Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 624

“Honorable Princess Anne, are you okay?”
At this moment, Anne’s bodyguard also came over and asked nervously. He is Anne’s bodyguard to the outside, but he is actually one of the guards of the Eagle Royal House, who is responsible for protecting Anne’s safety.
“I’m fine.”
Annie shook her head slightly, and at the same time responded to Chen Yingcai and the bodyguard, her mood stabilized, and then she said to Chen Yingcai: “Sorry, Mr. Chen, I’ll make a call.”
“Okay.” Chen Yingcai nodded.
Annie stood up, took her mobile phone, and walked to an empty corner of the restaurant.
Looking at the back of Annie’s departure, Chen Yingcai didn’t realize that Annie’s abnormal behavior was related to him.
At this moment, everything in his mind was what Annie had said before, and he was so happy that he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of the head of Yanjing City.
“Chief of the city, would it be convenient for you, if it is convenient, I will report to you the latest situation.” After the call was connected, Chen Yingcai took the lead in speaking with a respectful tone, saying it was a report, but in fact it was a demonstration of merit.
“Convenient, you say.”
“City chief, I will accompany Princess Anne for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.” Chen Yingcai tried to calm her tone, but still couldn’t hide her excitement and joy, “Just now, I just The Eagle State Consortium communicated with her about the investment in Yanjing. She is very optimistic about our investment environment in Yanjing, and said on the spot that she will make a lot of investment.”
“Xiao Chen, your work is very good and very good. Solid.” Yanjing City Chief Xie Yuan heard the words, he did not hesitate to praise him, and then said: “In a while, I will report the latest situation to the leaders above. The leaders and I are waiting for them at the venue, and you are responsible for them. Bring to the meeting place, and call me when you are almost there, and I will take someone down to meet them.”
“Okay, the leader of the city.” Chen Yingcai responded hurriedly, calling her a happy heart.
Because, he knew very well that the leader Xie Yuan mentioned was one of the giants above, who came specifically for the Eagle State Consortium’s investment in Yanjing.
Xie Yuan asked the leaders above to report the latest developments, and he would definitely mention everything he did and the role he played in this work.
In such a situation, as long as the Eagle Country Consortium finally makes a large investment in Yanjing, he will be credited with great contributions.
And this matter will inevitably be passed to the ears of other giants above through Xie Yuan’s mouth, which is of vital importance to his future trend.
After all, background and resources can only determine a person’s lower limit, not a person’s upper limit. The upper limit depends on personal ability and fortune.
Even if he is the darling of the Chen family, if his personal ability is not qualified, he cannot climb to the top of the power pyramid.
At the same time that Chen Yingcai was secretly refreshed, Annie took her mobile phone to an empty corner of the restaurant and dialed Hathaway again.
“Hathaway, can you find Chen Feng’s contact information for me?”
” Yes , but I need a little time.” Hathaway said directly, she already knew that Chen Feng had crushed a Korean car at the Kunshan Underground Circuit last night Wang’s matter, so at this moment, she can find Chen Feng as long as she finds the person in charge of the Kunshan Underground Circuit.
“Trouble you, I want to contact him as soon as possible.”
At this moment, Annie felt that her heart was a little messy. Through Hathaway’s narrative just now, she learned about the terrible relationship between Chen Yingcai and Chen Feng. Under the circumstances, if she helped Chen Yingcai, then she could not imagine how Chen Fengcheng would think of her.
A few minutes later, Annie stepped back to her seat.
“Beautiful Princess Anne, what else do you want to eat?” Chen Yingcai asked with a smile when Annie sat back in her seat.
Chen Yingcai’s words rang in her ears, and looking at the smile on Chen Yingcai’s face, Annie felt a disgusting feeling in her heart. She coldly asked, “Mr. Chen, you just told me that you don’t know Chen Feng’s Contact information, right?”
“Yeah.” After hearing Anne’s question in amazement, Chen Yingcai noticed a change in Anne’s attitude. A bad idea emerged in Chen Yingcai’s heart, but she still smiled and lied: “Yes, Princess Anne. Although we are cousins, we don’t have much contact with each other. I don’t know his recent situation very well…”
“You lied!”
This time, before Chen Yingcai finished speaking, Annie coldly interrupted.
“Princess Anne, what are you…” Chen Yingcai’s anxiety was so intense that it showed on her face.
“Damn, I know everything you did to Chen Feng!” Annie spoke again. She, who has always been elegant and noble, almost burst out swearing, “You and your family are jealous of his heir status. Sending people to trouble him over and over again, you even want to kill him!”
Chen Yingcai’s face finally changed when he heard Annie’s words again, and an unconcealed panic appeared on his face. He didn’t think about why Annie would be. Knowing all this, but the first time to defend himself: “Princess Anne, although I don’t know where you heard this news, but this news must be false. I am his cousin. He does this kind of thing.”
“Once, I thought the Senator from Eagle Country was the most hypocritical person in the world, but now, I feel that I am wrong. You are the most despicable and hypocritical person I have ever seen in my life.”
Annie stood up, glared at Chen Yingcai, and said coldly: “Tell your boss, from now on, don’t tell me about the Eagle State Consortium’s investment in Yanjing, and I will consider letting my father give up. This trip to China.” When the voice fell, Annie stopped looking at Chen Yingcai, turned and left.
“Princess Anne!”
Chen Yingcai subconsciously reached out to stop Annie.
“Let go of your dirty paws!” Chen Yingcai’s response was a cold voice. Annie’s bodyguard stood in front of Annie and gave a cold warning, her tone low, her eyes cold and frightening. “Princess Anne, you misunderstood me.”
Chen Yingcai withdrew her hands in fright, trying to make the last effort to keep Anne.
However, Annie completely regarded him as air, and regarded his words as farting, and under the protection of bodyguards, she left the restaurant straight away.
Oops! Looking at the back of Annie’s departure, Chen Yingcai’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom.
He didn’t know how Annie knew about the affair between him and Chen Feng, but he knew very well that if the Eagle State Consortium’s investment in Yanjing and the Eagle King’s visit to China were messed up by him, then he He will become the sinner of Yanjing and China, leaving a very bad impression in the hearts of the giants above.
In this way, he wants to climb the top of the power pyramid again, undoubtedly it is idiotic to talk in a dream.
His official career will be dark, which is like a disaster, making him panic and frightening. He tried to save it, but Annie would not give him this opportunity at all.

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