Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 605

Korean driver: Park Changjun, male, 25 years old, the king of Korean cars, ranked fifth in the global black car list, participated in 28 international underground racing events, won 27 games, only lost to the black car list in London in 2015 One of Gesson.
Chinese driver: Chen Feng, male, 24 years old, without any record of participating in international underground racing events.
Match odds: Park Changjun wins: 1.9, Chen Feng wins 1.9.
Game time: It is estimated in half an hour.
Note: According to the agreement between the two sides of the game, the bet in this game is as high as one billion US dollars!
“What is Chen Feng going to do?”
After seeing the information displayed on the big screen and confirming that the contestant was Chen Feng, all the high-ranking elites from the Yangtze River Delta were dumbfounded.
Chen Feng?
Who is Chen Feng?
Why before today, they had never heard of this name in the underground racing world.
In such a situation, Chen Feng was going to compete with the Korean car king Park Changjun, and the bet was as high as one billion US dollars…
This… brought them a huge shock!
After the shock, those rich and powerful did not blindly place their bets. Some people secretly inquired about the reason for this, and some people couldn’t wait to start posting the news in Moments. five minutes!
Only five minutes later, the entire circle of friends in China’s upper class were forwarding and commenting wildly!
“Who is Chen Feng, and which one is he playing?”
Almost everyone who saw the news asked themselves inwardly.
All of a sudden, the circle of friends in the upper class of China exploded! Countless people in the upper class made this sigh.
… “The unknown Chinese driver Chen Feng challenged the Korean car king Park Changjun, betting one billion US dollars, and the two sides are scheduled to bet!”
At the same time, a certain Korean driver published such a post on the global underground racing forum, which was instantly topped. Then it sparked heated discussion.
“Besides the Chinese car king Jihong, who can defeat the Korean car king Pu Changjun?”
“Did the Chinese man named Chen Feng have water in his head ?” “He didn’t have water in his head, but wanted to die, and also wanted to give Park Changjun sent money!”
“I really can’t imagine how stupid that Huaxia man would make such a brain- dead decision!”
“I originally logged on to the forum today to see the ranking of the latest black car list. But I didn’t expect to encounter such a happy event, please live the game live.”
“There will be no suspense in this game. Goryeo car king Pu Changjun will win, and the unknown Chinese driver will lose his money and die!”
… Reply to this post As they climbed steadily, almost everyone agreed that Chen Feng was mentally disabled, not only to lose money, but also to die.
Twenty minutes later, a large number of forum members poured in, and the news spread all over the world of underground racing, causing a huge sensation!
Thirty minutes later, the third-party organization notified Yuwenbo and Park Changjun at the same time that both sides of the game had their bets in place and the game could be played!
“Zero, the race officially begins!”
Soon, the Kunshan Underground Circuit issued an announcement.
Inside the Kunshan Underground Circuit.
All the spectators left the VIP room, ready to go to the starting point of the track to watch the game live.
Outside the Kunshan Underground Circuit.
Countless people are watching this game in different ways.
Global attention!
At the same time that this race attracted the attention of countless people, Park Changjun, the King of Goryeo Cars, left the VIP room with other Goryeo drivers, headed to the starting point of the track, and prepared to participate in the race.
At the same time, in another box in the VIP room on the third floor, Chen Feng did not leave. He received a call from Chu Yifei.
“Xiaofeng, you are the one who bet against the car king?” Chu Yifei’s tone was a little uncertain.
“How did Brother Chu know?” Chen Feng was a little surprised. He probably didn’t mention Chu Yifei a billion dollars just now for gambling, and Yu Wenbo didn’t mention it. How did Chu Yifei know.
“How did I know?” Chu Yifei smiled bitterly, “Xiaofeng, can I say that the entire circle of friends has exploded now? I am here in Zhonghai, and I know about you, and my friends in the circle of friends are reposting it When discussing your affairs, they are all asking, who is Chen Feng?”
“Xiaofeng, you have made things worse this time.” Chu Yifei was a little helpless. He didn’t expect that Chen Feng just came back from Japan. Met again with Goryeo sticks.
However, those Korean sticks obviously don’t know Chen Feng’s true identity.
If they knew that Chen Feng had only caused a terrible tragedy in Japan one day ago and killed hundreds of ninjas, then give them a hundred courage, and they would not bet against Chen Feng.
“The Koreans are a bit too arrogant, teach them a lesson.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Is it just a lesson?” Chu Yifei sighed quietly. The Qianshui Chamber of Commerce kidnapped Chen Feng, and Chen Feng went directly to Japan, destroying the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and Ninja Soul.
This time the Koreans provoke Chen Feng, and Chen Feng will not just teach the Koreans a lesson.
“I also plan to kill them.” Chen Feng smiled without concealing it.
“Try not to make things too much, you are already on the cusp of trouble.” On the other side of the phone, Chu Yifei sighed and exhorted him. He knew Chen Feng well, and he knew that Chen Feng would never be unsure. In the battle, the so-called Goryeo car king dared to bet against Chen Feng, it must be a dead end.
His only hope is that Chen Feng will not make things too much, after all, he just went to Japan two days ago to cause a tragedy.
Chen Feng agreed softly, and then hung up.
“Om~” At
11:50, when the three of Chen Feng walked out of the VIP room on the first floor, the starting point of the track was already crowded. The spectators stood on both sides of the track, forming two hundreds of meters long. Human dragon.
“Look, Chen Feng is out!”
As the three of Chen Feng appeared, someone shouted.
Swish…the next moment, one after another glances instantly turned to Chen Feng.
“Just now the underground racing track cancelled the bet on this race, saying it was requested by Chen Feng. Did you say that he knew he was going to lose the race and then made such a decision?”
“I think it is very possible, after all We all pressed Park Chang Junsheng!”
“Think about it, he has never played a car before, let alone raced with a car king! In my opinion, he mostly made tricks in secret and made the Korean driver lose. Race. In this way, even if the underground racing circuit wins, it will also affect the credibility of the underground racing circuit. But by doing so, he can anger those Koreans, and once those Koreans clamor, they will suppress it!”
… while paying attention to Chen Feng Many spectators talked about it, and they all agreed that Chen Feng could not win the game through formal means, but would do tricks and then use his power in China to suppress it.
“How is he going to win the game?”

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