Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 582

“Don’t panic, you immediately take Nindo’s people out now. Later, I will inform Master Amaterasu. After Master Amaterasu and I arrive in Hokkaido, you will bring people to meet us and go to the headquarters together. Come to death with that Chen Feng!” Miyamoto Hanzo said.
Hearing that Miyamoto Hanzo was going to join Amaterasu Takeno to slay Chen Feng, Aoki couldn’t help being shocked again in his heart. Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo are both strong on the global god list. Amaterasu Takeno is on the global god list. The top ranked 18th, while Miyamoto Hanzo ranked 38th on the global god list.
These two peerless powerhouses dealt with a chop that was equivalent to the early days of Shangnin. Can the chopstick be immortal?
“Miyamoto-sama, I will take Nindo’s people out now.” After respecting, Aoki hurriedly took his orders.
After finishing the call with Miyamoto Hanzo, Aoki did not dare to neglect, and immediately relayed Miyamoto Hanzo’s order, and then left the Nindo headquarters with a group of ninjas.
And Miyamoto Hanzo made a call to Amaterasu Takeno’s cell phone again.
“Master Amaterasu, I just received a call from Momojiro Yamamoto, the leader of the Soul Ninth Organization, and learned that Chen Feng had arrived in Hokkaido and had bloodbathed the headquarters of the Soul Ninth Organization!” Miyamoto Hanzo did not hide it, but fifteen. Shishi told the truth truthfully.
“He all sneaked into Hokkaido, none of you noticed it?!” Miyamoto Hanzo’s words sounded in his ears, and Amaterasu Takeno suddenly became a little angry.
He has issued a mortal order to Chen Feng, stating that he will kill Chen Feng himself and let Japan become Chen Feng’s cemetery.
As a result, instead of fleeing Japan in fright, Chen Feng responded with actual actions to bloodbath the Miyamoto family and the headquarters of the Soul Ninja Organization!
This is a naked provocation, and it is hitting him in the face!
All this made him very annoyed, and he was also dissatisfied with Miyamoto Hanzo’s efficiency.
“Master Amaterasu, you know, he has the strength to kill Chiba Yoshimasa and Saito Wild Bear, and he is proficient in special operations. With his strength, if you want to hide, don’t say it is an ordinary person, even a family The ninja and the official agent, it is very difficult to find him.” Miyamoto Hanzo sighed.
Because Chen Feng’s news could not be investigated all the time, he specifically analyzed this and reached the above conclusion.
This time, Amaterasu Takeno chose silence.
Although he was very angry and dissatisfied, he also knew that what Miyamoto Hanzo was saying was the truth.
Although Chen Feng’s realm was only in the early stage of Shang Ren, he had the strength comparable to that in the later stage of Shang Ren. It was indeed difficult for the so-called intelligence personnel to grasp Chen Feng’s whereabouts.
“Master Amaterasu, I’m here to bother you at this time. In addition to telling you this news, I also want you to take action to kill the Chinese miscellaneous as soon as possible!” Miyamoto Hanzo said murderously.
“How to kill?” Amaterasu Takeno frowned and asked. He couldn’t wait to split Chen Feng into two sections with a single knife, but only if he found Chen Feng.
“Through the actions of the Chinese miscellaneous and the bloodbath of the Miyamoto family and the headquarters of the Ninth Soul Organization in the past two days, it is enough to prove that he is a very vengeful person. He sneaked into Hokkaido for revenge!”
Miyamoto Hanzo looked ugly. He said: “Now, he has bloodbathed the headquarters of the Ninja Soul Organization, and he must do something against Nindo!”
Hearing Miyamoto Hanzo’s words again, Amaterasu Takeno’s pupils suddenly dilated, and he recognized Miyamoto Hanzo. At the same time, there is some worry.
Nindo is a deterrent to the outside world by force. If Nindo was destroyed by Chen Feng, then Ninja, one of the best underground organizations in Japan, would really become history.
“Master, don’t worry, I have notified Aoki and asked him to take someone out of Shindo headquarters temporarily.”
Miyamoto Hanzo heard Amaterasu Takeno’s concerns, and quickly said: “Besides, I have contacted the official, and the official will send a fighter jet to send us to Hokkaido in just one hour. After we arrived in Hokkaido, Reunited with Aoki and the others, waited for the Chinese chopsticks to come to the door at the Shindo headquarters, and then killed it!”
“Okay, I’ll leave now!”
Amaterasu Takeno pondered for a while, and agreed to Miyamoto Hanzo’s suggestion.
He knew that this was an excellent opportunity to kill Chen Feng, otherwise it would be very difficult to find Chen Feng, who had the power of the late Shangren stage in the huge Japanese country.
What he didn’t know was that Hokkaido had a big surprise waiting for him!
Nindo Headquarters was converted from an abandoned factory. It is located in the central part of Hokkaido. It is backed by a mountain on the back. There are snow, jungle, mountains and other complex terrain nearby, which is very suitable for ninja training.
Compared with the headquarters of the Soul Ninja Organization, the headquarters of the Mangosteen Ninja Hall is simple and shabby. The entire headquarters has only one three-story building for rest and meals, and everything else is changed to a training ground.
Under the night, the Sannindo headquarters was brightly lit, but there was not a single figure in the huge headquarters. After receiving Miyamoto Hanzo’s notice, Aoki led people to evacuate.
At this moment, Aoki took his ninjas in a hotel five kilometers away from the headquarters, waiting for Amaterasu Takeno’s arrival.
In addition to waiting, they also monitor the situation at the headquarters through the network.
In the entire Nindo headquarters, except for the room where the ninja rests, other places are covered with monitors, which can be called 360-degree surveillance without blind spots. Not to mention a big living person, even a rabbit will be found if it enters.
Their purpose is very clear. They want to monitor whether Chen Feng will appear before they return to the headquarters.
If Chen Feng showed up, the chances of them waiting for Chen Feng to come to his death at the headquarters would be slim.
Because, in their opinion, once Chen Feng finds that there is no one in the Nintang headquarters, he will never go again, but will change his revenge plan!
At the same time, a few hundred meters away from the headquarters of Nintang, Chen Feng used the special observation device for the observer in the special forces team to carefully look at the headquarters of Nintang.
The result of the observation was the same as he expected. After the news of the headquarters of the Ninja Soul Organization in bloodbath came out, the ninjas at the headquarters of Ninja Hall were so scared that they all evacuated.
After confirming that there was no one in the Nintang headquarters, Chen Feng did not stop, and immediately carried a high-power signal jammer, and then carried a heavy box on his back, lurking towards the Nintang headquarters.
After a while, Chen Feng came to a place close to one hundred meters from the Nintang headquarters, turned on the high-power signal shield, and then inside his body surged to the sole of the foot spring, combined with the physical strength, to maximize the speed, the whole person is like a phantom Generally, he rushed to the headquarters building.
At the same time, in a hotel a few kilometers away, the computers in front of the four ninjas who were in charge of monitoring the headquarters of Nindo were all white at the same time, and no picture could be seen.
“No, the signal is disturbed!” The sudden scene surprised all four ninjas, and one of them exclaimed.

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