Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 589

Even some well-known overseas gambling institutions also opened a handicap for this. Among them, the probability that Chen Feng can escape from Japan is 1 to 5, and the odds of Chen Feng to die in Japan are 1 to 4.
Judging from the odds, betting agencies are not optimistic that Chen Feng can leave Chen Feng alive.
Because, in the history of mankind, there has never been a precedent for a person to survive under the premise of jointly encircling and suppressing the Shenyin Battle Hall and the patrol.
After all, the Shenyin Zhantang and the patrol can use modern weapons with great lethality, and they can also use human tactics. Even the peerless powerhouse on the god list can’t compete.
At the same time that the global martial arts world turned upside down because of Chen Feng, a freighter arrived at the port of Busan in Goryeo on time.
Chen Feng left the freighter quietly and without interest, and then left the port openly, without attracting people’s attention.
Half an hour later, he drove to a five-star hotel in Busan, checked in to a room, and then gave the hotel staff a huge tip to help him buy clothes.
Chen Feng entered the hotel room, took a hot bath comfortably, and then booked a flight ticket back to China.
“Ding Dong” After
Chen Feng finished all this, the doorbell rang.
Chen Feng stood up and opened the door. It was not the hotel staff who appeared in his sight, but a group of heavily armed patrols, and there were many warriors.
Because what Chen Feng did in Japan has attracted worldwide attention, all countries have mentioned his danger level to SSS level, which is the most dangerous level!
After Chen Feng registered in the hotel, Gao Li learned the news for the first time.
Seeing the full-armed patrols, Chen Feng didn’t show the slightest panic on his face, not even a hint of surprise, he had expected all this long ago.
“Mr. Patrol, I just use this as a transit station for my return to China. I never thought about what to do here, and you don’t want me to do anything here, right?” Chen Feng looked at the lead patrol and said with a smile. .
“Can I go in and chat with you?”
Chen Feng’s words rang in his ears, the head of the patrol, stared at Chen Feng for a few seconds, and then said.
He is the leader of Busan’s patrol, and he specially sent people not to arrest Chen Feng, but to find out the purpose of Chen Feng’s visit to Busan.
“Of course.”
Chen Feng smiled and nodded, making an invitation gesture.
The head of the Busan patrol heard the words and gestured to the group of heavily armed special patrols behind him. Upon seeing this, the patrols retreated.
“Mr. Chen, the first thing that needs to be stated is that you are not welcome for patrols in Busan and even Goryeo. I also believe that patrols in any country in the world will not welcome you.” The busan patrol leader entered the room and sat on the sofa with a calm face.
“Similarly, you don’t want or want to be my enemy.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Yes!” The
Busan patrol leader admitted this with an ugly expression, “Because of this, I brought people to find you, not trying to arrest you. We also don’t have the ability. I just want to know the purpose of your coming to Busan. , And I want to know when you will leave.”
“I just booked a ticket and will go to the airport soon.” Chen Feng said.
“Mr. Chen, in order to ensure that everything you say is true, I will let my subordinates follow you for the next two hours until you leave Busan, do you think it is okay?” The Busan patrol leader said again, completely alike Discussing tone.
Because, in his opinion, Chen Feng is a god who can’t offend, but wants to send him away as soon as possible.
“Yes.” Chen Feng agreed bluntly.
“Thank you for your cooperation.” The leader of the Busan patrol got up and thanked, and then couldn’t help but sigh: “To be honest, I am shocked that you can successfully escape from Japan. At the same time, I also believe that once the news comes out , Will definitely shock the world! Of course, before you leave, I will not let my people spread this news.”
“It’s okay, I won’t care, after all, this is Goryeo. Japanese patrols cannot come here to surround me, no Huh?” Chen Feng smiled indifferently.
“Although you are right, our Busan and even Korea patrol don’t want to get involved with anything. Okay, Mr. Chen, goodbye, I hope we never meet again.”
Listening to Chen Feng’s words, looking at Chen Feng’s With an indifferent smile on his face, the Busan patrol leader felt inexplicably scared, and as he spoke, he quickly left the room.
An hour later, Chen Feng arrived at Busan International Airport in a suit and leather shoes and recorded a short video, which was posted to the Budo Forum through Hu Li.
“I am Huaxia Chenfeng, I am in Busan, South Korea, and I am responsible for certain things that have happened in Japan in the past two days.”
“Everyone has a bottom line, and I am no exception to those who move my relatives and friends, I will definitely be liquidated;
Those who are far away will be punishable!!” “This is my kind reminder to some people. If someone doesn’t take my reminder to heart and imprint it in their minds, and make things with fire in the future, I promise Japan The tragedy will also be staged in other countries!!” In the video, the young man who sneaked into Japan alone, killed the Japanese underground world and the martial arts circles, and surrounded and suppressed the young man who left unscathed from the Japanese martial arts circles and the patrol. Under a plane of China Airlines, the face calmly said these words. On this day, the whole country of Japan was shaken!
On this day, the global underground world and martial arts circles are also shaken by this video.
Chen Feng, Japan escaped silently!
And he also recorded such a video! humiliation!
This is a naked humiliation to the Japanese martial arts world!
After the second battle, the Japanese martial arts world will inevitably be nailed to the pillar of shame forever!
The Zhantang, which represents the highest combat power in Japan, made joint patrols and pursued and killed a warrior who was not able to fight in the early stage, and even let this warrior escape from Japan!
The Japanese martial arts world is nothing short of a joke!
On this day, the Japanese martial arts world became the laughing stock of the global warriors.
On the other hand, Chen Feng has officially entered the sight of the global powerhouse!
Although his strength is only in the early stage of Huajin, he has set an extremely impressive record.
Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa, both in the early stage of Huajin, and Miyamoto Hanzo in the late stage of Huajin, died in the hands of Chen Feng!
Among them, Miyamoto Hanzo, who was in the late stage of Huajin, is ranked 38th on the global god list!
In addition to Miyamoto Hanzo, there is also the first person of the Japanese Grand Master, the master of the Shenyin Battle Hall, and the peerless powerhouse Amaterasu Takeno, ranked 18th on the global god list!
Although Amaterasu Takeno did not die in Chen Feng’s hands, the pain he was now suffering was a hundred times more intense than death!
He became a complete waste!

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