Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 615

Chen Feng’s decisive words sounded in his ears, and the expressions of the Korean riders who came here with Park Changjun changed drastically!
As a member of the Korean supercar club, although they are not big figures in Korea, they still have a certain status and status, otherwise they can’t afford expensive sports cars.
With their status and status, let them kowtow to admit their mistakes, and it is to the Chinese people, they cannot bear it!
At the same time, Li Dongqing, who fell to the ground, trembled, almost frightened of a heart attack, her face pale as paper, and her whole body convulsed.
Because, with his toes, he can also think that if Park Wen-ki promises Chen Feng, it is definitely not him who returns to Goryeo alive, but Park Chang-jun!
Park Changjun shook his head frantically, unable to accept the result.
Although he can return to Goryeo alive by doing what Chen Feng said, he will become the laughing stock of the global underground racing industry, and a shame to the underground racing industry of Korea and even the whole of Korea!
At the same time, whether it is the Chinese riders headed by Ji Hong and Yu Wenbo, or those Chinese audiences, thinking of the extraordinary postures of Park Changjun and others before, looking at the situation at this moment, they are all incomparably excited, and they only feel bloody. It’s going to burn!
“Mr. Chen, isn’t this a bit too much?”
Pu Wenji couldn’t accept it either. He frowned and stared at Chen Feng, his tone gloomy enough to drip.
“Choose one of the two, I only give you ten seconds.”
Chen Feng’s expression was still calm, but his tone was beyond doubt. “Mr. Chen, I have shown enough sincerity just now…”
When Chen Feng’s words sounded in his ears, Park Wenji’s expression changed, and then he suppressed his inner anger and tried to communicate with Chen Feng again.
Chen Feng said, but instead of responding to Piao Wenji, he started counting down the time.
“Are you really going to be completely hostile to the Pu family?” Pu Wenji couldn’t hide it anymore. He stared at Chen Feng in the video with an angry expression. His words were no longer polite, but full of threats.
Chen Feng ignored it and continued to count down the time.
“I admit that you are very powerful in China, and your military value is also very strong, but there are many people in this world who are stronger than you. If our Pu family insists on killing you, you will definitely die!” Pu Wenji was completely angry, and he looked on. With a ferocious expression, a crazy killing intent appeared in his eyes.
Chen Feng continued to count, completely ignoring Park Wenji’s warnings and threats.
Seeing this scene, both Park Changjun and Li Dongqing were stunned.
Because of their outstanding status and status, although they did not walk sideways in Korea, they were not far behind.
They think they are already very arrogant and domineering, but compared with Chen Feng at the moment, they think it is nothing short of a witch!
Chen Feng’s strength made them feel unprecedented fear!
“Who is he?”
“How powerful does he need to be to dare to do this?”
At this moment, the Korean drivers were completely panicked. They didn’t know Chen Feng’s identity, so they were curious, where did Chen Feng have such a maddening confidence?
That’s Park Moon Ki… one of the representatives of the entire Goryeo underground world!
In their opinion, even if the leader of the China Underground World faces Park Wenji, he will never be so arrogant, and how much he will consider the consequences of completely offending the Pu family.
On the other side, both the Chinese drivers and the spectators who came to watch the game tonight are filled with indescribable excitement!
Although they don’t know what Chen Feng’s identity is, the domineering “whatever you say is not good, I will do you” that Chen Feng showed is what they yearn for.
What Chen Feng is doing at this moment is what they want to do when they encounter humiliation, but they dare not do it for various reasons!
All this brought them a huge impact, making every skin and every cell in their body violent!
At the same time, Pu Wenji shouted, it felt as if he was afraid that Chen Feng would count to zero, and then he was not given a chance to choose and killed Pu Changjun on the spot, “I choose, I choose!”
Chen Feng heard the words and stopped. Counting, looking at Pu Wenji in the picture blankly.
“Don’t kill my son, I agree to do what you said!”
Pu Wenji made a choice, facing the powerful Chen Feng, he chose to yield.
Although he knew very well that this choice would have a certain impact on Park Changjun, the Park family, and even the entire Goryeo, but he couldn’t just watch his only son die!
“Since you have made your choice, then implement it.”
Chen Feng said blankly: “Remind you, my patience is limited, don’t let me change my mind.”
Park Moon Ki responded aggrievedly.
“Father… Father, no!”
At the same time, Park Changjun yelled frantically, “If I do what he said, I will become the laughing stock of the global underground racing world, and I will also become the Korean underground racing world. Shame! Besides, this will also become a shame for our Pu family and even Goryeo…”
“You shut up!”
Pu Wenji interrupted Pu Changjun’s words angrily. Why didn’t he know all this? Does he have a choice?
“Let Park Haisheng kill Li Dongqing’s idiot, immediately!”
After the angry voice interrupted Park Changjun, Park Wenji gave instructions in a low tone. He was very worried about Chen Feng’s change, and his tone appeared a little anxious.
“” Park Chang Junzheng stayed in place, did not respond to Park Moon Ki, and did not issue orders in accordance with Park Moon Ki’s instructions.
“Master…Master, no…don’t…don’t kill me…”
At the same time, Li Dongqing, who had a broken leg and fell to the ground, dragged his injured leg like a pug and slowly moved to Park Changjun’s. Beside him, he hugged Park Changjun’s leg and begged for mercy.
“Park Haesheng!”
Seeing that Park Changjun didn’t respond, Park Wenji roared in a loud voice, so that everyone around him could hear him clearly.
“Yes , here, President Park!” Hearing Pu Wenji’s words , Park Haisheng, whose face collapsed, no longer lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.
“Kill Li Dongqing!”
Park Wenji gave the order directly, his tone beyond doubt.
Park Haisheng respectfully took his orders.
“No…no, President Park, please…”
Hearing Piao Wenji’s order again, Li Dongqing was frightened, and made the last beg.
“You have a kind! I hope you will be as kind as you are now when you play tonight, don’t be a coward or a prankster!”
“What are you? You deserve to bet with me?”
“If it wasn’t because in China, I must kill him!” At this moment, he completely forgot, how extraordinary he was when he arrived in the East China Sea to talk with Yu Wenbo!

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