Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 65

“Old stuff, you’re crazy.” Chen Feng sneered. It’s really shallow. There are big brothers everywhere, and the black boss in a prefecture-level city. He really thinks he is a number one. , The tone is bigger than athlete’s foot.
Han Long’s tone was stagnant, and he had been on the road for so many years. He had never seen him before. Chen Feng, a young man who didn’t know his height, really thought he would be invincible if he hit a dozen bodyguards?
He came and went in the rain in Han Longfeng, and he crossed more bridges than Chen Feng traversed. He could meet a lot of fierce men with one enemy and one hundred, but there was never one that could be as rampant as Chen Feng.
Young people, madness is okay, but you have to use your brain!
Han Long took a deep breath and said with a smile: “Since you don’t choose, then Uncle Han will be the master for you. Let’s choose with skin cramps.”
The tone seemed to be a gift.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, he wanted to see who was stripping whose skin today, who was pulling whose muscles!
As soon as Han Long’s voice fell, there appeared a man in a black costume behind him. The man’s appearance was very ordinary, but his right eye socket was hollow. Obviously, one eyeball was missing, and he looked quite terrifying.
Seeing the man, Shen Junwen stepped back subconsciously, only to feel a bit cold in his back.
This one-eyed man was named Fang Tao, a powerful hero of Han Long. According to legend, Fang Tao’s master was the owner of the Jingang Martial Arts Center in Jinling City. Fang Tao was once loved by that owner. It is precisely because of this. Fang Tao was jealous and hated by other fellow seniors. During a discussion, Fang Tao was blinded by a fellow senior.
Since then, Fang Tao’s temperament has changed drastically, he practiced martial arts day and night, and allowed himself to be blinded and exposed to the eyes of everyone. A few years later, Fang Tao was successful in martial arts, and killed the blind man in the rainy night. The home of an eyeful brother.
A massacre was created, and a family of thirteen members, none of them survived!
Later, Fang Tao was hunted down and killed by the people of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall and fled all the way to Cangzhou, where he was taken in by Han Long and became Han Long’s sword.
In the past few years, there have been more than a dozen people who died in Fang Tao’s hands alone, and Fang Tao had a violent temperament. He liked to torture and kill people the most when killing. None of the people killed by Fang Tao had a complete body.
Shen Junwen once saw a person who had offended Han Long, who was crushed by Fang Tao’s bones all over his body, piece by piece. The horrible howl of the person whose bones were crushed left Shen Junwen at that time. The psychological shadow caused Shen Junwen to feel weak when he saw Fang Tao now.
All in all, Fang Tao is a madman, and that kind of extremely powerful madman!
Fang Tao stood in front of Chen Feng, he licked his lips, and there was a hint of excitement in his left eye.
Fang Tao made a bold move, and the iron fist rubbing against the air made bursts of sound.
Chen Feng fluttered to the left and escaped this iron fist.
But then, a fiercer offensive swept towards Chen Feng like a storm.
Chen Feng kept retreating, not because he was not against Fang Tao, but because Chen Feng discovered that Fang Tao’s style of boxing, he seemed to have seen him three years ago, and the person who taught Fang Tao’s boxing method had participated in the attack against him three years ago. That chase!
Chen Feng’s eyes began to deepen, and he did not expect to have such an unexpected joy. Chen Feng always remembered the group of people who chased him three years ago. At that time, most of them, although they all brought Wearing a mask, Chen Feng still remembered the number of their exercises, and only waited for the opportunity in the future to return one by one!
Today, he has to take advantage of the opportunity to fight Fang Tao to dig out the people behind him.
Outsiders didn’t know Chen Feng’s thoughts. They only saw that Chen Feng was beaten by Fang Tao and retreated steadily and seemed to fall at any time.
Han Long still had a smile on his face, but there was a pity in his heart. He was a good seed to resist Fang Tao’s fierce offensive. If he hadn’t had a bad brain, he would somewhat want to subdue Chen Feng for his own use.
Fang Tao panting, another punch hit the wall behind Chen Feng. With Fang Tao’s punch as the center, the concrete wall cracked like a spider web.
Everyone was amazed. Fang Tao once again refreshed everyone’s understanding of power. A fist that could smash a concrete wall would look like a terrifying picture if it hit someone.
I’m afraid it will hit a blood hole directly. It’s no wonder that Chen Feng, who was awe-inspiring before, is now holding his head, and he is facing such a terrifying opponent.
Shen Junwen clenched his fists in excitement, Chen Feng, aren’t you awesome! I want to see, what are you going to do this time!
Everyone is optimistic about Fang Tao, except Fang Tao himself.
No one knows better than Fang Tao how terrifying Chen Feng is!
After more than ten years of martial arts training, Fang Tao had never been so desperate. Even with his master, he had never felt such an insurmountable gap.
He felt that Chen Feng was playing around with him, just like a cat that managed to catch a mouse. Although he could eat it in one bite, he just didn’t eat it!
Fang Tao was panting and his eyes were blood red. He only wanted to meet Chen Feng once, even if it was dead!
He couldn’t even touch his opponent, he couldn’t accept such an aggrieved defeat.
“Who is your master?” At this time, Chen Feng suddenly said.
Fang Tao laughed miserably. It turned out that the other party played with him for so long because he wanted to know who his master was.
Will Fang Tao speak? He will never die!
After parrying Fang Tao with another punch, Chen Feng seemed to see the aggrievedness and anger in Fang Tao’s eyes. He smiled and said, “If you tell me who your master is, I can let you punch. .”
This was Chen Feng’s true thoughts. He saw that Fang Tao seemed to be trying very hard to meet himself. If he could satisfy Fang Tao, perhaps Xu Fangtao would tell who his master was.
Chen Feng didn’t mean anything else, but when these words fell in Fang Tao’s ears, they turned into naked humiliation and cut off Fang Tao’s last thoughts.
A mouthful of blood came out of Fang Tao’s mouth.
Fang Tao rolled his eyes and fell to the ground in a daze. With a bang, he hit the back of his head on the floor, unconscious.
This sudden scene stunned everyone.
Fang Tao is sick? This was the only thought that came out of Han Long’s mind. As for Fang Tao’s defeat to Chen Feng? Han Long didn’t even think about it.
The smug smile on Shen Junwen’s face also completely solidified, and Chen Feng was about to be killed at this sight. Why did he suddenly fall?
“What’s wrong with Fang Tao?” Han Long said solemnly, losing his smile for the first time.
A sturdy man stepped forward and touched Fang Tao’s nose, his complexion suddenly changed.
“Master Han, Brother Tao…”
“Say!” Han Long’s face sank like water.
“Brother Tao… is dead!” The stalwart man swallowed and said

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