Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 609

Speaking of this, Ji Hong’s tone was also a little excited, and he said the result of his hard thinking before, “What does this show? This shows that Chen Shao made a U-turn under the premise that the speed exceeds Park Changjun. Drifting is no worse than Park Changjun!”
After hearing Ji Hong’s words, the other Chinese drivers including Yuwenbo were all startled, and then they saw the white Bugatti Wei driven by Park Changjun appeared in the screen. Long.
As Ji Hong said, they judged that Park Changjun’s speed was lower than Chen Feng’s speed through the time it took for the white Bugatti Veyron to appear on the screen to the turn of the curve.
Immediately, in the eyes of everyone, Park Changjun made a perfect drift in the S-turn, and the second drift was completely irrelevant to perfection.
“Have you seen? Park Changjun can’t make a perfect drift like Chen Shao on the premise that the speed is slower than Chen Shao!”
Ji Hong spoke again, and couldn’t help sighing: “There are so many heavens, there are people outside. With the driving skills demonstrated by Chen Shao, even if it is Gesen who is ranked number one in the black car list, he has to take a break!”
Hearing Ji Hong’s words again, including Yu Wenbo, all Chinese drivers for a while. excitement.
Because, according to Ji Hong, Chen Feng’s driving skills are even better than Gesen!
This means that as long as Chen Feng is willing, the first person on the black car list will change ownership and the first person on the black car list will be occupied by the Chinese!
“The arrogant Goryeo stick, why don’t you scream? Why don’t you kneel and lick the grandson of Park Changjun?” The next moment, Yu Wenbo felt his blood burn, and he raised his head, holding his fists, yes. Roared loudly at the opposite Korean driver camp. no answer.
Including Li Dongqing, those Korean riders like Yu Wenbo slapped silently, with their mouths clamped tighter than a virgin’s legs!
Since the race, all the facts tell them that Chen Feng’s driving skills are not inferior to that of Park Changjun, on the contrary, he is more against the sky!
Never thought.
There was a voice in his heart telling them: Park Changjun might kneel!
“It’s awesome!”
“There will be no suspense in this race!”
“I have been to the Kunshan Underground Circuit for several years. I have never seen a race like this before. Is this a perfect drift to the end of the race?”
“really hard to imagine, Chen Feng is how to do it!”
“Yes ah, after all, even the King Pu Changjun Korea car can not do this to him, ah, but the gap is widening.”
Next Every time Chen Feng passes a corner, he almost makes an impeccable and perfect drift, which makes the audience excited, cheering and talking.
While the audience was conquered by Chen Feng’s car skills, many people also opened WeChat to release news about the game.
“One-third of the race has gone on, Chen Feng crushed the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun!”
“Every corner is a perfect drift, Chen Feng is a car god!”
“Chen Feng is about to create a legend in the field of underground racing !”
… As the audience posted a circle of friends, the circle of friends in the upper class of China exploded again!
Those who have been following this game have commented and forwarded.
“How could Chen Feng’s car skills be so good?” The progress of the race went viral. At the same time as the comments were made, those Chinese upper class people who followed the race were filled with such doubts.
As the saying goes, there are specialties in the art industry.
Regardless of the skills, it is not difficult to learn, but it is not easy to practice makes perfect, and it is difficult to practice to be superb.
Similarly, regardless of the field, it is not difficult to succeed, but to reach the top is harder than climbing!
How can it be?
Just as the circle of friends of the entire Chinese upper-class society was swiped by the progress of the race, Yu Wenbo thought of something that opened the global underground racing forum.
In the forum, the post posted by the Korean driver is still at the top, and the popularity is very high. There are almost people replying every second, almost all of whom are asking about the progress of the race.
Because Chen Feng’s performance was too bad and crushed Park Changjun, neither the Korean rider who posted the post nor the other Korean riders responded, nor even posted or responded to the forum.
As for the Chinese drivers, they are still immersed in the shock that Chen Feng brought them, and for the time being, they did not think of landing on the global underground racing forum.
“One-third of the race, the Chinese rider slammed the Korean car king Park Changjun!”
Yu Wenbo thought for a while, then clicked to post and entered such a title.
Perhaps because of his excitement, he kept shaking his hands while typing the title, but he deleted and revised it back and forth several times. After entering the title of
“Hoo ~” , Yuwen arranged his thoughts a bit, and then entered the content of the post.
“After the start of the race, the Chinese driver took the lead with his excellent reaction, leading the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun in the straight section, and then used the perfect drift to consolidate the lead in the first right-angle corner.
Then, the Chinese driver began his own performance.
After making a perfect drift in the U-turn, he made two consecutive perfect drifts in the S-turn, and then every corner was passed by using the perfect drift!
At present, although only one third of the race has been carried out, the Chinese drivers have established a huge lead. As long as there are no accidents, they will surely crush the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun and win the race! “After
Yuwenbo entered the following content, he checked it carefully and confirmed that there was no problem before clicking OK.
Then… because the screen of the three-story building had not yet appeared, he kept staring at his mobile phone and reading the post reply.
Global Underground The racing forum is a global forum. The forum brings together fans of underground racing around the world. The forum is divided into Chinese, English, Japanese and other versions, and it can be automatically switched.
For this reason, the posts published by Yuwenbo will be converted into Various languages, and the replies of drivers from various countries will also be unified into simplified Chinese.
“Really? ”
“China’s unnamed driver crushed the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun?” Are you funny? ”
S-curves make perfect drift continuously. Are you sure you are watching a race, not a movie?” ”
The original poster is stupid, the identification is complete!” ”
There is no picture and no truth. The poster’s post has neither video nor photo, and there is no response from on-site personnel. It must be fake. It is deliberately hot! ”
…In just one minute, there were over 100 replies to this post, and almost everyone did not believe what Yuwenbo said.
This made Yuwenbo very upset.
“Brothers, I posted a post on the Global Underground Racing Forum. Explain the progress of the game, but the foreign idiots don’t believe it. Go and post me. I want to take a video on my phone to prove it! ”
Yu Wenbo said loudly to the Huaxia riders beside him, then zoomed out the page, turned on the camera, clicked on the option of shooting video, pointed at the opposite three-story building, and waited for the appearance of the black Bugatti Veyron.

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