Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 635

“Don’t say it yet.” Yu Wenqian hadn’t spoken yet, but Wang Gan said first.
“Big Brother Wang is here too.” Yu Wenbo heard Wang Gan’s voice at once, and at the same time, he was a little surprised. This challenge actually attracted Wang Gan, the great swordsman genius.
“Yeah.” Wang Gan answered the phone, and then said, “Don’t tell Chen Feng when Jingteng is in the war book, because warriors usually have a feeling of retreat. This feeling is usually It’s hard to meet once in a few years.”
“Since Chen Feng has met in the past few days, that’s his chance, so don’t disturb him.”
“How long will Brother Feng be in retreat? That Jing Teng said, only for It takes ten days for Brother Feng.” Yu Wenbo couldn’t help but said.
“I don’t know.” Wang Gan simply shook his head and said: “Modern warrior retreats. It can be as short as two or three days, or as long as ten days. It is possible, so I don’t know when he will leave. . ” ” that’s if he has not closed, missed King Teng challenge how to do? “Yuwen Qian could not resist.
“If you missed it, you missed it. Just let that Jingteng take his life back.” Yu Wenbo said indifferently. In his opinion, the outcome of the life-and-death battle between Chen Feng and Jingteng is without any suspense. It ended with Chen Feng’s victory.
Yu Wenqian pursed her mouth and did not speak. In fact, at this moment, she hoped that Chen Feng would not leave. Yu Wenbo didn’t know Jingteng’s horror, she still knew.
In her opinion, Jing Teng is a monster.
A few years ago, when Jing Teng came down the mountain to Jianzong, he defeated Wang Gan with only one move.
Although Wang Qian was not as strong as he is now, he still deserves the title of the first genius of Jianzong.
In the face of Jing Teng, Wang Qian failed without even holding a single move.
This shows how powerful Jingteng is.
Now he has broken through the energy.
Against Chen Feng, it’s not necessarily whether the two are strong or weak…
Yu Wenqian and Wang Gan did not enter the villa.
At this moment, a hundred meters away, in the small courtyard of the villa, the flowers and trees are bathed in the sunset, exuding fragrance, which is refreshing.
Chen Feng sat cross-legged on the lawn of the small courtyard, his eyes closed tightly, his breathing was slow and long, his whole body was immobile like an old monk.
All kinds of martial arts moves are like playing movies, appearing in Chen Feng’s mind over and over again. He carefully comprehend various martial arts, refined the essence of various martial arts, combined with his own situation, and Xiao Guozhong’s original move of “short mountains and rivers” was mutually confirmed, dismantled and combined.
At this moment, in this way, on the basis of “broken mountains and rivers”, he is researching and creating his own martial arts.
This is Xiao Guozhong’s teaching back then. After the martial artist has entered the realm of Huajin, he must have his own martial arts.
Chen Feng did not have enough time to study and polish before, nor did he have enough strength to create martial arts.
However, after a few days’ trip to Japan, Chen Feng had a little understanding in his heart after fighting with top-notch strong players. Coupled with ample time in recent days, he was born to study his own martial arts. Thoughts.
Ye Fan’s wish was not fulfilled in the end, and he was besieged and disabled by the strong of the gods, leaving a lifelong regret.
And Xiao Guozhong’s ultimate move “Break the Mountains and Rivers” taught to him before will be his first step towards researching and creating martial arts.
At this time, Chen Feng spent almost all his thoughts on studying martial arts.
As for the challenge from Jingteng… he still doesn’t know.
One morning in the past, he had gone through all the martial arts he had learned in his mind, practicing, experiencing and understanding with his heart, and his momentum was also affected.
“There are many types of Chinese martial arts, including sticks, swords, swords, swords, boxing, palms, etc., each with its own characteristics, broad and profound. Even if I develop martial arts by myself, I can’t break away from this category, and it must be suitable for actual combat. Fight together.”
Chen Feng thoughtfully, muttered to himself: “The sword is the king of a hundred soldiers. Compared with the spear of the king of a hundred soldiers, the stick of the leader of a hundred soldiers, and the sword of the commander of a hundred soldiers, it is powerful in actual combat. Strong, fast offensive and defensive speed, rich in changes, and often make people unable to defend against. As the saying goes, the sword refers to invincible. In ancient martial arts, almost all masters used swords to fight and kill enemies. Modern martial arts, martial arts masters who use swords are still dominated. Most of them.”
“In addition, ancient martial arts almost all borrowed from animals, such as monkey boxing, snake boxing, etc., such as Xingyiquan’s famous killer move, dragon and snake combined attack.”
“The dragon is an ancient Chinese myth. one of the animal, often used to symbolize good fortune, but also the most representative of Chinese traditional culture, martial arts fusion dragon, not only the power of terror, but also representative. ” ”
It seems that my own martial arts to Swordsmanship prevails, fusion of dragon shape, while absorbing the advantages and essence of swordsmanship, swordsmanship, boxing techniques, etc., is the most appropriate to cooperate with strange steps.” After speaking, Chen Feng’s thinking gradually became clear. I got up and set a big framework for the martial arts I want to research and create. “Furthermore, the master passed my Broken Mountains and Rivers before, but in fact, he followed this line of thinking. It happens to be perfect and evolve using the’Broken Mountains and Rivers’ as the foundation. It will be easier to research and create.”
“There are many swordsmanships in Chinese martial arts, such as the Overlord Sword of the Overlord of Chu, the Hundred Bird Dynasty Phoenix Sword of Zhao Zilong of the Three Kingdoms, and the Yang Family Swordsmanship. All swordsmanship has one characteristic, focusing on practical results. The tricks are reduced to simplifications, focusing on stabs, picks, and sweeps, and they pay attention to one strike.” After setting the framework, Chen Feng continued to think secretly, “The sword technique I developed must follow this principle, and at the same time, it must be in line with the ancient The distinction between swordsmanship is more applicable to modern martial arts fighting for life and death.”
Thinking of this, Chen Feng had a plan in his heart, his eyes became firm, and then he got up suddenly, his figure flashing.
In the sun, he used his right arm as a spear, and successively used the swordsmanship he had learned, mixed with the ultimate move he once developed, “Break the Mountains and Rivers”, looking for inspiration in this way.
Once, twice, three times…
Then, for the whole afternoon, Chen Feng was immersed in the research and creation of martial arts, and he hardly stopped. When the sunset fell, his whole body was exhausted and he didn’t want to move.
But he still dragged his tired body, first went back to the villa to take a hot bath, and then went to the restaurant to eat.
Martial arts training consumes more energy and physical strength than other sports. It is necessary to replenish food and necessary rest and recuperation in time, otherwise it will cause serious harm to the body. This is also the reason why the ancestor of the Jing family developed the Yin Yang Quan when he developed the medicated bath recovery method.
After breakfast, Chen Feng came back to the small courtyard of the villa, still sitting cross-legged on the lawn, but did not feel the martial arts anymore, but emptied his mind, watching his nose, his nose and heart, and at the same time stimulating the mysterious breath. Meditate and meditate.
This is a habit of his martial arts practice, far faster than lying in bed to rest and restore energy and physical strength.

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