Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 626

Huh! Hearing what Director Zhang said, Xie Yuan’s face changed again.
He couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be if these two things went wrong.
“Director Zhang, you immediately reply to Minister Mueller and tell him, let Princess Anne calm down, and we will remove Chen Yingcai from her current position in the shortest possible time!” Xie Yuan is after all a man of officialdom who has encountered too many surprises. When the incident happened, he quickly calmed himself down and made arrangements.
“Okay, city leader.” Director Zhang responded immediately.
Xie Yuan stopped talking nonsense, and then dialed Chen Yingcai’s number.
On the “buzzing” end of the phone, Chen Yingcai, who was still in the hotel restaurant, heard the sound of the mobile phone vibrating, as if he heard the magic sound from hell, nervous and panicked, so that he did not dare to answer the phone. After a few seconds of
, Chen Yingcai took a deep breath, settled, picked up the phone and connected the call,
“Chen Yingcai! What did you do?!” The call was just answered. Through, Xie Yuan’s angry voice came over.
Without waiting for Chen Yingcai to speak, Xie Yuan said furiously: “Chen Yingcai, listen to me, no matter what method you use, within half an hour, you must calm down Princess Anne’s anger for me and let the Eagle Country Consortium be here. The Yanjing investment can be implemented smoothly, otherwise, you will immediately roll up the bedding for me, go as far as you can go!”
Chen Yingcai’s expression suddenly changed when he heard Xie Yuan’s words.
Then, he wiped his cold sweat and hurriedly made a promise: “City chief, don’t worry, I must find a way to calm Princess Anne’s anger. I will never let the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium be affected in any way!”
Chen Yingcai seemed to say something more, but Xie Yuan, who was in a rage, hung up the phone.
In the star-rated hotel, Xie Yuan, who hung up the phone, still frowned.
He had already heard about the incident between Chen Yingcai and Chen Feng.
Like many people, he saw that this was a struggle within the Chen family.
Regarding the fact that Chen Yingcai concealed his relationship with Chen Feng in front of Annie, and used the relationship between Chen Feng and Annie to increase the investment by the British consortium, he did not comment.
It was Chen Yingcai’s credit that it was done, and there was light on his face. If it didn’t happen, then it was Chen Yingcai’s responsibility, just like now.
This is also a useful way for official leaders.
For this, Chen Yingcai knows well.
Moreover, he was not dissatisfied with Xie Yuan’s anger at all.
Although he is a young man of the Chen family, Xie Yuan is not only his immediate boss, but also a heavyweight man. It is normal to reprimand him.
Moreover, he knows better than anyone what it means if this matter is not handled properly!
After finishing the call, Chen Yingcai put down the phone and lit a cigarette. While smoking the cigarette, she thought about how to deal with the matter.
According to Xie Yuan, it was clear that he was going to calm Annie’s anger.
But now Annie clearly knows the relationship between him and Chen Feng. In such a situation, if he goes to Annie, Annie will probably not pay attention to him at all.
But even if Annie ignores him, he has to try.
Otherwise, his career path will inevitably end here… A few minutes later, Chen Yingcai came to the suite where Annie was staying.
At the entrance of the suite, two tall royal bodyguards in black suits stood upright with a cold look.
Seeing Chen Yingcai, the two took a step forward, stretched out their hands, and stopped Chen Yingcai outside the door.
Chen Yingcai’s figure became stiff, and then a sly smile appeared on his face: “Please inform Princess Anne, I have something…”
Before Chen Yingcai finished speaking, she was coldly interrupted by the tall bodyguard.
At this moment, the tall bodyguard glanced at Chen Yingcai in disgust, and said: “The princess said, she doesn’t want to see you this disgusting thing again, how far should you go!”
Disgusting thing?
Chen Yingcai was flushed with anger when she heard Annie say this to herself.
At the same time, he also understood that it was impossible to calm Annie’s anger directly, because Annie’s attitude was too firm!
Give him no chance at all!
“Sorry, I’m leaving now.” After taking a deep breath, Chen Yingcai turned and left the hotel.
After arriving outside the hotel, Chen Yingcai’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.
By now, the desire to calm Annie’s anger has obviously become empty talk.
I’m afraid he can only ask Chen Feng to help…
Judging from Annie’s performance, Chen Feng obviously has a heavy weight in her heart.
If Chen Feng asked her to invest in China, she would definitely not refuse…
But, would Chen Summit help him with this?
Chen Yingcai dialed Hua Lin’s phone a little irritably.
“My dear, what’s the matter?” On the other side of the phone, Hua Lin didn’t know what happened to Annie’s anger. In her opinion, Chen Yingcai should be talking to Annie at the moment.
“Linlin, do you have the phone number for that wild species?”
Chen Yingcai did not answer Hua Lin’s question, but stated his purpose straightforwardly.
“That wild species?” Hua Lin was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted instantly, who was Chen Yingcai talking about.
In the Chen family, only Chen Feng can be called wild.
“My dear, what did you ask him to do on the phone?” Hua Lin asked subconsciously after reacting.
“You don’t need to worry about this, you just need to tell me whether it is there or not.” Chen Yingcai was a little irritated.
Hua Lin’s tone was stagnant, and she instantly realized that something might have happened.
So, she hurriedly said: “Honey, wait, I’ll let someone check it right away.”
“As soon as possible.”
Chen Yingcai said coldly, and then hung up the phone.
A few minutes later, a string of numbers appeared on his mobile phone.
Looking at this series of numbers, Chen Yingcai gritted his teeth first, and then long-pressed to select dial.
At that time, Chen Feng had just left the Kunshan Underground Circuit and moved into a villa.
This villa is owned by Yuwen Family in Yanjing.
Seeing a string of unfamiliar Yanjing numbers, Chen Feng did not choose to answer the call immediately, but hung up.
Who knows, just a few seconds after hanging up, the number dialed in again.
Chen Feng frowned, then pressed to answer. silent.
Three seconds after pressing answer, there is no sound on the phone.
Just as Chen Feng was about to hang up, a somewhat hoarse voice came from the phone: “I’m Chen Yingcai.”
Chen Yingcai?
Hearing this name, Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly narrowed.
Why did Chen Yingcai call him?
Before Chen Feng opened her mouth, Chen Yingcai spoke first: “Chen Feng, do you know about Princess Anne’s visit to China?”
“Princess Anne?”
Chen Feng was taken aback when she heard the name.
Who is Princess Anne?

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