Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 592

After being kidnapped by Shinobu, she must be desperate.
Because she didn’t think that someone could cross the mountains and rivers and rescue her from the hands of Shinobu.
But unfortunately, Chen Feng appeared.
That night, to the soul-bearing elites, Chen Feng, who came out of the darkness, was a god of murder.
But for Lin Wanqiu, who was in despair, Chen Feng, who came out of the darkness, was the god of war!
God of War with colorful auspicious clouds!
The picture of the two hugging is frozen.
Lin Wanqiu completely ignored the gazes of passers-by. She just hugged Chen Feng tightly, and in this way, she confided in Chen Feng’s importance to her.
When she was taken hostage and headed to Japan, she was ready to die, but she did not expect that at a critical juncture, Chen Feng would come from the sky like a god.
When she was rescued by Chen Feng and returned to China safely, she learned that Chen Feng was besieged and suppressed by the Japanese martial arts circles and underground forces. At that moment, no one knew how desperate she was.
She had even made up her mind secretly, once Chen Feng died in Japan, she would find a decent way to commit suicide and accompany Chen Feng on Huangquan Road.
The scene where the two embraced each other closely made the faces of almost all men show envy, jealousy and hatred, and they wished to replace Chen Feng, while the women also envied and envied this bold love.
Ok? At the same time, Goryeo Lee Young and Kim Hee-yeon also walked out of the airport exit and clearly saw this scene.
In an instant, they stopped by appointment and looked at Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu who were hugging tightly with incredible faces. It felt as if they had seen the most incredible things in the world!
Because, in terms of looks, figure and temperament, Jin Xiyan was completely defeated by Lin Wanqiu, and… she had plastic surgery!
After the hug, Chen Feng picked up the handbag and took Lin Wanqiu’s hand to leave.
From beginning to end, he did not look at the young Goryeo Li family and Kim Hee-yeon beside him.
Toad wants to eat?
Destined to be a single dog?
Looking at the backs of Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu leaving, recalling what they had said before, whether it was the young man from the Korean Li family or Jin Xiyan, they felt as if they had been slapped in the face, and their faces were hot.
Slap on the spot!
At this moment, they could not wait to find a seam to drill in on the spot.
………… After walking out of the airport with Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng discovered that there were two army green jeeps parked outside the airport.
Both jeeps have license plates starting with State A, attracting many passers-by.
In the front of the jeep, a middle-aged man in military uniform was standing quietly.
Seeing Chen Feng, the middle-aged man suddenly smiled.
“Why Chief Wang came?”
Chen Feng was a little surprised. The middle-aged man in front of him was Wang Feng who gave him the uniform last time.
Wang Feng is the head of the Yanjing Special Operations Division. Nominally, his title is Section Chief, but in fact, his position is Major General, and he is also a major general in real power. After all, the Dragon God Special Operations Brigade he controls is China Among all special forces, the most powerful one.
“Elder Guan asked me to pick you up.”
“Welcome home.”
Wang Feng said with a smile. His trip was indeed ordered by Nantian. After learning about Chen Feng’s record in Japan, Guan Nantian was number one. Time allowed him to rush to the airport to express his importance to Chen Feng.
“Get in the car first, Elder Guan and they are all waiting for you.” Wang Fengfu said again.
Chen Feng nodded lightly, and immediately got into the jeep with Lin Wanqiu.
Two hours later, the jeep drove up to Yanjing Xishan.
It is the first time for Chen Feng to come to this place. Although it is the headquarters of the Special Operations Division, the security here is not as strict as expected. It feels more ordinary here. Even along the way, Chen Feng has seen it. Some old men and old ladies who play Tai Chi and chess.
If it weren’t for Wang Feng, who was driving, the section chief of the Special Operations Division, Chen Feng would have thought that Wang Feng had come to the wrong place.
“Is it different from what you imagined?” Wang Feng said with a smile, as if seeing Chen Feng’s surprise.
“It’s a bit.” Chen Feng smiled and nodded. In his imagination, the Special Operations Division should be an extremely guarded place, but the fact is that the Special Operations Division feels more like a nursing home.
“The Special Operations Division does not need to be on guard. No one has ever dared to come here to make trouble.” Wang Feng laughed. At the beginning of the establishment of the Special Operations Division, some sentries were indeed set up, but later, they were all cancelled.
Because people in the Special Operations Division do not need to be protected.
Anyone who can enter the Special Operations Division can be placed outside, and they are all masters of the King of soldiers.
Would such a master need security?
The security they protect is pretty much the same.
A few minutes later, Wang Feng’s car stopped outside the compound of the Special Operations Division.
Before getting off the cart, Chen Feng saw a few old people playing chess in the compound.
One of them was Guan Nantian, who was in charge of the gambling between China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce not long ago.
After Wang Feng’s car stopped steadily, Guan Nan Tiandang walked out even though he held his hand. Although his expression was calm, his slightly raised corner of his eyes betrayed his joy at the moment.
“Elder Guan.”
After getting off the car, Chen Feng respectfully greeted Guan Nantian. Soon, he turned his gaze to the old man beside Guan Nantian. This old man was also extremely tall, even slightly taller than Guan Nantian. Size.
At this moment, the tall old man is looking at Chen Feng.
At this time, Guan Nantian smiled and said, “You kid, you are very good.”
“It’s really good. Amaterasu Takeno is the first person in the Japanese country. This kid abolished him, which indirectly made Japan lose one person. Master of martial arts.” The tall old man beside Guan Nantian echoed.
“By the way, my name is Zhou Pokong, and I am the deputy leader of the Zhan League.”
Before Chen Feng asked, the tall old man took the initiative to reveal his identity.
“Good old Zhou.”
Chen Feng responded hurriedly, a little surprised. He had heard the name of the old man before him.
His status in China is not much lower than that of Amaterasu Takeno in Japan.
And compared to Amaterasu Takeno, he ranks higher on the god list.
This is Zhou Pokong’s ranking on the god list.
Moreover, his cultivation base is not the peak of transformation strength, but a half-step master!
The real masterpiece!
“Are you Chen Haotian’s son?” At this moment, Zhou Pokong suddenly asked.
Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded slightly, but he was a little surprised in his heart. Seeing Zhou Pokong’s appearance, he seemed to know Chen Haotian.
“I do know your father.” Zhou Pokong said lightly, seeming to know what Chen Feng was thinking.
However, Chen Feng remained silent and didn’t say much. He actually didn’t feel much about this father who had only seen one or two faces when he was a child, so even if he mentioned it next week, he was not too curious. Chen Feng was not curious, but Zhou Pokong was a little curious. He looked at Chen Feng: “Don’t you ask me, about your father?”

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