Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 587

Kill Chen Feng at all costs and never let Chen Feng leave Japan alive! ”
This is the final decision of the meeting. The use of Japan’s highest combat power to kill a person is the first case since modern times in Japan! After the meeting’s decision, Shenyin Battle Hall immediately issued an order to request a patrol in Hokkaido. Immediately block all major airports and ports, strictly inspect roads and railway stations at all levels, and form a tight blockade network. Chen Feng is strictly prohibited from escaping from Hokkaido.
In addition, Amaterasu, in order to defend the dignity of the Japanese martial arts circles and the entire country, They also rushed to Hokkaido by a fighter jet at the first time.
According to the plan of the Shenyin Battle Hall, if possible, they decided to kill Chen Feng with the least cost and use the warriors in the Battle Hall to besiege Chen Feng, and then the Amaterasu in the late stage of Huajin attacked. Kill Chen Feng.
Zero o’clock has passed, and the chariots roaring on the streets and highways of Hokkaido counties and cities, as if they are on a first-level alert posture. A warehouse in Hokkaido.
Chen Feng looked at the cars entering and exiting, through observation It was discovered that the cars that picked up the goods mainly went to the airport and the dock. Among them, the cars loaded with heavy cargo went to the dock, while the light and small cargo went to the airport. After clarifying this, Chen Feng took out his spare cell phone and found the one sent by Hu Li According to Hu Li, this number was from Amaterasu Takeno’s younger brother, Amaterasu. When
Amaterasu Takeno died, the person in charge of the campaign to encircle him became Amaterasu.
After experiencing Nindo’s destruction, After the heavy blow of Amaterasu Takeno, Amaterasu at this moment turned grief into hatred, and at a high price, he asked the Secret War Hall to encircle Chen Feng.
After learning that the meeting had made a decision, he did not fall asleep, but kept going. Sitting in the study of the family’s ancestral house, waiting for the news that Chen Feng was killed.
As a result, he first waited for an unfamiliar call.
“Hello, who?”
Looking at the strange call, Tian Zhaoying was startled first, and then connected the phone.
“Amaterasu, are you satisfied with the surprise I gave you?” Chen Feng said with a smile.
“Chen…Chen Feng?” After hearing Chen Feng’s words in amazement, Tian Zhaoying was taken aback again, and then judged Chen Feng’s identity, and stood up from his seat now, “Miscellaneous, you don’t need to be arrogant. You will be encircled and suppressed. You are dead!”
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, “Before I came to Japan, you carefully arranged the killing game and thought that I was dead, but I killed it. After that, Miyamoto Hanzo and Amaterasu Takeno made a voice to keep my life in Japan. As a result, I bloodbathed the Miyamoto family, the headquarters of the Ninja organization, and the headquarters of Nindo. I killed Miyamoto Hanzo and was seriously injured. Amaterasu Takeno! This time, you said I’m dead, do you think it’s possible?”
“Huh… huh …”
Chen Feng’s words stabbed into Amaterasu’s heart like a sharp dagger, letting He was shivering with anger, breathing quickly, and he didn’t reply for a moment.
“Wash your neck and wait, I will go to Tokyo to take your dog’s life and kill all the core members of the Amaterasu family!” Chen Feng said coldly.
“Okay, okay, okay, miscellaneous, I’m waiting for you to kill me!!” Tian Zhaoying looked hateful, and his tone was startled and angry.
He was very angry at Chen Feng’s arrogant attitude, and he wished to immediately thwart Chen Feng’s bones to vent his hatred, but he was also inexplicably frightened by Chen Feng’s words.
As Chen Feng said, although the Shenyin Battle Hall has been dispatched and deployed a dense blockade, he cannot guarantee that Shenyin Battle Hall will be able to kill Chen Feng in Hokkaido, and once Chen Feng escapes from Hokkaido, he sneaks into In Tokyo, after the nightmare falls on that day, the Zhao family may face catastrophe!
This time, Chen Feng didn’t say anything, but instead hung up the phone, rushed to the exit point of the warehouse in front of him, quietly turned off his mobile phone, and placed it in a truck that was about to start to leave.
He had observed before that the truck was loaded with light and small cargo and was heading to the airport.
After doing all this, Chen Feng, with his terrifying speed, unknowingly flashed to another truck carrying heavy cargo and was going to the port of Hokkaido, and then dived into the bottom of the car and took his seat belt. Tie it to the bottom of the car and hold the accessories at the bottom of the car with both hands to ensure that the body is kept at a safe distance from the ground.
Soon, the truck heading to the airport drove out of the warehouse compound first. The truck where Chen Feng was hiding followed closely, and the two large trucks departed in opposite directions.
Although he told Amaterasu to go to Tokyo, he didn’t really want to go to Tokyo to kill Amaterasu.
Because he had seen more than one tank before and knew that the Shenyin Battle Hall, the most powerful organization in Japan, had been dispatched.
In such a situation, he must leave Japan immediately, otherwise he will face the encirclement and suppression of the entire Shenying Battle Hall. This is an extremely dangerous thing!
For him, using a fake identity to leave Japan by plane is no longer feasible, and the only way is by boat.
He got in touch with Hu Li and learned that at three o’clock in the morning, a freighter would depart from Hokkaido’s port to Goryeo’s Busan port.
In order to avoid long nights and dreams, he was going to leave on this freighter, but because of the tight time, he had to take transportation.
For this reason, his purpose of calling Amaterasu is to confuse the enemy and make the enemy mistakenly believe that he will not leave. At the same time, he put his mobile phone on the truck heading to the airport, deliberately attracting the attention of Shenyin Battle Hall and the patrol. To the purpose of disturbing sight. as expected.
Tokyo, in the ancestral house of the Amaterasu family.
After finishing the conversation with Chen Feng, Amaterasu immediately dialed the number of Sato Uemura, the head of the Japanese patrol.
“Sato-kun, I just received that messy call. He threatened to come to Tokyo to kill me!” After the call was connected, Amaterasu took the lead and went straight to the subject.
Sato Murakami was surprised when he heard Amaterasu’s words, “He is too arrogant, right?”
“Yes, he did not pay attention to the Shenyin Battle Hall and your patrol at all. !” Amaterasu said.
“If he is not so arrogant, it will take some time for us to find him. Since he actively exposed the information, then he is not far from death!”
Sato Murakami said angrily: “Mr. Amaterasu, you put that phone number with Send me the call time, I will locate the call now, and contact Zhantang to encircle him.”
“Okay, Sato-kun.”
Amaterasu quickly responded, then stopped talking nonsense and hung up. On the phone, he sent the cell phone number and call time that Chen Feng had just used to Sato Murakami.
After Sato Murakami received his mobile phone number and call time, he immediately asked the Information Department of the Japanese National Inspection Agency to locate and track.

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