Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 585

“Are you surprised? Didn’t even dream of dying in my hands?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. His original goal was Miyamoto Hanzo. In his opinion, he could kill Miyamoto Hanzo. The peerless powerhouse in the late Jin period is what he earned.
But what he didn’t expect was that he actually caught a fish Amaterasu Takeno bigger than Miyamoto Hanzo!
Shenyin Secret Hall Master!
Ranked 18th in the world’s god list!
In China, Amaterasu Takeno is a super giant at the level of Guan Nantian.
But now…
“Ah! Kill me!”
Amaterasu Takeno roared angrily, he was unwilling, he was extremely unwilling!
He is the first person below the master of the Japanese martial arts world!
Even if you give him a few more years, he can advance to a master and achieve eternity!
But now, he was so humiliated by a warrior in the early stage of Huajin, he would rather die!
“Kill you?” Chen Feng raised a joking gesture: “Killing you is too cheap for you.”
“You…what are you going to do?” Seeing Chen Feng’s jokes, Amaterasu Takeno suddenly became frightened. .
“I will keep you alive.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, and then grabbed the nearly reduced to a mass of Amaterasu Takeno, and quickly rushed to the medical room of Nindo headquarters, found medical aid equipment, and began to save Amaterasu Takeno’s life. .
“Kill…Kill me, you bastard!”
Seeing Chen Feng stop the bleeding and deal with the injury, Amaterasu Takeno violently struggled, using his best strength to roar, but the voice was still very small.
While helping Amaterasu Takeno with his injuries, Chen Feng said faintly: “I originally planned to kill you, but then I suddenly changed my mind.”
“For a peerless powerhouse like you, it’s like this. Living in a state of life, I am afraid it will be more uncomfortable than dead.”
“After I have dealt with the injury for you, I will take a picture, and then post the picture to the martial arts forum. I want to show martial artists around the world. The appearance of eight peerless powerhouses lingering, it will definitely be a sensation.”
At this moment, Chen Feng’s tone was surprisingly calm. Indeed, as he said, killing Amaterasu Takeno is not the best choice.
Today’s Amaterasu Takeno has been abandoned.
For a peerless powerhouse like him, living in an abolished state would be a hundred times more uncomfortable than killing him.
And if you post photos of Amaterasu Takeno’s disability to the martial arts forum, it will inevitably give Shenyin a big blow.
Not surprisingly, in the next few years, the entire Shenyin should not even look up in front of the global warriors.
“You… you bastard, kill me… kill me!!
Amaterasu Takeno, as the eighteenth strong man in the gods list, has a strong will to martial arts, but such an ending makes him unacceptable. . he can not imagine, if he reached the outside world looks like at the moment, what would cause a stir!
At this moment, his mind directly collapse, Chen Feng wished he could immediately cut to pieces.
However, at the moment, he said, do not hit Killing Chen Feng would not even be able to commit suicide.
Chen Feng stopped responding to Amaterasu Takeno, but quickly dealt with Amaterasu Takeno’s injuries, and then took pictures as he said before.
“The patrol will come soon. Yes, they will send you to the hospital as soon as possible to completely rescue you. ”
Chen Feng put away the phone and smiled at Amaterasu Takeno.
That smile fell into Amaterasu’s eyes, like a devil’s smile! this moment.
He suddenly felt that it was a big mistake to kill Chen Feng himself!
After taking pictures of Amaterasu Takeno, Miyamoto Hanzo Chen Feng did not let it go.
However, the actual controller of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce did not have such a good life as Amaterasu Takeno. Amaterasu Takeno, Chen Feng gave him his life, but Miyamoto Hanzo was directly trampled by Chen Feng. .
As expected by Chen Feng, not long after he left the Nintang headquarters, a dozen patrol vehicles roared to the Nintang headquarters, in addition to a black Falcon helicopter.
There are two reasons for the rapid patrol.
First, because Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo arrived in Hokkaido on an official plane, the patrol was aware of the Matsui family’s plan to kill Chen Feng at the Nindo headquarters.
Second, Chen Feng made too much noise!
When the bomb exploded and the fire blazed into the sky, it not only awakened many people in their sleep, but also shocked the Hokkaido patrol! what happened?
This is the doubt in the hearts of all the patrols when they rushed to the Nindo headquarters.
Because, according to Amaterasu Takeno’s plan, he and Miyamoto Hanzo would personally kill Chen Feng instead of using modern weapons.
With such doubts, they entered the Shindo headquarters, and when they saw the three-story building and fighting room reduced to ruins, they were all dumbfounded.
Unspeakable horror filled everyone’s mind!
Although they don’t know what happened, they can think of it with their little brother under the crotch. Chen Feng must have done all this!
“Everyone listens to orders, and immediately search the base to see if there is a livelihood.”
After the horror, the second commander of the Hokkaido patrol adjusted his mood and issued an order.
“Yes, section chief!” After hearing this, nearly a thousand patrolmen recovered from their shock and took their orders loudly.
When the voice fell, they dispersed and began to search according to the instructions of the second commander in the Hokkaido patrol.
Through the lights in the base, you can clearly see that their faces are full of unconcealed fear.
Fear, because they were frightened by Chen Feng’s methods!
Fear, even more because they are worried that Chen Feng has not left yet. With Chen Feng’s strength, killing them is as easy as slaughtering chickens!
“Section manager, we found Lord Amaterasu Takeno in the medical room. His limbs were gone, but his injuries were simply treated and he is still alive!” A moment later, the patrol to the medical room found Amaterasu Takeno, the first Time to report.
Hearing the report, the second commander of the Hokkaido patrol hurried to the medical room.
Although the second commander of the Hokkaido patrol had heard his subordinates report that Amaterasu Takeno’s limbs were gone, he was still stunned when he saw Amaterasu Takeno’s appearance.
On the bed in the medical room, Amaterasu Takeno, known as the first person of the Japanese Grand Master, was covered in blood stains. The blood stains and dust stuck together. At first glance, his whole body was like a mass of dark flesh and blood.
Although the wounds on his limbs were hemostatic and bandaged with gauze, the bleeding was not completely stopped, and the gauze was stained red.
His face no longer has the charm of a peerless powerhouse, his eyes are absent, like a living dead.
“God… Lord Amaterasu, what happened here?” After the shock, the second commander of Hokkaido couldn’t help but asked.
“Kill…Kill me…”
Amaterasu Takeno did not respond to the second commander of the Hokkaido patrol, but turned to look at him, speaking hoarsely, imploring his tone.

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