Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 602

Seeing this scene, whether it was the Chinese drivers or the audience, the smiles on their faces disappeared, as if they were poured cold water, directly extinguishing their passion.
“Go ahead, haha…” “Look at how wonderful the expressions of those Huaxia people are!”
“Next, a good show is about to be staged. Guess which Huaxia rider will crash or die?” and At the same time, there was a sound of laughter from the place where the Korean riders were. After the laughter, they communicated with each other again and almost unanimously believed that Yuwen Fair would die in the race.
“I hope Wenbo can remember my words.”
Chen Feng’s brows were completely twisted together, forming a shape of Sichuan.
Yu Wenbo cursed a few kilometers away, slamming Aston Martin’s throttle to the end, and chasing Königsell ahead.
Soon, the two cars came to a U-shaped curve one after the other. Li Dongqing still passed along the inside of the curve with superb drifting technology. The whole process was perfect.
But Yu Wenbo was too fast, so when he was drifting, the sports car was a bit out of control and almost hit the protective railing again. Fortunately, he reacted fast enough and turned the direction in time to avoid the disaster.
However, even so, Yu Wenbo was shocked in a cold sweat. He was like a cat whose tail was guessed, his hair exploded and his hair almost stood up!
“Wenbo, the game must be calm, don’t be impulsive, safety first!”
Immediately, Chen Feng’s instructions before the start of the game echoed in his ears, which made him lighten the effort of stepping on the accelerator.
He didn’t blast the accelerator to the end and chased after Koenigsell in front of him, but controlled the speed within his control.
As a result, Yuwenbo was quickly pulled away by Li Dongqing. When Li Dongqing passed the fourth surveillance, Yuwenbo did not keep up, but fell behind by two seconds.
In two seconds, for a car race, it has been possible to determine the outcome of the race.
And the match between Yu Wenbo and Li Dongqing only started soon!
This result completely made the Chinese drivers and the audience dumb. They stared at the picture displayed on the three-story building, and hardly believed their eyes.
To be precise, they do not believe and cannot accept that Yuwenbo’s transformation from leading to backward will be so fast!
“It seems that the Huaxia guy has calmed down and is no longer anxious to catch up with Holly, otherwise he won’t fall behind so much.”
“I originally wanted to watch a good show of car crashes and deaths.
If you continue with this trend, I’m afraid I won’t see it.” We can’t see the car crashed and killed. Later, we can see the Chinese man kneeling on the ground and slapped himself to admit his mistakes!”
… On the Korean driver’s side, they were not excited or excited because of Li Dongqing’s lead. Cheers and celebrate, on the contrary, they regretted that Yu Wenbo calmed down.
Because they all know that if Yu Wenbo stops chasing Li Dongqing with the throttle red no longer so impulsively, unless the sports car suddenly breaks down, it is impossible for a car to crash.
Soon, the fifth monitor screen flashed, it was still Koenigsell who passed first, and Aston Martin was behind by nearly three seconds.
“Oh, it seems that Bo Shao will lose too!”
“Bo Shao’s loss is a five-game losing streak!”
“Damn, why am I so embarrassed and unhappy?”
After that, the Chinese riders and spectators spoke again, and there was no more excitement in their voices, and some were just aggrieved.
They originally thought that Yuwenbo would be able to win back a city, but now it seems that unless Li Dongqing makes a mistake, the possibility is slim.
As expected by Feng Chen and the drivers, Yuwenbo was defeated!
After another twenty minutes, Koenigsell crossed the end of the track first, and Aston Martin reached the end 30 seconds later.
Thirty seconds!
This gap is huge.
This is also a shame for Yuwenbo and China Underground Racing. Here, Yuwenbo’s home field!
How embarrassed to be abused by opponents in his appearance? !
A few seconds later, Koenigsell took the lead to pull over and parked first, and Li Dongqing got out of the car with a sneer on his face.
Those Korean drivers looked at Aston Martin with excitement and expectation.
They were waiting, waiting for Yu Wenbo to get out of the car, and then knelt down in front of them, slapped themselves and apologized!
Among them, some have taken out their mobile phones, ready to take this insulting picture.
Chinese drivers and spectators also looked at Aston Martin, their faces were full of depression, and their eyes were full of unbearable and unwilling.
They can’t bear, nor are they willing to kneel down for the Koreans after Yu Wenbo loses the game!
As everyone watched, Aston Martin pulled over slowly to a stop, but Yu Wenbo did not get out of the car, but leaned weakly on the car seat, his expression pale as paper.
“Haha, didn’t he dare to get out of the car?”
“Eighty years have passed. Although China has risen, the cowardice in the bones of Huaxia people has not diminished at all, and he dare not face reality!”
“I would like to lose the bet . If he doesn’t get out of the car and honor the bet, I will go to the forum to expose him tomorrow, so that he will not be able to mix in the underground racing world in this life!”
… Seeing that Yuwenbo hasn’t got off the car for a long time, the Korean drivers are clamoring. Up.
In the face of a harsh clamor, neither the Chinese drivers nor the spectators were able to refute it, but stared blankly at Aston Martin ahead.
Ok? Watching, watching, they suddenly discovered that a figure appeared next to Aston Martin.
It’s… Chen Feng!
Under the night, Chen Feng quietly came to Aston Martin’s side and knocked on the car window lightly.
In the car, Yu Wenbo turned his head subconsciously. After seeing Chen Feng, the frustration in his heart became more violent, so that his body trembled uncontrollably.
He opened the door tremblingly, opening his mouth to say something.
However, before he could speak, Chen Feng stretched out his hand and smiled slightly.
“Get off the car, let me promise you the next thing. Those Korean riders will regret coming to China!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Yu Wenbo got out of the car almost subconsciously, his head almost confused, not yet From the failure, he didn’t think about what Chen Feng’s words meant.
After the evening breeze blew, Yu Wenbo became more sober, and then saw Ji Hong leading the Huaxia rider towards this side.
In addition, Park Changjun also brought the Korean riders towards this side.
“Brother Feng, I would like to lose the gambling, I should honor the bet, otherwise it will be a joke by foreign drivers.”
Seeing this scene, thinking of Chen Feng’s words before, Yu Wenbo hesitated and said.
He subjectively believed that Chen Feng was going to use force to teach Korean riders.

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