the gym was kicked open by Chen Feng. call! call! call! call!
The four killers stepped out almost at the same time and rushed to Chen Feng who stepped into the gym with one foot.
Chen Feng seemed to have been prepared, backed up, turned around, and kicked out.
Swing kick! boom! boom!
With two muffled noises, the two assassins who rushed to the front bear the brunt, and were directly kicked by Chen Feng. The two heads shattered one after another and were killed instantly.
The other two assassins were not kicked by Chen Feng because they were a little far away, but they were so scared that Chen Feng directly pulled the trigger and blew their heads.
After doing all this, Chen Feng stepped into the gym, and after making sure that there was no one, he turned and walked out and continued to the third room.
Under the light, his expression was not irritable or impatient, and his steps were steady and strong. The original slight footsteps constantly echoed in the corridor, like the magic sound from hell, impacting everyone’s mind and making everyone feel creepy.
“Da da da…”
Then, whenever the footsteps disappeared, gunshots would sound.
Every time a gunshot sounds, someone will die.
Like Chen Feng’s bloodbath of the Miyamoto family, this is a unilateral massacre!
The assassins of the Ninth Soul organization were not only unable to pose any threat to Chen Feng, but even unable to resist. They were like a group of lambs slaughtered by Chen Feng.
Chen Feng went from room to room, and the killers died one after another.
Only ten minutes later, Chen Feng came to the last room.
In the room, Momojiro Yamamoto sat on the sofa, as if waiting specifically for Chen Feng’s arrival, his expression no longer fearful, and only angry and crazy hatred!
“I have told Amaterasu-sama about your coming here, Amaterasu-sama and President Miyamoto will be here soon, you are dead!!”
Yamamoto Momojiro panted and blushed. She yelled loudly, not knowing whether she was driving away the deepest fear in her heart, or venting her negative emotions.
“I will give them a surprise, but it is a pity that you can’t see it!”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, then raised his hand and pointed his gun at Momojiro Yamamoto.
“You want to…”
Chen Feng’s words sounded in his ears, and Yamamoto Momojiro realized something, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a gunshot.
“Puff” The next moment, Momojiro Yamamoto’s head was instantly penetrated and he fell on the sofa.
The blood stained his face, but it was vaguely visible that his face was full of panic.
This time.
For him, the fear was not because he was afraid of death, but because he understood what Chen Feng said!
Something big! !
After Chen Feng shot Momojiro Yamamoto in the head, there was no more alive in the Ninja Soul Organization headquarters.
After doing all this, Chen Feng dropped the mp5a1 submachine gun in his hand and walked to the weapon and ammunition depot.
There are things he needs. at the same time.
The ancestral home of the Miyamoto family in Chiba Prefecture.
Miyamoto Hanzo, who stayed up all night, received a call again.
The call was made by Momojiro Yamamoto, the leader of the Soul Ninth Organization, and Momojiro Yamamoto told him that Chen Feng had infiltrated the Soul Ninth Organization headquarters and was undergoing a bloodbath on the Soul Ninth Organization headquarters. The Soul Ninth Organization was unable to resist and would go soon. In the footsteps of the Miyamoto family.
In addition, Momojiro Yamamoto asked him to let him rush to Hokkaido as soon as possible to prevent Chen Feng from fleeing again, and kill Chen Feng to avenge the Shinobu organization and the Miyamoto family.
After hanging up the phone, Miyamoto Hanzo was not angry, he was surprisingly calm.
He directly dialed Aoki, the person in charge of Shindo.
“Aoki-kun, I just received a call from Momojiro Yamamoto. He told me that Chen Feng’s crap had arrived in Hokkaido and infiltrated the headquarters of the Ninja organization, and bloodbathed the Ninja headquarters.” The call was connected, Miyamoto Hanzo spoke first and went straight to the subject.
Ninja is affiliated with Ninja, but it exists independently of Ninja. This is a place dedicated to cultivating ninjas for Ninja.
Huh! Miyamoto Hanzo’s words sounded in his ears, and Aoki’s face changed immediately!
He had already learned about Chen Feng’s killing of Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear and rescuing Lin Wanqiu. He also knew about Chen Feng’s bloodbath of the Miyamoto family last night, but now Miyamoto Hanzo told him that Chen Feng had come to Hokkaido. , And bloodbathed the Ninja Soul Organization headquarters!
All this made him very shocked.
“Lord Yamamoto… how is he?” Aoki took a deep breath. Although he guessed that Momojiro Yamamoto’s situation is probably not good, he still has a final fantasy. After all, Momojiro Yamamoto is the soul of Ninja The highest leader.
Miyamoto Hanzo sighed: “From what I know about Chen Feng, I am afraid that Chief Yamamoto has been killed.”
“Master Miyamoto, what do you mean? Shall I take someone to kill him?”
After the shock, Aoki Knowing that apart from telling himself about this, Miyamoto Hanzo would definitely have a countermeasure, so he asked.
“No! You don’t need to go there.”
“If there is no accident, the next stop of the mess is likely to be you.” Miyamoto Hanzo said in a deep voice, although he has not officially contacted Chen Feng, Chen Feng gave him The feeling is that a defect must be reported.
Therefore, he will definitely uproot the Shinobu and Shinobu who kidnapped Lin Wanqiu this time.
Now that the soul of Ninja has been washed in blood, then Chen Feng’s next battle will be Nintang.
Aoki couldn’t help being surprised when he heard Miyamoto Hanzo’s words.
“Yes, it’s probably you.” Miyamoto Hanzo affirmed again.
“Miyamoto-sama, what should we do?” Aoki panicked. Although the members of the ninja are all ninjas, most of these ninjas are ninjas in the lower and middle realms, in front of Chen Feng , Is a paper tiger.
If Chen Feng really came to Ninja Hall, then Ninja Hall would definitely follow in the footsteps of Ninja Soul and be bloodbathed by Chen Feng.

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