Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 590

Kill God!
The real killer!
Chen Feng is a true god of murder!
In addition to the top powerhouses such as Miyamoto Hanzo and Amaterasu Takeno, Chen Feng killed nearly a hundred ordinary warriors and hundreds of Ninja soul elites. Because of his reasons, he has rooted in Japan for hundreds of years. The super underground force Shinobu was completely destroyed.
From now on, Japan will no longer have this super underground power!
In addition to Shinobu, the Sensui Chamber of Commerce, one of the top five chambers of commerce in Japan, also exists in name only.
As the core family of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, the Miyamoto family and the Matsushima family were all destroyed by Chen Feng, not even a dog!
Extremely dangerous!
And super talent!
This is the common evaluation given by the martial arts circles of various countries to Chen Feng!
After this battle, no one doubted Chen Feng’s state anymore.
He must be in the early stage of Huajin! And it’s still in the early days of the twenty-five year old!
………… The news that Chen Feng left Japan alive soon reached the ears of various martial arts families.
After seeing Chen Feng’s impressive record, many martial arts families were silent.
At this moment, they once again doubted Chen Feng’s true state and age.
Is Chen Feng really just a twenty-five-year-old young man? Is his realm really only the early stage of Huajin?
Wouldn’t he be an old monster in human skin?
Perhaps, his real realm is the late stage of Huajin or the peak of Huajin, not the early stage of Huajin?
In short, in any case, these martial arts family members do not believe in Chen Feng’s record.
In the early stage of Huajin, two masters of the god list were killed. This is too far-fetched…
“Let them come back first, don’t challenge that Chen Feng.”
Soon, the patrons of many martial arts families did it. Send out before to challenge Chen Feng’s successor’s decision to recall.
For this decision, no one felt wrong.
Because the facts are there, Chen Feng is in the same generation, he is almost invincible!
No matter what method he used to kill Miyamoto Hanzo and abolished Amaterasu Takeno, in short, he has proven himself.
In the same generation, if no one broke through to the early stage of Huajin, then challenging Chen Feng would only be a joke.
At the same time, the Yanjing Chen family.
Chen Boyong and many heads of the house got together again.
The last time they got together, it was because Chen Feng turned the tide on Melai Island and won a gambling fight for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce…
Unexpectedly, they got together again after only two days.
Naturally, they got together this time for Chen Feng.
They would never have imagined that Chen Feng would come out of Japan from alive, and would bring the whole Japan upside down.
They couldn’t think of what went wrong.
Judging from the news that they have been following the Budo Forum for the past two days, no matter what, Chen Feng faces a situation of ten deaths and no life in Japan.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng actually completed the Jedi comeback.
He not only rescued Lin Wanqiu, but also annihilated the Japanese super underground force Ninjin.
What is even more bizarre is that he also killed two powerful martial artists from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, as well as two powerhouses of the gods…
Now, warriors all over the world know Chen Feng’s name.
Chen Feng’s name worldwide is even more resounding than the Chen family.
“Second brother, how could this be? How did that bastard do it? Are all the martial artists in the Japanese martial arts world a bunch of trash? There are also patrols. They all patrol the country, why let the bastard escape He came back.” Chen Jianguo, head of the seven room house, couldn’t help but said. Yesterday, when he saw the news that the Japanese nation was chasing and killing Chen Feng on the martial arts forum, he was so excited that he did not sleep all night. In his opinion, facing this Chen Feng in this situation will undoubtedly die!
Unexpectedly, early this morning, he received the news that Chen Feng had left Japan alive.
What is falling from heaven to hell?
This is!
“You ask me, who shall I ask?!” Chen Boyong’s tone became rare and irritable.
He did not expect this scene to happen, and even when he learned that Chen Feng was going to Japan, he was pleasantly surprised for a while. In his opinion, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce would inevitably eradicate Chen Feng.
Unexpectedly, it was the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce that was finally eradicated…
“Second brother, the plan to kill that bastard by the heirs of the martial arts family will probably not work.” Chen Jianguo said in a deep voice, originally Chen Boyong was He planned to kill Chen Feng with the help of the heirs of the martial arts family, but now, as soon as Chen Feng’s record came out, those heirs of the martial arts family, let alone kill Chen Feng, even if they didn’t dare to challenge Chen Feng, there are bound to be few.
“I just talked to the Jing Family Patriarch.” Chen Boyong said with a gloomy expression.
“What did the head of the Jing family say?” Chen Jianguo hurriedly asked. The Jing family was one of the oldest families in China’s eight ancient martial arts families. Similarly, the strength of their descendants was also the highest in China.
“He said that the descendants of the Jing family will not give up the challenge.” Chen Boyong said.
“Won’t give up the challenge?” Chen Jianguo couldn’t help but stunned. Chen Feng has already shown this kind of strength. The Jing family heirs did not give up the challenge?
How confident is he?
“Second brother, is the descendant of the Jing family confident to kill that bastard?” Chen Jianguo couldn’t help asking.
Chen Boyong shook his head: “The owner of the Jing family did not say clearly, but since the heirs of the Jing family did not give up the challenge, then the strength of him and that bastard is likely to be between the first and second, and there is no question of who is crushed by whom. ”
Hearing Chen Boyong’s words, Chen Jianguo suddenly gasped in shock.
This shock is naturally due to the descendants of the Jing family.
He didn’t expect that Chen Feng’s strength was already so strong, Chen Boyong actually said that the strength of Jing family heirs and Chen Feng’s uncle…
How strong is the strength of Jing family heirs? !
“Hmph, that bastard’s strength is not as strong as you think. Miyamoto Hanzo and Amaterasu Takeno were not killed by him with strength, but by him with explosives.”
“His true strength, top In the mid-term.” Chen Boyong calmly analyzed that the reason why he said this was naturally to appease Chen Jianguo and many other house owners.
I have to say that Chen Feng’s feat in Japan shocked Chen Jianguo and others.
If he doesn’t appease these people today, these people are likely to retreat in dealing with Chen Feng.
This is something he doesn’t want to see.
Chen Jianguo’s mouth couldn’t help but twitched, it was also a monster in the middle of Huajin, and it was still the top monster.
At least among the younger generation, few people can compare with Chen Feng.
Now Chen Feng is already expected to hit the level of the world’s strongest.
There have even been suggestions on the martial arts forum that Chen Feng should be included in the god list.
If this suggestion is really adopted, then Chen Feng will be completely out of the category of the younger generation.

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