Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 606

Hearing those discussions, the hearts of those Chinese riders who had already arrived were full of worry and curiosity. They learned from the staff in the underground racing track that Park Changjun had two bodyguards guarding his sports car in order to prevent anyone from tampering with his sports car. The white Bugatti Veyron with the Goryeo license plate had not been left from beginning to end. No one has touched it, and no one is even within ten meters.
In addition, the staff of the underground racing track also told them that the entire track did not do any tricks.
This means that Chen Feng has to win against Park Changjun with his car skills!
This… how can we not make them curious?
Five minutes later, in the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng took Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong to the starting point of the track. Ji Hong handed the keys of the Bugatti Veyron to Chen Feng.
“The latest issue of the black car list was announced, and Park Changjun ranked second on the black car list! He won the North American car king at the Tokyo Underground Circuit on the night of the carnival night on December 24 last year!” The next moment, when Chen Feng was about to take over the car When the key was released, a Huaxia driver who had been following the black car list saw the latest black car list ranking and couldn’t help but exclaim.
Huh! Following the words of the Chinese driver, the expressions of the Chinese drivers around him changed!
Because they know very well that the significance of the ranking changes, Park Changjun, is the second only to European car king Kasem in the underground racing field on this planet!
Not only them, but Ji Hong’s face suddenly changed!
Under the light, his face was so shocked that the hand holding the key was shaking.
Shocked because he did not know that Park Changjun defeated the North American car king in November last year. He once challenged the North American car king and ended in failure, and the gap was not small!
This means that if he is the one who is going to play against Park Changjun at this moment, he is very likely to lose!
“Haha, have you seen the expressions of those Chinese drivers? It’s so exciting!”
“Hey, even if that stupid Chinese guy wants to repent, it’s useless for the Chinese car king to play the entire China. There is no one in the underground racing field. Park Changjun’s opponent!”
While the Huaxia drivers were shocked by the black car ranking changes, the Korean drivers who had known their love sneered.
“Don’t worry, he ranks the same.”
The ridicule of those Korean drivers sounded in his ears. Looking at Ji Hong with a look of horror, Chen Feng patted Ji Hong on the shoulder and then took the car key. Walk towards the black Bugatti Veyron that has reached the start of the runway.
“Master, according to the stadium staff, that guy didn’t let anyone secretly manipulate the track, what do you think he wanted to do?”
At the same time, Li Dongqing Ren was in front of the white Bugatti Veyron with a Korean license plate. Can’t help but ask.
Twenty minutes ago, he and Park Changjun had learned of Chen Feng’s identity through Li’s intelligence network, but they had not told the other Korean drivers.
“I don’t care what he wants to do, but I can be sure that he has no hope of winning the game!”
Park Changjun sneered: “Even if he didn’t honor his bet after the game, we won at least $1 billion, and Huaxia The underground racing industry will become the laughing stock of the global underground racing industry, and he will become the sinner of the China underground racing industry!”
” Yes .”
Li Dongqing nodded, then watched Chen Feng and the three approaching, somewhat unwilling to say: ” However, this bastard is too arrogant, if he is not in China, if he dare not honor the bet, I will kill him! ”
Huh? When the voice fell, Li Dongqing’s face changed slightly.
He noticed that he was locked in by a cold stare!
“Remember your words!”
Chen Feng stared coldly at Li Dongqing and Park Changjun’s side, smiled slightly, that smile was like the call of death!
Chen Feng’s words rang in his ears, and he felt the coldness in Chen Feng’s eyes. Both Li Dongqing and Park Changjun felt a horror, as if they were being stared at by a fierce beast.
Chen Feng didn’t say much, but brushed shoulders with Park Changjun and Li Dongqing, walked to the black Bugatti Veyron next to him, opened the door, got into the car, and sat in the driving seat. Waiting for the start of the game.
“Master, he is full of hostility towards us, and he needs me to contact the country to prepare for it, just in case?” At the same time, Li Dongqing recovered from the horror just now and asked for instructions.
“No, he didn’t dare to do anything to us.”
Park Changjun looked confident. The Matsui family is one of the wealthy families in Goryeo. It has terrible energy in Goryeo and can even affect the political circles.
He didn’t believe that Chen Feng dared to do to him at the price of offending the Park Changjun family and even Goryeo after losing the game.
After all, that will affect the relationship between China and Korea!
As for Chen Feng winning the game…
For him, that possibility simply does not exist!
Hearing what Park Changjun said and realizing Park Changjun’s confidence, Li Dongqing thought a little bit, and also wanted to understand the key, so he stopped saying anything more and left with wit.
And Park Changjun got into the car and looked at the endless track ahead, just like Chen Feng, waiting for the start of the race.
“Dear gentlemen and ladies, tonight the last race of the Huaxia-Koryo racing competition is about to begin! The Korean side will still be played by the Korean car Wang Park Changjun, and the Huaxia side will be replaced by Chen Feng for the Chinese car Wang Jihong!”
As Chen Feng and Park Changjun entered the car one after another, the pleasant voice of the underground racing staff rang. Her voice resounded through the loudspeaker over the entire racing track, rendering the atmosphere before the race, “According to the information we got from the racing track, China’s driver Chen Feng has never had a record of participating in an underground racing game before. Why did he want to replace Wang Jihong Chinese car race? he can beat Schumacher Pu Changjun Korea? let us wait and see! ” ” peak oil Gejia! ” ”
Shao-win! ” ” turned dry Gaolibangzai! ”
…… with the underground The voice of the racing staff fell, Yu Wenbo first waved his fists to cheer for Chen Feng, and then the Chinese drivers around him and the spectators on both sides of the track also shouted.
Although they think that the possibility of Chen Feng wanting to defeat Park Changjun through car skills is very small, or even non-existent, they still hope that Chen Feng can create a legend in the underground racing world!
“Hey, they still imagine that Huaxia people can defeat Master!”
“If a cat or dog can easily defeat Master on the street, then the black car list is a joke!”
“Hey, Huaxia people always like to live on their own. In fantasy, this is an inferiority, cowardice, and poor nation. It used to be, is now, and will still be in the future!”

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