Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 603

From the bottom of his heart, he is a thousand or ten thousand people who are unwilling to kneel down and slap the Korean riders to admit their mistakes. But he also knows that if Chen Feng tries to teach the Korean riders to prevent him from fulfilling his bet, It will make China’s underground racing industry become a shame to the global underground racing industry.
To be an exaggeration, in the future, almost no one will come to China to participate in underground racing competitions, and even join forces to prohibit China’s drivers from participating in underground racing competitions worldwide.
“Next, don’t say anything, I’ll deal with it.” Chen Feng shook his head without explaining too much, his tone was beyond doubt.
Upon hearing this, Yuwenbo realized that Chen Fengyi had decided, so he stopped insisting.
At this moment, Ji Hong took the lead from China’s drivers to approach.
The Huaxia underground racing industry lost four games in a row, which made the faces of Ji Hong and other Chinese drivers look ugly.
Especially Ji Hong.
He is not only the car king of China’s underground racing industry, but also the president of the supercar club. He is also the master of Yuwenbo. He originally thought that Yuwenbo could win the last race, bring back a city, and restore the face of China’s underground racing industry. Thinking of Yuwenbo, I still lost!
In such a situation, even if he can win the last race, he will not be able to wash away the shame of China’s underground racing industry.
What’s more, the development of the matter to the present stage fully confirmed Chen Feng’s previous words, and his confidence began to shake, doubting whether he could win Park Changjun.
“Ji Shao, I will play in the next game.”
At the same time that Ji Hong’s confidence was shaken, Chen Feng suddenly spoke and said something amazing.
I was stunned to hear what Chen Feng said, whether it was Ji Hong, Yu Wenbo, or other Chinese drivers, they were all dumbfounded.
Their eyes widened and looked at Chen Feng in disbelief!
At this moment, they even wondered if there was a problem with their ears.
This is a racing competition…
Moreover, the opponent is Park Changjun, the king of Korean cars, ranked in the top five of the black car list, and is one of the kings of the global underground racing world!
“Chen… Shao Chen, you also play drag racing?” While shocked, Ji Hong subconsciously asked. He had only thought that Chen Feng had a great identity, but he never sent Chen Feng to the car. He thought, because he knew all the people in the Huaxia underground car circle who were playing cars, but he had never heard of Chen Feng’s name.
Chen Feng nodded, and then said: “I know what you are worried about. I am sure of doing this, and I want to make an appearance for the Cultural Museum.”
As Chen Feng’s voice fell, he didn’t wait for Ji Hong and Yuwen. Bo and the others said nothing else, Park Changjun brought Li Dongqing and other Korean riders over.
“Hey, coward, you lost!”
Before the person arrived, the words came first, Li Dongqing sneered as he walked, “Hurry up and honor the bet, kneel down and slap us!”
“Haha, get down on your knees !” , Slap yourself!”
“My phone is ready for shooting. I believe that if the video is uploaded to the forum, it will definitely arouse heated discussion!”
Li Dongqing said, the Korean drivers behind him burst into laughter. I can’t wait to see Yu Wenbo kneeling and slap in the face.
Listening to the arrogant words of Li Dongqing and other Korean riders, looking at their triumphant looks, including Ji Hong, those Chinese riders recovered from the shock Chen Feng brought them, and replaced them with an aggrieved look.
They wanted to speak back, but they had nothing to say.
Yu Wenbo’s face was pale, trembling all over, and his heart was very unwilling.
“Aren’t you gamble on your life? I can meet your requirements!”
At this moment , Chen Feng spoke. He stepped forward two steps and stood in front of Chinese drivers such as Ji Hong and Yu Wenbo.
Ok? Chen Feng’s opening not only stunned Korean riders such as Park Changjun and Li Dongqing, but also stunned Chinese riders such as Ji Hong and Yu Wenbo.
“You?” After a brief astonishment, Li Dongqing looked at Chen Feng with disdain, and smiled sarcastically: “What are you? You deserve to bet against me too ?” “I will compete with you in the next game. ”
Chen Feng completely ignored Li Dongqing, but stared directly at Park Changjun, saying word by word: “If we lose, the lives of Wenbo and I are yours; if you lose, you and him will let him go. Let’s deal with it!”
While speaking, Chen Feng pointed to Yu Wenbo and Li Dongqing again. The meaning was very clear: one game bet two lives!
Everyone was stunned again.
For the Korean drivers, they thought that Chen Feng was going to compete with Li Dongqing, but they did not expect that Chen Feng was going to compete with Park Changjun, and they would have to bet two lives in one race!
For Ji Hong and other Chinese drivers, although Chen Feng had told them just now that they were going to compete with Park Changjun, they did not expect that Chen Summit would be gambled!
“Hehe, Li Dongqing has just said very clearly what you are? Why do you bet your life with me?”
After being surprised, Park Changjun also spoke. He looked at Chen Feng high up, like a god looking down on the ant. , “I am the King of Cars in Korea and a core member of the Park family. My life is ten thousand times more honorable than yours. Your ten thousand lives are not as good as mine!”
“Fuck Nima! Brother Feng’s life is much more noble than yours!” Facing Park Changjun’s lofty posture and extremely insulting words, Yu Wenbo immediately stared back.
In his opinion, even one hundred thousand lives of Park Changjun could not compare to one life of Chen Feng.
Chen Feng is the heir of the Yanjing Chen family.
The Chen family of Yanjing, looking at the world, is one of the Big Mac family. It is not worthy to give the Chen family shoes to the Gaoli Pu family!
“If you are willing to bet with me, in addition to the gambling that just mentioned, the bet has gone from 100 million US dollars to 1 billion!”
Chen Feng spoke again, throwing a bait.
He had already judged that this time the Korean underground racing community mobilized people to come to China for the competition, and it was entirely for pitting the China underground racing community, and wanted to take this opportunity to make a fortune.
In such a situation, if he raises his bet, Park Changjun and others will definitely be tempted!
Sure enough, whether it was Park Changjun, Li Dongqing, or those Korean riders, their eyes brightened after hearing Chen Feng’s words.
“Are you sure?”
Park Changjun stared directly at Chen Feng, wondering whether he was doubting the authenticity of Chen Feng’s words, or he wanted to see through Chen Feng, wondering why Chen Feng bet against him.
“Do you dare to bet?” Chen Feng asked back.
“It’s okay to bet, but I want to make sure you can come up with a billion dollars!” Park Changjun said coldly.
“I’ll pay this money! I don’t have that much cash on hand, but my father is the first director of Chengying Real Estate. I can ask my father to borrow one billion dollars!”
Yu Wenbo said, although he didn’t know Chen Feng What’s the level of racing, I don’t know what Chen Feng relied on to win Park Changjun, but he knows that Chen Feng is not an impulsive and reckless person, and he will not do things that are uncertain.

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