Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 614

The video was quickly connected, and a middle-aged man appeared on Park Changjun’s phone screen.
The middle-aged man has a flat head and is wearing a suit. His expression is majestic and his eyesight is sharp, making people feel his strength across the screen.
He is no one else, but Park Changjun’s father, Park Moon Ki, the head of the Park family. He has a prominent status and power in the upper class of Goryeo.
“I just got the news that you lost to the Chinese youth named Chen Feng in the racing game? Lost one billion dollars?” Park Wenji frowned and asked sternly.
Billion dollars.
This is not a small number for any family.
Even if the Pu family is considered one of the big families in Goryeo, it is no exception!
For this reason, when the result of the match was learned, the helm of the Park family, Park Changjun’s grandfather, immediately instructed Park Moon Ki to contact Park Changjun to verify the matter.
“Yes…yes, father…”
Park Changjun gave a reply with horror on his face, and then saw Chen Feng right in front of him, shaking his whole body with fear, wanting to continue to say something, but did not wait for the next words Speaking, he was interrupted by Park Moon Ki.
“Didn’t you tell me that that guy is a fat sheep? And you have never had underground racing experience before, how could you lose the race?”
Park Moon-ki felt a pain, and then thought of Park Chang-jun’s pledge when he transferred funds. Asked angrily after winning the game.
“I…I investigated his information, and his information does not show any record and experience of underground racing, so I mobilized family funds to bet against him, but… but I did not expect that he was hiding too deeply Up!”
Park Changjun wanted to cry without tears, his face was full of regret, “With the strength he showed, it’s not just me, but Gesen is not an opponent!”
“You idiot!”
Park Wenji exclaimed, almost smashing the phone with anger.
In his opinion, if Park Changjun caused the duck to fly because of a malfunction or a mistake in the game, it would be excusable, so he could explain to the family.
But now, according to Park Changjun, he regarded Chen Feng as a fat sheep, but he became a fat sheep and was slaughtered by Chen Feng!
“Father, I will give the family an explanation for the money I lost , and find a way to make it back!” In the face of Pu Wenji’s anger, Pu Changjun didn’t care, but quickly said: “The key now is that the man named Chen Feng The Huaxia people wanted to kill me, and he was right next to me…”
While speaking, Park Changjun couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. What he saw was Chen Feng’s expressionless face and indifferent eyes, which made him scared. Shaking and shaking his hands, he almost threw the phone out.
“Why is he killing you?” I have to say that Pu Wenji, as the head of the Pu family, is justified. After hearing his son’s panic, he was not surprised but kept awake.
In his opinion, Chen Feng defeated Park Changjun and won one billion US dollars. He will never kill Park Changjun for no reason and completely enmity the Park family.
“This… the bet for this game is not only one billion dollars, but also the lives of me and Li Dongqing…” Park Changjun stammered and explained.
“Wh …what?” Hearing Pu Changjun’s words again, Pu Wenji could no longer remain calm, his face changed drastically, and then he cursed, “Idiot, you went to China to win money, why? Gambling with someone for your life? You really want to piss me off!”
“Sorry, father, I didn’t expect this to happen.” Park Changjun almost cried.
“You give him your phone and I will communicate with him on video.”
After getting angry, Park Moon-ki forced himself to calm down again, knowing that the first priority was to save Park Chang-jun.
Although Park Changjun made a big mistake and caused the Park family to lose one billion US dollars, Park Changjun is the family’s cash cow after all. His car skills can continuously make money for the family, and he will definitely be forgiven by the family.
But the premise of all this is that Park Changjun can return to Goryeo alive!
“Okay… OK…”
Park Changjun nodded quickly, then pointed the video at Chen Feng on the side.
“Mr. Chen, hello, I’m Park Changjun’s father.” Park Wenji saw Chen Feng through the video, and didn’t think of Chen Feng’s ranking on the dark list and what he did before. Besides, Park Changjun didn’t care about this incident. , Did not dare to put on the head of the Pu family, but took the lead in greeting with a polite expression, and then introduced himself.
“I know.” Chen Feng said blankly.
“Just now, I have heard my son talk about things with you. My son did something wrong with this matter. I apologize to you on his behalf. I hope you don’t embarrass him…” Pu Wenji went straight to the subject, his tone still Very polite.
However, before he could finish speaking the following words, Chen Feng interrupted him.
“Heh, if an apology is useful, what else do you want to bet on?”
Chen Feng’s expression was calm, but his words revealed his strength.
“Uh…” Perhaps he did not expect Chen Summit to say this, perhaps did not expect Chen Summit to behave so powerfully, Pu Wenji was startled first, then frowned: “Mr. Chen, there is an old saying in China that you can be forgiving and forgiving. Man, you and my son are betting against you. My son has already lost a billion dollars to you, but you still want my son’s life. Don’t you think this is too much?”
“Excessive?” Chen Feng sneered: ” Mr. Park, I don’t think this is too much.”
“From the time your son said those words, I didn’t intend to spare him.”
“Those things my son said? What did he say?” Park Wenji had a bad feeling.
“He said that I was a dog before, thinking that I was not qualified to race against him, and he also said that he would take Korean drivers to sweep the Chinese underground racing world. He also said that I would never do anything to him.”
Chen Feng Having said that, he paused and continued: “Well, he and his men also said that if today is not in China, he will definitely kill me!”
“My ¥%%…&”
Chen Feng sounded in his ears If that is the case, Park Moon-ki is so angry that she jumps and scolds her mother, and it is Park Changjun.
On the other hand, Park Changjun was so frightened that his legs became weak, and his calf seemed to cramp. He kept spinning around, causing him to fall, and finally leaned on the car body before barely standing still.
“Mr. Chen, I can understand your feelings. If I change to me, I will definitely be angry.”
After yelling, Park Moon Ki forced himself to calm down again, and then asked tentatively: “Excuse me, how can you let him go? ? ” ”
Since you are so sincere, so I’ll give you a face. ”
Chen Feng pondered a little, slowly opening: among” first, your son and his men had to die a man, as your son is dead, I don’t care if his men died. I don’t care if they decree themselves or kill each other, I just want the result.
Second, including your son, all the Korean drivers who came to the race this time kowtow to admit their mistakes. I apologize to China and the people of China for the ruthless words!”

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