Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 601

Chen Feng sighed slightly. He could see that Yu Wenbo was saying the truth, so he no longer obstructed, but reminded: “You must be calm in the game, don’t be impulsive, safety first!” ”
“Yeah. Yu Wenbo nodded solemnly.
“Bo Shao, come on!” ”
Bo Shao, we must win!” ”
Bo Shao, we must make Gaoli Bangzi kowtow to admit her mistake!” ”
At the same time, the surrounding Chinese drivers cheered Yuwenbo one after another.
“A group of clowns!” Tonight, your Huaxia underground racing industry is destined to be humiliated by us. It is a joke! “Li Dongqing said with a disdainful face, and then strode towards Park Changjun with a look of flattery: “Sorry, Master, I originally wanted him to commit suicide in public, but he didn’t dare to bet on his legs. He kowtows to you in a moment and slaps himself to admit his mistake. ”
You can only win, not lose!” “Piao Changjun said in a deep voice.
“Master, please rest assured, winning him is as easy as winning a three-year-old! “Li Dongqing said confidently, then sneered at Yu Wenbo, then strode towards his Königsell sports car. Cack
! Li Dongqing’s arrogant words sounded in his ears, looking at Li Dongqing’s With a look of disdain, Yu Wenbo clenched his fists in anger, and then, like an enraged lion, walked towards his Aston Martin, which had been driven to the side of the road by the staff.
At the same time, Li Dongqing got in. Königsell, staring at Chen Feng coldly through the car glass, with resentment in his eyes. In his opinion, if Chen Feng hadn’t blocked him repeatedly, he could at least win Yuwenbo!
“Wenbo, remember my words. ”
Not paying attention to Li Dongqing’s cold eyes, Chen Feng reminded Yu Wenbo again.
“Got it, Brother Feng!” Yu Wenbo nodded, and then got into Aston Martin.
“Where can a dog talk so much?” Not only Li Dongqing was dissatisfied with Chen Feng, but also Park Changjun. He saw Chen Feng reminding him again and immediately snorted.
Huh! Without answering, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and looked at Park Changjun.
Just a glance, very short.
But Park Changjun was sentenced to death! court death!
Hearing Park Changjun’s reckless words and seeing Chen Feng’s squinting action, Ji Hong and others suddenly appeared in their hearts. Except for these two words, although they still don’t know Chen Feng’s identity, they can make Yu Wenbo do this. It must not be a simple character who is treated respectfully. Park Changjun dares to provoke this character like this. What is this not seeking death?
While making this judgment, the drivers in China’s underground racing industry headed by Ji Hong were a little worried.
They were worried that Chen Feng would start to teach Park Changjun a lesson at this moment.
In that way, although it is regarded as venting, but it is also easy to fall behind.
In Li Dongqing’s previous words, if things get out, the foreign underground racing community will despise the China underground racing community and think that the China underground racing community cannot afford to lose.
Immediately, in the ambivalence that Ji Hong and others were expecting and worrying about, Chen Feng did not make a move or paid attention to Park Changjun, but instead set his sights on the starting point of the track.
On the steps in front of the starting point of the track, the sexy girl blocked her chest with one hand as before, and then unbuttoned her bra.
“Om~” “Om~”
As the bra landed, the roar rang the sky.
The white Aston Martin and the black Koenigsell, like two mad steel monsters, roared forward.
Under the night, the two sports cars drove side by side at first, and when they were about to disappear from people’s sight, Aston Martin was ahead of a parking space.
Huh! At the same time, a light shone on the three-story building.
At the next moment, the three-story building was like a curtain, and dozens of small screens flashed out that were monitored everywhere.
This is one of the characteristics of the Kunshan Underground Circuit. The floor is used as the curtain and electronic information technology is used to present the process of the race in the eyes of the audience, so that the audience can see the progress of the race at the beginning and end of the track.
“Bo Shao took the lead in rushing through the first monitor!”
“Damn, finally ahead!”
“I hope Bo Shao can hold on to the end, let us exhale!”
… After a while, the first screen showed it. The picture of Aston Martin speeding by caused a stir.
Both the Chinese drivers and the audience cheered.
Including Ji Hong, he also loosened his frown and showed a smile.
Only Chen Feng did not cheer.
Instead, his brows frowned.
Because, he could see from the monitoring screen that Yu Wenbo was at the first right-angle turn because the speed was too fast, not only did the drifting not be perfect, but also almost hit the anti-collision railing.
On Li Dongqing’s side, he controlled the speed very well. When cornering, he made a drift that could be included in the textbook and passed quickly along the inner bend.
“a bunch of idiots!”
At the same time, on the Korean driver’s side, their faces did not show the slightest depression or frustration, but a sarcasm smile. Some even spoke directly. The Chinese riders and spectators who felt like cheering were clowns in their eyes.
Ok? The insulting words of the Goryeo driver sounded in his ears. Looking at the sarcasm on the face of the Goryeo driver headed by Park Changjun, Chen Feng’s uneasiness in his heart became more intense, and his brows became tighter.
Reason tells him that Yu Wenbo is eager to win and his mentality is unstable. This will not only lose the game, but it is very likely that the car will be destroyed and killed because of a mistake in the game.
“Bo Shao continues to lead!”
While Chen Feng was worried, Aston Martin took the lead in passing the second monitoring, which aroused the cheers of the Chinese drivers and the audience.
Cheering, they did not notice a detail. Koenigsell followed Aston Martin to pass. He had already narrowed the distance with Aston Martin and could overtake the car at any time.
“Poor Huaxia guy, if they know that Dongqing deliberately let the Huaxia guy lead before the first two corners, don’t know if they can still laugh?”
“Holly can be said to have exhausted his mind. He deliberately fell behind. For that Chinese driver, then overtake, in this way influence the mentality of that Chinese driver. If that Chinese driver’s mentality collapses, he will definitely die!”
“Yes, if Dongqing didn’t want the life of that Chinese driver, , Where will the Chinese lead?!”
At the same time, on the other side, the ridiculous smiles on the faces of the Korean riders did not diminish in the slightest, and several of the Korean riders were discussing it jokingly.
Although their voices were small, Chen Feng could still hear them with far beyond ordinary hearing.
This… made Chen Feng’s worries even stronger!
“My grass, Gaoli Bangzi overtook Bo Shao in the third surveillance area!”
Soon, the screen of the third monitoring area flashed, Li Dongqing used outstanding curve drifting technology to overtake Aston Martin driven by Yu Wenbo, reverse the situation and start to take the lead.

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