Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 584

Soon, under Chen Feng’s gaze, several cars drove into the Nintang headquarters one after another, and then stopped in front of the three-story building of the headquarters.
A ninja got out of the car for the first time, stepped forward quickly, opened the back door of the leading car, and bent over to wait for Amaterasu Takeno to get off.
In the car, Amaterasu Takeno opened his eyes, did not get out of the car immediately, but carefully sensed everything around him, and did not get out of the car until a few seconds later.
After getting off the bus at Amaterasu Takeno, Miyamoto Hanzo followed.
The appearance of the two of them was easily seen by Chen Feng from a distance with an observer.
Chen Feng is not surprised that Miyamoto Hanzo will come. After all, he bloodbathed the Miyamoto family, and Miyamoto Hanzo will definitely come to him for revenge.
What makes Chen Feng strange is that Amaterasu Takeno walking in front of Miyamoto Hanzo, according to the information given by the war alliance, Amaterasu Takeno is the head of the Shenyin Secret Hall.
A peerless powerhouse ranked 18th in the global god list.
Such a peerless power came over, and Chen Feng felt a lot of pressure.
However, now that the arrow is on the string, I have to send it.
“Take me to the fighting room. Once that Chinese warrior sneaks into the base, he will report to me as soon as possible.” Amaterasu Takeno said to Aoki.
“Okay, Lord Amaterasu.”
Aoki nodded, and then the ninja under his opponent said: “According to the plan, each is in place. Once the monitoring team finds that Chen Feng has sneaked in, immediately report.”
“Yes, Lord Aoki!” A group of ninjas bowed. Life.
Aoki stopped talking nonsense, and accompanied Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo to the fighting room next to the three-story building, while the other ninjas walked into the three-story building.
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng put down the observation device in his hand, no longer went to see Amaterasu Takeno, but passed the walking speed of the three Amaterasu Takeno Miyamoto Hanzo Aoki, silently calculating the time for the three to arrive in the fighting room.
Because he knows that the peerless powerhouse who has practiced martial arts to the peak of Huajin has amazing sensitivity. If he stares at Amaterasu Takeno for a long time, he will most likely be spotted by Amaterasu Takeno.
“Ten, nine, eight, seven…”
Chen Feng muttered silently in his heart, and when he silently read one, he picked up the remote control device.
At the same time, Amaterasu Takeno, Miyamoto Hanzo, and Aoki entered the fighting room as Chen Feng had judged.
Ok? After Takeno stepped into the fighting room, he suddenly felt uneasy.
This is a kind of inexplicable anxiety, and even more so that he has practiced martial arts to warn of danger, and he has a sense of crisis beyond ordinary people’s imagination!
Miyamoto Hanzo also frowned. Although his warning of danger was not as strong as Amaterasu Takeno, he also felt a touch of discomfort.
“Master Amaterasu, you…”
Aoki asked with some confusion when he noticed Amaterasu Takeno’s abnormality.
Huh! However, before he could say the following words, Amaterasu Takeno’s figure flashed and decisively swept toward the fighting room.
Miyamoto Hanzo was also taken aback, and hurriedly followed Amaterasu Takeno.
At this moment…On the hillside, Chen Feng decisively pressed the red button of the remote control device to detonate the C4 explosives placed in the fighting room and the three-story building in advance.
The main component of c4 explosive is polyisobutylene, which is made of gunpowder mixed with plastic. It is a highly effective explosive. It is made of high-performance explosive materials such as tnt, semtex and white phosphorus. It can be ground into powder and can be loaded at will. Rubber material, and then extruded into any shape.
The c4 explosive is extremely powerful, and because of its strong concealment, the military of various countries prohibits civilian use, which is stricter than the control of drugs.
Even for the Ninja Soul Organization, Japan’s number one killer organization, there are not many C4 explosives stored in its arsenal, but for Chen Feng, it is enough.
As Chen Feng pressed down the remote control device, the c4 explosives placed in the fighting room and the three-story building by Chen Feng exploded almost at the same time. The sound resounded across the sky, and a huge shock wave exploded. The dot was the center of the circle, rushing toward the surroundings, instantly blowing up the fighting room and the three-story building, and razed to the ground.
In the three-story building, the twenty ninjas of Ninja Hall did not respond, they were swept by the terrible shock wave, and the bones were gone and buried in the ruins.
In the fighting room, so did Aoki.
Before he could finish his words, he saw Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo looting outside the door, and he was very puzzled, but before he could think of a reason, he was blown apart and completely killed.
And although Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo felt that something was wrong because of inexplicable anxiety in their hearts, they went out the door for the first time, but it was too late!
Because after the bomb is detonated, a chemical reaction will occur. The compound decomposes to produce a variety of gases, forming high-temperature heat. The concentrated gas expands rapidly under extreme pressure at a speed faster than the speed of sound, thereby generating a powerful shock wave.
Although Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo rushed out of the fighting room, they used their minds to control the important parts of the body, such as the heart, head, etc., but they were still blown out by the terrible shock wave, their limbs burst instantly, and the flesh and blood fell down. The ground was submerged by broken pieces of buildings.
“The master of Huajin Peak is really terrifying.”
On the hillside, through the observation device, Chen Feng saw that Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo had survived. He could not help but sigh secretly. At the same time, he was fortunate that he was careful enough to not stare at them all the time, otherwise he would rely on their amazing alertness , Maybe will escape.
After sighing, Chen Feng’s figure flashed, and he swiftly moved towards the headquarters of Shindo.
Soon, Chen Feng entered the Nintang headquarters.
This time, he didn’t use the high-power signal jammer. His goal has been achieved. It doesn’t matter whether it is exposed or not.
Chen Feng quickly came to the fighting room that had been reduced to ruins, and saw the flesh and blood sprinkled in front of him, and found the locations of Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo.
At this time, Miyamoto Hanzo was dying and fell into a severe coma.
Amaterasu Takeno is slightly stronger than Miyamoto Hanzo, but not much better.
“Ah” The intense pain caused Amaterasu Takeno to wake up from a coma, he struggled instinctively, making a painful sound.
Chen Feng heard the sound and walked away, peeling away the building fragments and dust from Amaterasu Takeno, and saw Amaterasu Takeno with no limbs and half of his head.
Under the curtain of night, Amaterasu Takeno violently twisted like a wriggle of flesh and blood.
Although he relied on his amazing alertness to dodge and save his life for the first time, his limbs were blown up and he lost too much blood. If the injury is not dealt with in time, death is only a matter of time.
“You didn’t die like this, it’s really beyond my expectation.” Chen Feng looked at Amaterasu Takeno condescendingly.
“Asshole… asshole!”
Amaterasu Takeno looked at Chen Feng with hatred, his face twisted and angrily spoke, but his voice was weak.
At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to speak.

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