Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 618

These two posts were sent by a Chinese driver and Yu Wenbo respectively. The reply broke 1,000 in just ten minutes. Almost everyone thought this was incredible. At the same time, they thought that the Korean driver headed by Park Changjun and the entire Korean underground racing car Jie is too embarrassed!
“In Korea, led by Pu Changjun drivers do not respect the spirit of the contract, afford to lose!”
“I suggest you do not go to Korea to participate in the next game, the game is also prohibited throughout Korea competed in!”
Was also launched initiatives, we must resolutely resist the drivers and Korea I went to Korea to participate in the competition and received a positive response.
“Why is China’s driver Chen Feng’s skills so impressive ?” “China’s driver Chen Feng and the No. 1 black car list, who is stronger?”
In addition, there are people who are curious about Chen Feng’s skills, and they are also curious about Chen. Who is stronger between Feng and Gesen?
Chen Feng didn’t know about all this, and even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care.
When Park Changjun took the people away, Chen Feng, accompanied by Ji Hong and Yu Wenbo, walked towards the three-story building.
“Chen Feng! Chen Feng!”
Seeing Chen Feng coming, the crowd dispersed automatically, forming a narrow passage. Other Chinese drivers, on-site spectators, and underground racing track staff looked at them with admiration and worship. Chen Feng, shouting Chen Feng’s name, seemed to welcome the hero to return in triumph.
“Brother Feng, why are you so silly ?” When Chen Feng returned to the three-story VIP room, Yuwenbo finally couldn’t help but ask this question.
He thought that Chen Feng was just a martial artist, but now it seems that Chen Feng’s car skills are not bad at all, and it is even the best in the world.
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s inquiry, Ji Hong also looked at Chen Feng with curiosity and expectation, waiting for Chen Feng’s answer.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “My only hobby when I was a kid was racing.”
“Every time I practice martial arts, I will go to the racing track to practice.”
“In addition, I am a martial artist. Compared with ordinary drivers, martial artists, whether in reaction or physical strength, It must be much stronger. In this case, it is not difficult to drive the speed of the car to the limit.”
“So that’s it!” Yu Wenbo suddenly realized.
“I think Chen Shao’s talent is also against the sky. There are more people practicing martial arts, but I have never seen someone as good as Chen Shao.” Ji Hong said his opinion.
“It’s just a game. It’s not about being against the sky.” Chen Feng smiled and didn’t care.
“Chen Shao, it may not be a big deal to you, but to our Chinese drivers, you are the god in their hearts! And today is also a day worth celebrating and remembering in the underground racing community of China!”
Ji Hong sincerely He said, in his capacity, everyone feels enthusiastic tonight, let alone other Chinese drivers?
“It should be a day worth celebrating and remembering for the entire China.”
Yu Wenbo echoed with a smile: “Now, the entire network has exploded. Not only the circle of friends, Weibo, and even major portals are reporting on Park Changjun’s gang. The matter of grandson kneeling and admitting mistakes, Brother Feng is called a national hero by netizens!”
“I am not a national hero.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said softly: “The real national heroes are those who did for New China The founding of revolutionary martyrs who shed their blood and sacrifices and those Chinese soldiers who are silently guarding the motherland and people now!”
“Without the former, there would be no today; without the latter, there would be no peace and prosperity!”
Chen Feng’s words sounded in his ears, Yuwen Bo and Ji Hong deeply agree, with a solemn expression on their faces.
When Chen Feng’s words sounded in his ears, Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong were very satisfied with their expressions. at the same time.
Over the Yanjing Airport, a private passenger plane flew from Eagle Country London.
There are only a few passengers on this airliner.
Among them, two beautiful women with white complexion, tall nose, and blond hair and blue eyes are particularly attractive.
The two women are both 23 and 4 years old.
One of them wore a Greek-style light blue chiffon long dress with a pearl necklace on his neck, noble and elegant.
The other person was wearing a white, off-shoulder long skirt, with a beautiful collarbone looming, and the skirt’s hem was slightly puffed, revealing two slender and straight legs.
When the plane appeared over Yanjing, the beautiful woman in a white strapless dress couldn’t help but turned her eyes to the woman in a light blue dress next to her.
“Hathaway, do you have any news about him?” Although the beauty in a white dress has a typical foreign appearance, her pronunciation is pure Chinese accent.
“He?” Hathaway was stunned when she heard the beautiful woman in a white dress, then shook her head and said, “No.”
“Anne, Huaxia is too big.”
“The entire Huaxia is 1.4 billion. People, it’s impossible to find him with just one name.”
“I know, so this time I come to China in person.” The beauty in white dress named Annie nodded slightly, and the corners of her mouth raised enough to make the sun and moon A pale and beautiful smile.
Hathaway was a little speechless: “Annie, is that Chinese man really that important to you?”
“You are the princess of the royal family. If you let the princes of all countries know that you will travel far and wide for a man who has only met one side. If the Eagle Nation ran to China, they might be pissed to death.”
“What they think has nothing to do with me. I only know that I have to find him…” Annie has a firm face. Although she has only met the man once, that side is enough to make her remember for life!
“Annie, have you ever thought of a possibility.” At this moment, Hathaway said suddenly.
Annie was taken aback: “What’s the possibility?”
“That Chinese man is already married.” Hathaway said sternly.
“Annie, the last time you saw him was eight years ago.”
“Eight years ago, that Chinese man was about sixteen years old. Now eight years later, he is at least twenty-four years old.”
“Twenty-four years old, In China, it is the age when he got married .” “If he gets married, what should you do?” Hathaway looked at Annie and said.
“Married?” Annie frowned, “Can a Chinese man marry two wives?”
Hathaway’s face was full of black lines, “Anne, you are the royal princess, how can you be with other women? Serve a man.”
“What’s wrong with the royal princess? Why can’t the royal princess serve a man with other women?”
Annie curled her lips, “I don’t care, I must see him this time.
” Even if he gets married, I have to tell him that I like him.”
“Well, after getting off the plane, I will let those Huaxia officials find it for you, but you shouldn’t have too much hope, after all, time has passed. After eight years, he is not sure whether he is in China or not.” In the end, Hathaway was defeated by Annie.
She knew that if she didn’t help Annie find that man this time, she might not be able to let it go forever.

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