Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 608

“I wipe it, perfect drift!”
“Unexpectedly, Chen Feng is really a racing master!”
“According to the rhythm of the start of the race, Chen Feng is likely to really beat the Korean stick!”
… With The voice of the staff of the underground racing track fell, and the originally quiet scene was like a pot of boiling water, boiling instantly, and the audience exclaimed.
Originally, they all agreed that Chen Feng wanted to teach these Korean riders a lesson by secretly playing tricks on Pu Changjun, but at this moment, Chen Feng’s performance told them that Chen Feng was going to beat Park Changjun upright through his driving skills, and It is very likely that it will happen!
“Bo Shao, it turns out that Shao Chen is really a racing master?”
“Just judging from the drift that Chen Shao did just now, his driving skills are very good!”
Not only the audience on the scene, but the Chinese drivers are also like chicken blood. The same, there was a lot of discussion.
Yu Wenbo, on the other hand, was shaking with excitement.
Because of the respect for Chen Feng, because of the blind trust in Chen Feng later, when Chen Feng took his life as a bet, he did not hesitate and believed that Chen Feng would not do anything uncertain!
Now, Chen Feng’s performance tells him that his judgment is correct. Only from the perfect drift that Chen Feng made just now, Chen Feng’s driving skills are completely above him, and not inferior to his master Jihong.
Beside Yu Wenbo, Ji Hong’s face was shocked, his brows furrowed, and he looked at the continuously replayed images, not knowing what he was thinking. at the same time.
On the other side, the formerly clamoring camp of Korean drivers became quiet at this moment.
They stared at the constantly flashing picture, their faces full of unbelievable.
They don’t believe that the king in their minds, Park Changjun, who is the king of Korean cars and ranked second on the black car list, not only fell behind at the first corner, but was behind by nearly a second!
“The Chinese man was hidden very deeply. It went beyond Master’s expectation and surprised Master, causing him to play abnormally when he passed the first corner.” A few seconds later, Li Dongqing spoke, and he said himself. “Don’t worry, Master will definitely adjust his mentality quickly, play a normal level, and soon overtake that Chinese man!”
“Holly is right, Master will soon overtake that!”
“I I think that Master will be able to overtake in the next U-turn!”
Li Dongqing’s words made the Korean riders recover from their shock. They all recognized Li Dongqing’s analysis and judgment and expressed their own views.
At this moment …On the screen of the three-story building, the black Bugatti Veyron appeared again. Under everyone’s attention, it rushed to the second corner of the track, which was also the first U-shape. bend!
Slowing down, drifting, accelerating… In the next moment, under the gaze of everyone, the black Bugatti Veyron, under the control of Chen Feng, once again made a perfect drift, whizzing past the U-shaped inner road.
“Uh…” Seeing this scene, all the Korean drivers including Li Dongqing stopped talking abruptly, their mouths opened slightly, and shocked emotions once again occupied their faces.
Under the night, they stood there like a vivid sculpture, looking at the pictures displayed on the three-story building!
Just stared blankly…
“Oh~” “Chen Feng is awesome!”
“Chen Feng will win!”
Contrary to the Korean driver camp, the Chinese riders and spectators on the other side saw Chen Feng once again making a perfect drift through the U-turn, and they all seemed to be beaten with blood. Cheers.
Amid their cheers, the white Bugatti Veyron driven by Park Changjun also appeared in the picture.
Park Changjun, who recovered his composure, displayed his due strength and also made a perfect drift through the corner.
This scene awakened the excited and cheering audience and the Chinese drivers. They all knew that it was too early to say that Chen Feng would definitely win.
On the other side, Korean drivers including Li Dongqing, although they saw Park Changjun perform at a normal level, Chen Feng’s driving skills completely exceeded their imagination.
For this reason, they didn’t talk about it like the beginning of the game. On the contrary, they all lost their voice collectively, just staring at the three-story building, waiting for the third picture to appear.
Afterwards, as everyone followed silently, the black Bugatti Veyron finally appeared in the picture displayed on the three-story building.
This time, Chen Feng will drive a black Bugatti Veyron through the most difficult S curve in a racing game. next moment.
In full view, the black Bugatti Veyron was like a black dragon that was crawling fast, flicking its tail twice in a row, and then disappearing into the picture.
“Continuous perfect drift! Oh my God, Chen Feng made a very difficult continuous drift, and the whole process was perfect. It was incredible to completely determine the lead!”
At the same time, the staff of the underground racing circuit The voice sounded again.
This time, she looked very excited!
Because, as the ace host of the Kunshan Underground Circuit, she has explained many races, but she has never seen anyone who can make two perfect drifts in a row when passing the S-turn!
Even when she explained the game of China Car King Jihong, Ji Hong couldn’t do that!
“I X, two perfect drifts in a row!”
“This Nima is too bad, right?”
“The Virgin Mary, Chen Feng is almost 6 to fly!”
With the explanation of the ace in the underground racing track The voice of the operator fell, and the originally quiet scene boiled again, with all kinds of exclamations endlessly.
For ordinary spectators, their driving skills are not much better than normal people, but because of their love of drag racing, they understand drag racing and know how difficult it is to make perfect continuous drift in the S-turn!
Even they know this, let alone those Chinese and Korean drivers?
“It’s unbelievable!”
“Yeah, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe that anyone in this world could do this!”
“I finally understand why Shao Chen wants to replace the president. His driving skills are not inferior to the chairman!” On the
Huaxia driver camp, those Chinese drivers were surprised by Chen Feng’s performance and expressed their opinions.
“It’s not inferior, but far superior. To be precise, my car skills are completely incomparable with Chen Shao.” The comments of the drivers sounded in his ears. Instead of being angry, Ji Hong smiled bitterly: “First, as you have said Say, I can’t make two perfect drifts like Chen Shao in the S-turn. Second, you may not have noticed that Chen Shao passed the first U-turn faster than Matsuigawa, and a lot! “

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