Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 634

Watanabe stood up when he heard the sound, bowed to everyone in the meeting room first, and then solemnly said: “According to the news I have received, the Jing family is one of the hidden martial arts families in China, which has been passed down for thousands of years. Although the Jing family does not have many disciples like Huaxia Shaolin and Wudang, the secret Yin Yang Quan of the Jing family is very terrifying, and once shined in the ancient Chinese martial arts circle. With this martial arts, Jing family masters have come out in large numbers. During the year, the clan has produced three martial arts masters!”
“Once, the strongest of the clan almost dominated the martial arts circles of China in all periods, even in contemporary times, it is no exception, Jing Yunfeng, the current patriarch of the Jing family, is definitely the next one in China. A strong contender for the master of martial arts!”
“His” After listening to Watanabe Taichi’s words, many people in the venue took a breath.
In the past thousands of years, the Jing family had three martial arts masters!
What is this concept? !
Watanabe was not surprised by everyone’s shock. He glanced at them and continued: “As for the contemporary heir of the Jing family, Jing Teng, I have never seen him, and I don’t know exactly how strong he is, but since the Jing family Let him fight the life-and-death battle with Chen Feng’s little beast, he must have absolute confidence in him. Moreover, I personally think that Jingteng will fight the life-and-death battle with Chen Feng’s little beast, because the Jing family wants Huaxia Even the global martial arts community announced that the Jing family was born!”
“Watanabe, according to what you said, in this battle, Jing Teng, the heir of the Jing family, can definitely kill the little beast of Chen Feng?” A Shenyin elder couldn’t help but ask. .
“I personally think that there is no suspense. The reason why Chen Feng’s beast killed Amaterasu-sama and Miyamoto-sama is because he used thermal weapons. His own strength is bound to be inferior to the peerless genius cultivated by the Jing family’s efforts! “Taichi Watanabe said coldly.
“In this case, our plan can be cancelled.” Another Shenyin elder spoke. They had previously formulated a plan to send three Shangren to China to kill Chen Feng!
It now appears that the plan can be cancelled.
“The plan is canceled? I don’t think it’s right.” Soon, someone else expressed different opinions.
“Although I am convinced of Watanabe’s words, Chen Feng’s little beast is very evil and has done incredible things many times. To be on the safe side, I suggest not to cancel the plan and just leave it temporarily.” It is the new leader of Shinobu, Miyamoto Yamazaki, his nephew of Miyamoto Hanzo, the one who most expects to see Chen Feng die, and who fears Chen Feng the most.
He was afraid that someday Chen Feng would go out of the country and come to Japan, and destroy the last blood of his Miyamoto family.
“Yamazaki is right, the plan is temporarily shelved, waiting for the outcome of this battle.” After hearing this, Hokusai Koji, the head of Shenyin, made such a decision after a little thought.
“Chief Hokusai, this is actually unnecessary.”
Watanabe Taiichi shook his head and said: “You don’t know the Jing family, you can’t imagine how powerful the Jing family is, and you don’t know what Jing family means in the Chinese martial arts world. Look. Keep going, in this battle, the experts in the entire Chinese martial arts circle will go to watch the battle, and Chen Feng’s little beast will undoubtedly die!”
“It’s better to be so.”
… Except for the Shenyin who is far away in Japan. In addition to Chen Feng’s news, Chu celadon, located in China Zhonghai, is also very worried at this moment.
“Grandpa Zhou, I heard the news that a contemporary descendant of the Jing family was born and gave Chen Feng a book of life and death. Do you know this?” Chu Celadon asked an old man next to him straight away, his name was Zhou Wusheng was one of the few chemists in the Chu family.
“I know this.” Zhou Wusheng nodded lightly, his expression a bit solemn.
“Grandpa Zhou, do you know the Jing family? Will Chen Feng’s battle be dangerous?” Chu Celadon asked worriedly.
Zhou Wusheng glanced at Chu celadon and sighed: “The Jing family is one of the hidden families of martial arts in the Chinese martial arts circle. 1. Similarly, the descendants of the Jing family in the past are one of the strongest geniuses in Chinese martial arts. successor is hard to say the King family has long been hidden world, and now since that scene to challenge Chen Feng Teng-born, must be overcome with Chen Feng grasp! he is likely also to be a breakthrough of the early strength. ” ” so what ? ”
Chu celadon brow completely screwed together, with hearts full of fears she has to know who view their family reasons to challenge Chen Feng, and her understanding of Chen Feng, Chen Feng believe one hundred percent will fight!
At this moment, she was more worried than learning that Chen Feng was going to Japan to rescue Lin Wanqiu.
Because… Chen Feng can ignore the rules and use modern weapons to fight.
But this time, Chen Feng could only fight with his bare hands, which was really kung fu.
Originally, she felt that Jing Teng would definitely not dare to challenge Chen Feng after Chen Feng made all sorts of shocking moves.
But now, Jing Teng has been challenged.
This can only show that Jingteng has the confidence to win!
“Grandpa Zhou, can we find a way to stop this battle?” Chu Celadon couldn’t help asking.
Zhou Wusheng shook his head: “There is no way to stop it. Jing Teng has obviously made up his mind, and Chen Feng is here…unless you can persuade him not to accept the challenge.”
“Persuade him not to accept the challenge?” Chu Celadon was stunned. Frozen, she knew Chen Feng’s character very well, and Chen Feng would definitely not shrink from such a thing.
To persuade Chen Feng not to accept the challenge, I am afraid it is more difficult than reaching the sky.
“I’m going to find Chen Feng. No matter what, I have to try it.” Chu Celadon quickly made a decision. Even if she couldn’t persuade Chen Feng not to accept the challenge, she would accompany Chen Feng to tide over the difficulties.
When Chu Celadon rushed to Yanjing, Yuwenqian and Wang Gan also walked out of Jianzong and came to Yanjing.
The first time they came to Yanjing, they called Chen Feng.
But then they found out that Yu Wenbo was the one who answered the phone.
After hearing Yu Wenbo’s voice, Yu Wenqian asked straightforwardly: “Chen Feng? Why doesn’t he answer the phone?”
“Sister, Brother Feng is closed.” Yu Wenbo smiled bitterly.
Yu Wenqian was taken aback for a moment: “Retreat? What’s going on? What is he retreating now?”
“How do I know. After Feng brother sent Princess Anne away, he shut herself in the house a few days ago, saying that it was suddenly there. What kind of feeling, I plan to retreat for a few days.” “Before the retreat, he handed me his mobile phone and said that if there is any major event, I can find him.”
“I’m thinking about whether to tell Jingteng about the next battle. What about him?” Yu Wenbo said.

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