Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 604

“I don’t want equity, only cash.” Park Changjun shook his head.
“Ji Shao, how do your gambling funds work?” Chen Feng turned to look at Ji Hong.
“Chen Shao, we will transfer the bet to a third-party witness agency in advance, and the latter will transfer the bet to the winning party according to the result of the game, and at the same time charge a small fee.” Ji Hong explained.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything. He took out his cell phone in public, dialed Chu Yifei’s phone, and said straightforwardly: “Brother Chu, I need money now, can you help me raise one billion dollars?”
“Yes, wait for me for ten minutes “Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Yifei agreed directly and decisively. Originally, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce owed Chen Feng 20 billion. This 20 billion was Chen Feng’s reward for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
“Now do you believe that I can come up with a billion dollars?” After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng turned his attention to Park Changjun.
“Who are you?”
Park Changjun frowned, his expression a little solemn. He originally thought Chen Feng was Yu Wenbo’s bodyguard, but now it seems that Chen Feng’s identity is definitely not simple. A person who can transfer billions of dollars in one phone call People are definitely not ordinary people.
Even if he is a core member of the Korean car king and the Pu family, it is not easy to mobilize such a large sum of money.
“If you want to be a coward, don’t dare to gamble, I will not force it, let Yu Wenbo honor the betting contract immediately!”
Chen Feng answered the question, using his own way to treat his body, using words to stimulate Pu Changjun.
“I’ll bet with you!” When
Park Changjun heard this, his face changed, and he sneered now: “The bet is as you said, two lives plus one billion dollars!”
Seeing that Park Changjun agreed to bet against Chen Feng, both the Chinese riders represented by Ji Hong and the Korean riders were shocked.
Because such a bet is the first time in an underground racing game!
Generally speaking, the bets in underground racing competitions are in units of millions of dollars, and heavyweight drivers will reach tens of millions of dollars, and the gambling between car kings of various countries will support 100 million dollars.
For example, in the race between Korean car king Park Changjun and China car king Jihong, the bet was 100 million US dollars.
And the stakes in this game reached a staggering billion dollars!
In addition, there are two lives!
In the eyes of Goryeo drivers, Park Changjun is not only the King of Goryeo cars, but also a core member of the Park Changjun family. This identity is extremely noble even if you look at the entire Goryeo.
“I’m really curious, who gave him the courage to make him dare to do such crazy things!”
“Hey, challenge Park Changjun, his head must be stupid by a woman’s legs!”
After the shock, those The Korean riders started talking, looking at Chen Feng like an idiot.
The Chinese driver headed by Ji Hong looked at Chen Feng with a strange expression.
On the one hand, they didn’t believe that this was a decision made by Chen Feng’s head on impulse. On the other hand, they racked their brains and couldn’t understand why Chen Feng won against Park Changjun!
After all, Park Changjun is the king of Korean cars and is ranked in the top five on the black car list!
And Chen Feng… they have never heard of Chen Feng in the underground racing world!
Even Chen Summit can’t play cars with some doubts!
“Ten minutes of funds are in place, and then we will start the game!” After Piao Changjun agreed to Chen Feng’s gambling game, he glanced at the time and found that there was still fifty minutes before Yanjing time zero. The time stipulated that the bet was transferred to a third-party organization, and the third-party organization confirmed that the gambling battle was carried out according to the original plan. And he will fulfill the gambling agreement just now!” At the end, Park Changjun pointed at Yu Wenbo.
He did this to ensure that the funds are in place, but also to worry that Chen Feng will go back halfway.
Chen Feng nodded.
“Let’s go, let’s rest for a while.”
Seeing Chen Feng agreed, Park Changjun sneered, then waved his hand and left with the Korean drivers.
“Wenbo, you communicate with Brother Chu. The funds must be in place within ten minutes. If you have any difficulties, tell me in advance and I will find a way.” Chen Feng turned to Yu Wenbo and said.
He doesn’t know the specific operation process, but if the funds are not in place in time, the gambling battle will be cancelled. He cannot help Yu Wenbo and teach the Korean drivers headed by Park Changjun on the premise of saving the face of China’s underground racing world!
“Okay, Brother Feng.”
Yu Wenbo nodded. Although he still didn’t know what Chen Feng relied on to win Park Changjun, he had a blind trust in Chen Feng.
He didn’t believe it, Chen Shengeng was joking about himself and his life!
“Notify the staff and make an announcement. The next race will be the unnamed driver Chen Feng VS Goryeo Wang Pu Changjun, and the odds are still 1.9 for each…”
Yu Wenbo took out his mobile phone and dialed a supervisor of the underground racing track. On the phone, such an order was first issued, and then without waiting for the other party to recover from the bewildered state, he hung up the phone directly, and then started contacting Chu Yifei according to Chen Feng’s instructions.
One minute later, Yu Wenbo ended the call and reported respectfully to Chen Fenghui: “Brother Feng, Brother Chu, he has already sent someone to do this to ensure that the funds are in place on time.”
Chen Feng nodded. With Chu Yifei’s identity, ability, and personal network, it is not too difficult to do this.
“Brother Feng, which car do you plan to use for the race? Do you need to adapt to the sports car in advance?”
Yu Wenbo hesitated and asked, each driver has his own sports car, which is finally decided based on the performance of the car and their own car skills. Yes, it is the best sports car for you.
Under normal circumstances, racers drive their own sports cars to race, and their results are better than those of other sports cars, even if the performance of other sports cars is better.
“I’ll drive the Bugatti Veyron in Ji Shao, so I don’t need to test drive.” Chen Feng said: “Let’s have tea and wait until the funds are in place.” After the voice fell, Chen Feng led Ji Hong, Yu Wenbo and other Chinese drivers towards the road. Three floors.
At the same time, the staff of the underground racing track changed the information for the next race in accordance with Yu Wenbo’s instructions.
“Dear gentlemen and ladies, according to the negotiation between Huaxia and the Korean drivers, the last race originally planned to start at 23:00 was cancelled and changed to the unnamed driver Chen Feng and the Korean car king Park Changjun. Information and compensation for the two players The rate will be announced on the big screen.” In the
VIP room, the beautiful voice of the voice lady sounded, which immediately caused a huge commotion.
“Unknown driver Chen Feng?” The entire VIP room was almost fried, and those powerful people who came to watch the race tonight started talking. next moment.
The answer appears.
The information and odds of the two drivers appeared on the large screens on the first floor, second floor, third floor VIP room and the entire third floor.

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