Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 66

“Fart!” Han Long stepped forward, kicked the strong man directly, and personally tested that Fang Tao is a martial artist, and he is as strong as a cow. He does five or six women without rest in one night. Yes, how could such a person die?
Han Long didn’t want to believe it, but when he felt that Fang Tao did not breathe, and his heart stopped beating, his face became extremely ugly for the first time!
It’s dead!
The number one fighter under him is really dead!
And it’s still unclear!
“Uncle Han, Brother Tao…” Shen Junwen trembled, and he couldn’t accept this fact. It would be okay if Fang Tao died naturally, but if he was killed by Chen Feng, then… terrible!
“Shut up!” Han Long gave Shen Junwen a cold look. He now has a great resentment towards Shen Junwen. If it weren’t for Shen Junwen’s troubles, he would not have to bring Fang Tao over today, and Fang Tao would not die here.
Shen Junwen suddenly fell silent, which would make Han Long angry. He didn’t dare to touch Han Long’s mold.
“What shameful trick did you use?!” Han Long looked at Chen Feng and shouted. He didn’t think that Chen Feng defeated Fang Tao and caused Fang Tao’s death. He believed that Chen Feng must have tricked Fang. Tao.
Chen Feng shrugged and looked innocent: “I didn’t use any shameful means. We fought openly. Haven’t you all seen it?”
In fact, Chen Feng probably knew how Fang Tao died. People who practiced martial arts had a sigh of relief in their chest. This tone was the motivation to support the martial artist in martial arts, and was the vitality of the martial artist.
Many warriors, because of this tone, are able to improve on the road of martial arts.
But if one day, the warrior is hit by something and he can’t see his martial arts hope, then this breath will be lost, and it will be unstoppable.
If Chen Feng was right, Fang Tao’s breath in his chest was very powerful.
Being strong means that Fang Tao is persistent and persistent, which is a good thing. This means that when martial artists are practicing martial arts, their thoughts are very pure, very specific, and progress will be rapid.
But sometimes, being too persistent is not a good thing.
Just like Fang Tao, because he was too persistent, after seeing Chen Feng’s strength, he began to doubt whether his persistence for so many years was useful.
After hearing the last words of Chen Feng, Fang Tao was completely hysterical and desperate for himself.
The anger attacked the heart and died directly.
This kind of death is difficult for ordinary people to understand.
However, as a warrior, Chen Feng can roughly guess some.
It can be said that Fang Tao was not killed by Chen Feng, but by himself. He died of doubts about himself and despair of himself.
In Chen Feng’s view, Fang Tao is not suitable to be a martial artist, he is fragile.
The warrior must fight against the sky, against the earth, and even more with himself!
Even if he couldn’t pass this level, Fang Tao was destined to not achieve much.
Han Long didn’t think so much. At this moment, there was anger in his eyes. Fang Tao was one of the biggest cards in his hand. It is precisely because of Fang Tao’s existence that he has been able to stabilize Gu Dongchen all these years. For one thing, now that Fang Tao is dead, it means that the delicate balance between him and Gu Dongchen will be broken.
Gu Dongchen’s territory in the east of the city will surely be eaten away by Gu Dongchen.
The power that has worked hard for many years is damaged, which Han Long will never accept!
“Chen Feng, you must explain to Han a certain one!” Han Long gritted his teeth.
Chen Feng said lightly: “What do you want to explain?”
“Han gives you two choices. First, give Fang Tao his life!”
“Secondly, you replace Fang Tao’s seat and have worked for Han for ten years!”
Han Long said coldly, although Fang Tao’s death made him very heartache, at this time, the heartache is useless. For him, it is more important to ensure that his territory is not eaten away. This requires a new master to replace it. Fang Tao’s seat.
Chen Feng is very suitable. Although he may not be as strong as Fang Tao, he is definitely not weak enough to deter Gu Dongchen.
Han Long believes that if Chen Feng is not stupid, he will definitely choose the second one.
“I choose the third one!” Chen Feng said with a slight smile.
The third? Han Long was stunned. He didn’t seem to give Chen Feng the third option, right?
Shen Junwen’s face changed wildly. He knew too well the meaning behind Chen Feng’s words, because just half an hour ago, he had given Chen Feng similar options.
“Uncle Han, little…” Shen Junwen subconsciously wanted to remind Han Long.
But the heart word has not yet been spoken, Chen Feng has stepped forward in front of Han Long. Han Long backed away in horror, but then felt his neck tightened. Then Chen Feng lifted his whole body abruptly, giving him a chance to react throughout the process. nothing!
“court death!”
“Grass! Let go of Lord Han!”
Seeing Han Long’s feet kicking wildly in the air, a group of younger brothers suddenly began to split their eyes and stepped forward.
Chen Feng sneered and squeezed Han Long’s neck with his big hand. Han Long’s complexion instantly turned red, and he hurriedly waved his hand to stop the younger brother behind him.
Everyone in the field was stunned. No one expected that the situation would reverse so quickly. The moment before, the two sides were at war, and even the crowded Han Long faintly gained the upper hand. In a blink of an eye, Chen Feng thundered Han Long. The momentum was controlled, and Xiaoming was held in Chen Feng’s hands.
“Old stuff, dare to negotiate terms with me, and don’t take a piss to show what you are!” Chen Feng said with a sneer. He always eats soft but not hard. If Han Long can really put down the air and talk to him, Maybe things still have room to turn around, but Han Long directly used his gang boss’s intimidation and trickery, when he was a three-year-old child Chen Feng?
“Ho… I have something… OK… Easy to say…” Han Long’s face turned blue, his breathing was difficult, and his face was full of horror. He now felt that Fang Tao might not have died in the hands of Chen Feng’s conspiracy, but Chen Feng really has this strength!
“Now that I think about it, have you said it well?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes, his face suddenly turned cold: “It’s late!”
“Go around… forgive me!” Feeling the big hand pinched on his neck tightened again, Han Long was suddenly horrified, and his whole body was enveloped by a shadow of death.
“Dead! Or be a dog for me! Choose yourself!” Chen Feng said lightly. He couldn’t really kill Han Long in front of so many people. The reason for saying this was actually a bet on Han Long. Dare to take your own life as a bet.
A group of Han Long’s little brothers clenched their fists, and their angry teeth were about to be broken. They never thought that one day, Han Long, known as the underground emperor, would be raised and humiliated like a chicken. This is like killing them. Still uncomfortable.
Shen Junwen’s heart is hanging in his throat at this time, will Han Long agree?
In Cangzhou, he is an underground emperor who can stop children from crying at night, a real big man with hands and eyes, he will promise to be a dog for a door-to-door son-in-law who is known as a wasteful son-in-law?

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