Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 586

“Uh…” The second commander in Hokkaido was taken aback by Amaterasu Takeno’s reaction, and then asked, “Master Amaterasu, that Chen Feng destroyed the base and injured you, right?”
“Kill me!! ”
Amaterasu Takeno is still begging for death, but he no longer pleads, but is full of anger, so that his expression is particularly hideous.
“Reporting section chief, we found President Miyamoto’s body on the other side. Other than that, there is no one on the base, and we can’t even find the body. We suspect that everyone else died in the explosion.”
This time, no. When the second commander of the Hokkaido patrol said something, the subordinate’s report came from the intercom.
“Send Master Amaterasu to the hospital for treatment immediately.”
A report from his subordinates sounded in his ears, and the second in command of the Hokkaido patrol made waves in his heart again. He pondered for a moment and gave instructions directly.
In his opinion, most of Amaterasu Takeno was bombed stupid, so he wanted to die!
After the words fell, he ignored Amaterasu Takeno, turned and walked out of the medical room, and then reported the situation to his superiors.
A few minutes later, the patrol car screamed and left the Shindo headquarters. at the same time.
Tokyo, the ancestral home of the Amaterasu family.
As the patriarch of the Amaterasu clan, Amaterasu has not yet learned what happened in Hokkaido, but his heart is full of anxiety.
Because, in the past hour, he has been trying to contact Shindo headquarters, but without success, the phone is completely unreachable!
“Did you miss it?”
Amidst anxiety, Tian Zhaoying had such a thought in her heart.
Thoughts emerged, and his heart sank to the bottom.
For him and the entire Amaterasu family, Amaterasu Takeno is the greatest heritage and hope to kill Chen Feng. If there is an accident for Amaterasu Takeno, it will be a nightmare for the Amaterasu family!
“Impossible! My brother is strong and strong, and that Chinese miscellaneous piece is absolutely impossible to come back!”
Soon, Amaterasu shook his head again, and Amaterasu Takeno’s strength lies there. He is the first person below the Japanese Grand Master. He didn’t believe that Chen Feng could turn around and kill Amaterasu Takeno!
“Om” As Amaterasu’s voice fell, the sound of the phone vibrating sounded, breaking the silence in the room.
Amaterasu was clever, took out his mobile phone and found that it was not the call from Nindo headquarters.
The caller is Sato Murakami, the leader of the Japanese patrol!
This discovery made Amaterasu startled at first, and then a heart hung in his throat again, and the anxiety in his heart rose linearly.
Amaterasu took a deep breath, settled, and then connected the phone, “Hello, Sato-sama.”
“Mr. Amaterasu, do you know what happened in Hokkaido?”
Sato Murakami asked. , The tone was complicated. He knew Amaterasu Takeno’s plan, but he did not expect Chen Summit to come back.
“What happened?” Amaterasu asked subconsciously, holding his breath so nervously.
“Chen Feng blew up the Nintang headquarters. Except for your brother, everyone else died in the explosion. Although your brother was alive, his limbs were blown up and he was unconscious and kept letting my people kill. Him.” Admiral Sato Murakami told Amaterasaw about the report he just received.
Amaterasu was stunned.
Although he couldn’t reach the Nindo headquarters just now, and he received a call from Sato Murakami, he was very upset and thought that something might happen in Hokkaido, but when he heard Sato Murakami’s words, he was still dumbfounded!
Because the result was worse than he thought, it was damn ridiculous!
“Mr. Amaterasu, I deeply sympathize with this.”
Sato Murakami sighed. He knew very well what Amaterasu Takeno meant to the Amaterasu family.
“Why… how could this happen?!”
Amaterasu couldn’t accept this fact, he asked subconsciously, not knowing whether he was asking Sato Murakami or himself.
“According to our preliminary judgment, Chen Feng should have obtained explosives from the headquarters of the Ninja Organization after the bloodbath of the Ninja Organization headquarters, and then took advantage of the time when your people left the Nintang headquarters, and placed the explosives in the Nintang headquarters, and waited for you. After my brother took the people back to Nindo headquarters, he detonated the bomb.” Sato Murakami said.
Hearing Sato Murakami’s words again, Amaterasu shook his body and shook his hand, almost throwing the phone out.
Then, he sat on the ground feebly.
Even Sato Murakami knew what Amaterasu Takeno meant to the Amaterasu family, let alone himself?
He knew better than anyone what he would face if he lost the Amaterasu family of Takeno.
“I’m going to kill that crap!” It took a full half a minute before Tian Zhaoying recovered from the huge blow. He looked like crazy, roaring with a sullen expression.
“Mr. Amaterasu, please calm down. Once your brother died, there are only a few leaders in Japan who can kill him, but those leaders probably won’t do it.”
Sato Murakami said, and now he hopes that Get rid of Chen Feng the first time, otherwise, he can’t predict what will happen next.
It will be a disaster for the entire country to let a master of chemistry who is proficient in modern weapons run wild in Japan.
Amaterasu was silent. He knew that Sato Murakami was telling the truth.
“Of course, there is another way to dispatch the Shenyin Battle Hall.”
Sato Murakami said again, making a suggestion, “Although Chen Feng has terrifying combat power and rich experience in special operations, if the Shenyin Battle Hall is big A large-scale encirclement and suppression can still kill him. But doing so will inevitably lead to a large number of ninja casualties in the Shenyin Battle Hall, and it will cause a huge sensation.”
Shenyin Battle Hall?
Amaterasu’s pupils shrank. This is the most powerful organization in Japan. All members of the battle hall are warriors, and they are equipped with modern weapons. On weekdays, these people will not be dispatched at all.
Generally speaking, these people will be dispatched only when Japan encounters an irresistible major disaster.
If the Shenyin Battle Hall was dispatched to deal with Chen Feng, the Japanese martial arts world would inevitably fall into turmoil.
It’s just that he can’t think about that much now.
Soon, Tian Zhaoying gritted his teeth and made a decision: “No matter how much the price is paid, I will kill the crap!”
“Then you can find someone from the Shenyin Battle Hall as soon as possible, and I will also give it to God. The people in the hidden war hall greet. I think, the people in the hidden war hall don’t want that Chen Feng to continue to live, as long as you pay a certain price, they will help you kill Chen Feng.”
Sato Murakami said: “After all , If Chen Feng were to leave Japan alive, it would be Japan’s biggest shame in decades!”
Amaterasu responded, and then immediately contacted the people in the Shenyin Battle Hall.
An hour later, the Shenyin Battle Hall held an emergency meeting.
The meeting lasted only half an hour, and all parties reached an agreement.

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