Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 588

“Sato-sama, we have located the mobile phone signal. The signal is on the way to the airport. According to the speed of the signal, it should be in a car.” In just a few minutes, the information department gave Sato Murakami a report. The report, “In addition, we determined that the criminal was talking at a warehouse in Hokkaido through the location of the criminal during the call. If nothing happens, he should be hidden in a truck and sneaked to the airport.”
“I see. ”
After listening to the report, Sato Murakami didn’t give any instructions. Instead, he dialed the number of the person in charge of the battle hall tactics.
“Ito-kun, the criminal had just talked with Mr. Amaterasu and threatened to go to Tokyo to kill Lord Ten.” The call was quickly connected, and Sato Murakami said straightforwardly: “I have asked someone to locate the phone number and find out. The criminal made a call in the warehouse, and at the moment the cell phone is on a truck heading to the airport, I suggest that a large number of troops be deployed to surround the truck immediately. If the criminal does slaughter the truck, will he kill it directly or temporarily besiege it? , Wait for Mr. Amaterasu to arrive before taking action. It’s up to you to decide on the battle hall.”
“Sato-kun, do you think the criminals will deliberately reveal their position and let us catch them?” On the phone, Ito Itai, head of battle hall tactics He said: “You know, the criminal is proficient in special operations and has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance. I can be sure that he will never be in the truck going to the airport.”
“What do you mean?”
Sato Murakami raised his brows, he This point was also considered, so there was no rush to give orders.
“I think he is deliberately confusing us. What he really wants to go to is the port, and taking a boat is the only way for him to leave Japan!”
Ito Itai said with a wise face: “My suggestion is that we should not disrupt our deployment due to criminals’ small means, and proceed according to the original plan. After all, our troops at the airport and port are enough to siege and kill him. ”
Sato Murakami thought for a while, agreed to Ito Itai’s suggestion, and then added: “However, I suggest to search the truck that was out of the warehouse at that time period just now to make sure he is not hidden in the car.”
“Yes, you will be responsible for this task!” Ito Itai said.
Sato Murakami hesitated, but agreed, then hung up the phone and called his men to give orders.
I have to say that the speed of the Japanese patrol is very fast.
Five minutes later, a dozen patrol vehicles were on the road leading to the port and stopped the truck where Chen Feng was hiding. The truck driver turned pale with fright.
Dozens of heavily armed patrols, armed with police dogs, banned strict searches of the trucks, but found nothing.
They searched very carefully, and the whole process took half an hour.
After half an hour, dozens of patrols left, and the truck was back on the road.
A few hundred meters away on the highway, Chen Feng hid behind a big tree. After seeing the truck approaching, he suddenly used the speed to the extreme, caught up with the truck, then picked up the truck, and went deep again.
He heard the whistle of the patrol car before, so he left the truck for the first time and escaped the patrol’s search. At this moment, he returned to the truck again because the patrol had carefully searched the truck.
In such a situation, you will definitely not be stopped or searched again on the way to the port, and will be checked again only when you reach the toll gate.
At that time, he was very close to the port. He could leave the truck, avoid the battle hall and the patrol on foot, and sneak into the port.
Sometimes, the most dangerous places are the safest.
So-called black under the lamp, that’s it!
The battle hall and the patrol were busy all night, carefully searching all the cars going to the port, and at the same time searching every freighter going to sea.
In addition, they also searched the truck heading to the airport and strictly checked the identity of every person entering the airport.
However, they did not find Chen Feng.
Chen Feng seemed to have evaporated from Hokkaido.
This result dazzled Zhantang and the patrol, and at the same time scared Tian Zhaoying that he was worried that Chen Feng’s ruthless words would become reality!
In fear, Amaterasu asked for protection from Zhantang. Soon, Zhantang sent hundreds of ninjas to guard the Amaterasu family’s ancestral home, waiting for Chen Feng to kill him.
At the same time, Chen Feng bloodbathed the Miyamoto family, the Ninja Soul Organization headquarters, and the Nindo headquarters, killed Miyamoto Hanzo, and seriously injured Amaterasu Takeno. News also spread, causing another 12-magnitude earthquake in the global martial arts community.
“God, who can tell me, how did Chen Feng do all this? He seems to be in the early stage of Huajin.”
“Miyamoto Hanzo is the late Shangnin period, and Amaterasu Takeno is the Shangnin peak, God The 18th peerless powerhouse, logically speaking, if two peerless powerhouses face Chen Feng, Chen Feng should have no reason to escape. As a result, Chen Feng not only escaped, but also killed Miyamoto Hanzo. Severely injured Amaterasu Takeno… His strength is enough to rank in the top ten of the gods list.”
“Hmph, the top ten of the gods list is the exclusive domain of the peak of Huajin and the half-step grandmaster strong, Chen Feng is always the same. In the early days, how could it be possible to get in.”
“Then what happened to him killing Miyamoto Hanzo and remnant Amaterasu Takeno?”
“He was able to kill Miyamoto Hanzo. He was heavy enough for Amaterasu Takeno because he used explosives, and it was a sneak attack. He was caught off guard by hitting Amaterasu Takeno. He definitely does not have the strength to enter the top ten of the gods. He may have it in the future, but the premise It is he who can continue to live!”
“I think the process is not important, but the result is important. The result of the Japanese kidnapping of grandmaster descendants is enough to prove that if Chen Feng is equipped with sophisticated modern weapons, he is not afraid of God’s list. The top ten peerless powerhouses!”
…The global martial arts community once again started heated discussions because of Chen Feng’s actions against the sky. Many of them had a fierce debate on whether Chen Feng could compete with the top ten peerless powerhouses.
“According to reliable information, the Shenyin Battle Hall and the patrol have joined forces to encircle Chen Feng, and it is bound to kill Chen Feng in Japan!”
“The Shenyin Battle Hall is the most powerful organization in Japan. Even if you look at the world, they are also top Chen Feng’s existence is probably dangerous now.”
“Yes, he will probably die in Japan. You must know that in addition to the Shenyin Battle Hall, the patrol also pursued him.” The global underground world and martial arts circles are right. After the heated discussion and debate about Chen Feng’s feat, news came out that the Shenyin Battle Hall and the patrol arrested jointly encircle Chen Feng, and they turned their attention again and discussed whether Chen Feng could leave Japan alive.

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