Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 613

This scene came so suddenly that everyone didn’t react and was stunned.
“Pop!” The next moment, before everyone recovered, before Li Dongqing was sober, Chen Feng stepped out and stamped on Li Dongqing’s ankle.
“Ah!” The crisp sound of broken bones and painful wailing sounded almost at the same time.
The severe pain instantly made Li Dongqing wake up from the daze. He struggled to sit up, and subconsciously covered his bloody ankle with his hands, cold sweat fell like rain.
All this seemed complicated, but in fact it happened in the calcium carbide spark, so that everyone was still in shock, and the scene was quiet.
“When a dog has a dog’s consciousness, some words are not your turn to say!”
Immediately, the silence on the scene was broken, and Chen Feng said coldly. He moved his right foot and stepped on Li Dongqing’s calf to make Li Holly’s upper body straightened up in a kneeling position.
Severe pain filled Li Dongqing’s body. He, who was originally in pain, became angry and afraid after hearing Chen Feng’s words, and subconsciously wanted to resist.
“Kneel, move, I’ll break your dog’s leg!” Chen Feng said coldly with a slight force under his feet.
Li Dongqing was so frightened that he stopped his hands in the air and dared not move again.
“Good fight!”
“Korean stick to death!”
“Yes, I would like to lose the gambling, Xiao Gaoli can’t afford to lose, kill him!”
At the same time, the surrounding spectators and Chinese riders regained their spirits and shouted loudly. call.
Originally, they were very upset at the incredible posture and domineering style of Park Changjun, Li Dongqing and others from the very beginning. However, the Chinese drivers in the first five races were not up to date, and they had no place to vent their anger.
Not long ago, Chen Feng defeated Park Changjun in a crushing manner, causing them to let out a bad breath and vent their emotions.
As a result, after losing the game, Park Changjun and Li Dongqing pretended to be stupid, and did not intend to fulfill the gambling agreement, making them want to itch, so that after hearing Li Dongqing’s threatening words, they became even more angry and wished to go up and beat them. Li Dongqing had a meal.
Before they took action, Chen Feng flipped Li Dongqing over and let them know their minds. It felt better than having a hot pot in the winter.
Contrary to them, the Korean riders were all frightened and dared not say anything.
On the one hand, Park Changjun lost the game and did not honor the bet. They had no confidence to say anything.
On the other hand, Chen Feng made a strong shot just now, which really scared them, and they dare not say anything.
Park Changjun, who was blocked by two bodyguards in black, had a complicated complexion, humiliation, anger, and unconcealed fear!
Huh! Huh!
Immediately after Chen Feng said his eyes were on Park Changjun, Park Changjun’s two bodyguards stepped forward and guarded Park Changjun behind him, looking solemnly, looking at Chen Feng with alert.
“You want to stop me because of the two of you?” Chen Feng looked at Park Changjun’s two bodyguards blankly, and said coldly: “If you don’t want to find death, just get away!”
Swish! Huh!
In the face of Chen Feng’s naked warning, Park Changjun’s two bodyguards were both angry and humiliated, but they did not give way and still protected Park Changjun behind them.
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng stopped talking nonsense and removed his foot from Li Dongqing’s calf. call!
Chen Feng’s actions made the two of Park Changjun’s bodyguards smell dangerous. One of them cut at Chen Feng with a knife without saying a word, while the other took a quick step back and tried to take Park Changjun away.
Facing the whistling hand knife, Chen Feng didn’t change his face, didn’t dodge or dodge, his left arm suddenly lifted, and he stood in front of the door.
With a muffled sound, he shot the bodyguard of Park Changjun and slashed Chen Feng’s arm with a knife.
“Kacha !” Immediately, Chen Feng burst out with secret energy, and directly broke the hand bones of the black-clothed bodyguard, blood flowed across and bloody.
Then, Chen Feng suddenly waved his right hand like a fly. He slapped the black-clothed bodyguard’s cheek, and the sound of muffled sound and bone cracking sounded almost simultaneously.
After the sound, the body of the black bodyguard suddenly flew up, like a spiral, spinning in the air several times, and then fell to the ground, half of his face collapsed, bloody and miserable.
“Where to go?”
Chen Feng slapped the black-clothed bodyguard flying away, and when he saw another bodyguard about to leave with Park Changjun, he burst out.
The voice fell, and the figure moved.
Under the night, Chen Feng’s feet swayed, his figure flashed, and he quickly disappeared from the place, and then appeared like a ghost in front of another black-clothed bodyguard of Park Changjun. call!
Chen Feng’s right hand swept along, his five fingers separated into claws, as if he was trying to fetch something. He grabbed the black-clothed bodyguard by the neck, then gently lifted the black-clothed bodyguard into the air, and finally raised his arm, as if he was lost. It’s just like rubbish, just throw the black bodyguard away!
In an instant, both of Park Changjun’s bodyguards were all thrown to the ground by Chen Feng.
Although they were not seriously injured and their fighting strength was still there, they did not stand up to fight back, nor did they protect Park Changjun, but lay on the ground and played dead.
All this is because they are very clear that they are not Chen Feng’s opponents at all, even if they are desperate, they are hitting the rocks with pebbles.
This discovery made Park Changjun’s face ugly.
Two of his bodyguards were elites from the Goryeo Martial Arts Club. They had practiced martial arts and had reached the Ming Jin level, but they were still cleaned up by Chen Feng’s three-and-one division!
“Are you sure you want to keep my life?”
Park Changjun said again, he tried to hide his inner fear, staring straight at Chen Feng, “You should be very clear, if you really do this, It will completely offend the Pu family and even the entire Goryeo!”
“I don’t like being threatened. People who threaten me will generally not end well, such as him.”
Chen Feng said expressionlessly, then pointed to a broken leg. Li Dongqing fell to the ground.
When the voice fell, Chen Feng moved towards Park Changjun.
Park Changjun’s heart was shocked, and he backed away subconsciously.
At this moment, Chen Feng looked like a deadly ghost in his eyes. He just wanted to stay away from Chen Feng!
One step, two steps, three steps.
You advance and I retreat.
As everyone watched, Chen Feng and Park Changjun stepped forward at the same time, one moving forward and the other moving backward.
Ok? After five steps, Park Changjun retreated to the white Bugatti Veyron.
He has nowhere to go!
At this moment, a pleasant cell phone ringing suddenly rang, causing Park Changjun to shake all over, and then realized that his cell phone was ringing.
He subconsciously took out his cell phone and found out that it was a video call from his father Park Moon Ki.
This discovery made his pupils dilate instantly. next moment.
Just when Chen Feng stopped in front of Park Changjun, Park Changjun excitedly and tremblingly pressed the answer button, feeling like a drowning man caught the last straw!

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