Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 599

Because, at the beginning of the race, the Korean underground racing community gave the Huaxia underground racing community a start!
Chen Feng was not very interested in this. After taking a look, he looked back, took the elevator with Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong to the third floor, and then entered a reserved box in advance, which is also the most luxurious one in the entire VIP room. The box covers an area as large as a small movie hall.
“Chen Shao, Ji Shao, Bo Shao!” In the box, a beautiful narrator and two beautiful waiters in cheongsam had been waiting for a long time. Seeing the three of them entering the box, they bowed to say hello.
“Wenbo, let them go out.” Chen Feng gestured with a smile to the three, and then settled down to Yu Wenbo.
“Okay, Brother Feng.”
Although I don’t know why Chen Feng didn’t let the narrator and the beautiful waiter stay here, Yu Wenbo took the lead immediately, and then waved his hand to signal the three to leave.
At the same time, a screen again showed that two motorcycles with Korean license plates rushed through the surveillance office first.
“If nothing else, you lost the first game.” Chen Feng said after seeing this scene.
“Playing motorcycles, we are indeed not as good as the Koreans.” Yu Wenbo nodded, and he also saw that the game was about to lose.
“What is the bet for this game?” Chen Feng asked.
“Not much, one million dollars.”
Yu Wenbo replied: “The next five racing games, the first four are three million, six million, eight million and ten million dollars, respectively. In the last one, my master and Park Changjun, the king of Korean cars, faced off with a bet of $100 million.”
“It seems that the last race is the highlight.” Chen Feng said.
“Yes, Chen Shao. Whether it is a bet or meaning, the last game is very important.”
It was Ji Hong who spoke this time. He nodded and then added: “However, the previous few games are The stakes are not big, but it is also about the face of our entire Huaxia underground racing community.”
Chen Feng nodded, then took the red wine from Yu Wenbo and gently shook the glass.
Because of the competition later, Yuwenbo and Ji Hong did not serve wine, but champagne.
As the three of Chen Feng had judged, in the first game, the China Underground Racing World lost.
Three Korean motorcycle riders drove their cars across the finish line one after another, occupying the top three places, while the remaining three Huaxia motorcycle riders crossed the finish line after 30 seconds, 52 seconds and 84 seconds, and the extent of lagging behind was not wide. small.
“Little Tiger, the second race must be won!”
With the end of the race, Ji Hong picked up his mobile phone and dialed the phone number of the second race Chinese racer, who was a member of the Chinese Supercar Club.
“President, don’t worry, we will take it!”
Soon, a voice came from the receiver, full of confidence.
Ji Hong stopped talking and hung up directly.
At the same time, two drivers’ information appeared on the screen of the box.
Chinese driver: Wu Hu, male, 22 years old, member of the Chinese Supercar Club. He has participated in Nangang and Busan Underground Racing Competitions and won 12 and 16 respectively. He did not enter the black car list. The odds of winning: 9.
Korean driver: Asano, second from right, male, member of the Korean supercar club. Up to now, he has only participated in the domestic underground racing competition in Korea. He has not entered the black car list. The winning odds: 9.
“Do you know anything about the Korean riders?” Chen Feng asked when seeing the information displayed on the screen.
“Not understanding.”
Yuwen Bo hesitated and said:. “Because, this time to attend the competition Koryo drivers, in addition to Pu Changjun and his apprentice Crystal Structure and Antibacterial others basically only played in Korea domestic competitions, video game and almost no information”
“That Does the other party understand the situation of the Chinese drivers?” Chen Feng asked again.
“Should know more about them than we do.”
Upon hearing this, Yu Wenbo suddenly realized something, frowned, and said: “Because all the riders sent by Goryeo are unknown drivers. Apart from the master and me, there is no one on our side. Calling other China’s top ten drivers to participate in the competition is for the brothers of the supercar club to participate. And all the participating members have basically participated in the outside competition.”
“Wenbo, it seems that you are going to be pitted by the Koreans. You can’t get out. I expected that they came prepared. Although the Korean riders are not well-known, they should not be bad in strength.”
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s answer, and reminiscing about the arrogant appearance of Park Changjun and others, Chen Feng did this. Judgment.
Huh! Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong’s expressions changed, and neither said a word.
The facts confirmed Chen Feng’s judgment.
In the next two races, the Chinese drivers lost, and they were behind a lot of time, which was a complete defeat!
In the third game, the Chinese driver was stronger, second only to Yuwenbo in the entire supercar club, but the opponent’s strength was stronger in the first half, the Chinese driver was able to keep up. In the second half, The Korean riders directly took advantage of several U-turns and S-turns to completely leave the Chinese riders behind!
Including motorcycle races, it is about to lose four straight!
This result made Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong’s faces extremely ugly.
“Wenbo, the next game is yours, right?” Chen Feng asked when seeing this.
“Yes, Brother Feng.”
Yu Wenbo nodded with a gloomy look. He never dreamed that the first four games would end in such a way.
“Then let’s go down. You adjust your mentality and make preparations.” Chen Feng patted Yu Wenbo on the shoulder as a sign of comfort, but worried in his heart.
With Yuwenbo’s current state, it is very unsuitable for competition, but Chen Feng also knows that at this point, if it is unrealistic to stop Yuwenbo from playing, it will make him more uncomfortable than killing Yuwenbo!
“Okay, Brother Feng.”
Yu Wenbo nodded, then got up and followed Chen Feng downstairs with Ji Hong.
At the beginning of the track, the temporary stage has been dismantled, the bonfire is still on, and the hot music is still ringing, but the passion of the audience around the track is completely extinguished.
They come here, in addition to feeling the excitement of drag racing, they also want to see the Chinese riders defeat the Korean riders.
With this goal in mind, they saw that the Chinese drivers had lost three games in a row and were about to lose four games in a row. How could they have any passion?
While the Chinese riders and the audience were depressed, Park Changjun led all the Korean riders on both sides of the starting point of the track, singing Goryeo songs to celebrate the victory of the race.
“Om~” Later, before the three of Chen Feng approached, the deafening roar of the sports car went from far to near, and a Lamborghini with a Korean license took the lead across the end of the track.
“China Underground Racing World is too rubbish!”

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