Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 597

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Park Changjun glared at Yu Wenbo and asked in a deep voice.
“Yes.” Yu Wenbo calmly looked at his mouth, and then he turned his attention to the Korean driver who played the sexy girl, “Tell me, your choice?”
“You really want to be a lowly woman and offend me and even us. The entire Goryeo underground racing world?” The Goryeo driver who beat others spoke, his tone was angry and a little frightened.
On the one hand, he didn’t expect that Yu Wenbo would even risk a complete break with the underground racing world of Korea for an ordinary sexy girl and ask him to settle accounts.
On the other hand, if Yuwenbo insists on doing it, even if Park Changjun comes out to protect him, it will not help. After all, as Yuwenbo said, this is China, and it is Yuwenbo’s site!
“Slap him twice and let him go!” Yu Wenbo decisively issued an order.
“Yes, Bo Shao!” The two thugs responded immediately, and then quickly walked towards the Korean driver.
“Asshole, I remind you that by doing this, you will not only offend the entire underground racing world of Goryeo, but also offend me and my family, and even the entire Goryeo!” Seeing this scene, Park Changjun spoke again, in words Full of threats.
As the Goryeo car king, he is the leader of the Korean underground racing industry’s expedition to China. If Yu Wenbo let the Goryeo driver hit him, it would be equivalent to hitting him in the face, and it would also be equivalent to not putting his family and the Li family together. In the eyes!
“Wenbo, you are doing the right thing. This is China, not to mention that he is just an ordinary Korean driver, even if he is the president of Korea, he can’t beat people for no reason!”
Hearing the threat from Park Changjun, Chen Feng said Now, his tone is categorical, “As for the threat of Park Changjun, don’t worry about it, let your people do it, not just slap twice, and break a leg! They want revenge, let them come to me!”
“Follow Brother Feng’s instructions!” When Chen Feng’s words sounded, Yu Wenbo was agitated. He was somewhat worried that doing so would completely tear his face with Park Changjun and offend the Pu family, but now Chen Feng speaks. He has no worries.
To put it a bit exaggerated, as long as Chen Feng gave an order, he would even dare to beat Park Changjun!
“Yes, Shao Chen, Shao Bo!” The two thugs took the lead for the first time, and then rushed to the Korean driver who beat them.
“What are you doing?” the Korean driver yelled angrily.
“Pa” responded with a slap in the face.
The Goryeo driver was slapped a second time as soon as he scolded, and he was stunned.
At the same time, another big man swiped the baseball bat in his hand and smashed it down against the calf of the Korean driver.
“Click rub”
The next moment, almost two voices sounded.
The Korean driver was knocked to the ground by a baseball bat, and his calf was directly broken and his blood was blurred. “Ah” the Goryeo driver clutched his bloody calf and wailed.
“Okay, very good!” Seeing this scene, Park Changjun laughed furiously.
He didn’t stop or let his subordinates take action. He was afraid that he would not be able to get a bargain, but he was also afraid that it would affect the evening game.
In that way, his plan to come to the Huaxia Pit Huaxia Underground Racing World was ruined, which was a waste of time.
“You have a kind! I hope you will be as kind as you are now in the game tonight, don’t be a coward or a softie!” Li Dongqing also said, his eyes fixed on Yu Wenbo, with murderous intent in his eyes. , I feel like I can’t wait to immediately thwart Yuwenbo to vent his hatred. Ok
Li Dongqing’s words sounded in his ears, Chen Feng’s brows couldn’t help frowning as he felt Li Dongqing’s killing intent. this moment.
He decided to stay with Yuwenbo tonight.
If these Koreans dared to play yin, he wouldn’t mind letting them understand that China today is no longer the China of decades ago, and Koreans cannot act recklessly in China!
“I’m still afraid that you won’t make it?!”
Just as Chen Feng made a secret decision, Yu Wenbo sneered, not paying attention to Li Dongqing’s provocation at all.
On the one hand, he was young and vigorous and confident in his driving skills.
On the other hand, Chen Feng’s presence here is like a Dinghai Shenzhen, making him fearless in his heart.
“Li Dongqing, don’t say it.”
As Yu Wenbo’s voice fell, Park Changjun reached out again to stop Li Dongqing from continuing to compete with Yu Wenbo, and then said to a bodyguard beside him: “Contact that guy in Yanjing, let He sent a car to take the injured person to the hospital.”
“Yes, master!”
The black bodyguard took the order at the first time, then walked aside and started contacting people according to Park Changjun’s instructions.
And Park Changjun took the other Korean riders except the injured Korean rider to the three-story building.
At the same time, Ji Hong brought a group of Chinese drivers over, looked at Chen Feng in astonishment and asked, “Shao Chen, what’s the matter?”
“There was a Korean driver who was playing a gangster and slapped a sexy girl on the racetrack. We came over to ask for an explanation, the Koreans are playing awesome, Feng Ge directly asked to interrupt that guy’s leg.” Yu Wenbo responded.
Yu Wenbo’s words sounded in his ears, and everyone including Ji Hong was startled.
What Yu Wenbo said is that Brother Feng directly interrupted that guy’s leg. So, Chen Feng instigated this matter?
What is Chen Feng’s identity? Why is he so strong?
At this moment, Ji Hong and others were very curious about Chen Feng’s identity.
“Master, brothers, we have to cheer tonight, not to be humiliated by the Korean stick!”
While Ji Hong and others looked at Chen Feng in astonishment, Yu Wenbo couldn’t help but remind him of Li Dongqing’s last words. .
“We occupy the right time, place, and harmony tonight , and we will win!” “Yes, let the
Gaoli stick go home crying tonight!” Hearing Yu Wenbo’s words, a group of Chinese riders shouted confidently.
“Wenbo, don’t worry, I must shame you tonight!”
Ji Hong nodded to relieve Yu Wenbo, and indirectly gave Chen Fengli a military order.
He has already seen that Chen Feng is very upset with the group of Goryeo drivers. If he defeats Park Changjun in the race, he will definitely be able to gain Chen Feng’s favor and make the relationship further.
“Bo Shao, the opening ceremony is ready.”
At this moment, a staff member of the underground racing track walked over and reported to Yu Wenbo and asked for instructions: “According to the plan, we will start the opening ceremony at seven o’clock. It’s one hour. Now there are five minutes before the opening time, but all the Korean drivers have gone to the VIP room. What do you think?”
“Don’t pay attention to them, the opening ceremony will proceed normally.” Yu Wenbo made a decision.

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