Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 658

In fact, in order to avoid being jokes by everyone, they deliberately waited in the cabin, intending to wait for everyone to reappear after they left. As a result, everyone did not leave.
In desperation, they had no choice but to get out of the cabin, bite the bullet and leave, otherwise, it would be even more embarrassing. Everyone would think that they dare not show up!
I don’t know if it was because of Wu Kong’s presence, or because Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming both knew that until now, ruthless words would only increase shame. For this reason, they didn’t say anything to Chen Feng or even watched it. Chen Feng glanced at it, but left this place directly, making it a rush. however. Although Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming didn’t say anything, almost everyone present thought that the Jing family would never give up, but would never die with Chen Feng!
Chen Feng’s heart is like a mirror, but his expression is calm as water.
At the same time, a shopping mall predator in the crowd took out his mobile phone, edited a message, and pressed the send button. ten minutes later.
Chen Boyong returned home with a gloomy face and frowned brow.
Although the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng was not broadcast live, and no one took photos or recorded videos, he knew the result as soon as the match ended, and received news on the way home: Jing family did not Shot against Chen Feng on the spot.
This result made him very disappointed and annoyed that he almost called Jing Yunfeng directly, but considering that Jing’s family lost the successor of Jingteng, he must be on the fire, so he put down his phone again, planning to pass it. Time to contact Jing’s family.
“Didn’t you say that the Jing family can definitely kill Chen Feng that wild species?”
Chen Boyong entered the house. Before he even changed his slippers, his wife Wang Xiumei, like a cat whose tail was stepped on, jumped up from the sofa with a “swish” and shouted: “Why did I just receive the news, you That Jing family heir in his mouth did not kill Chen Feng, but was beaten to death by that Chen Feng in the martial arts contest?” no answer.
Chen Boyong dropped the briefcase casually, then walked silently to the study while wearing slippers.
“Please speak?”
Wang Xiumei chased after him reluctantly.
“What do you want me to say?” Chen Boyong stopped, frowning and looking at his wife who was completely swept away by hatred, “Do you think I want to see such a result?”
“You… you should at least ask Jing’s family?”
“Does it make sense?” Chen Boyong said in a low tone: “We just haven’t helped Yingrou succeed in revenge for the time being, and the Jing family has died of the contemporary heirs. What do you want me to ask them? Let me ask why the descendants of the Jing family were caught by Chen Feng Killed? Or, do you think they would like to see their heirs be killed?”
“But, didn’t you mean that Jing Jia vowed to say that it was okay?” Wang Xiumei was still unwilling.
“They said so, but the final result was not what they thought, nor was it the result we wanted.” Chen Boyong said with an ugly expression.
“Then we don’t do anything? Let that bastard live freely?” Wang Xiumei was anxious, she felt that she would be reconciled to see Chen Feng being killed immediately.
“It’s not time to talk about the next step, at least it is not appropriate to talk to the Jing family today.” Chen Boyong said, leaving his wife alone, turning to the study.
He is going to the study to stay alone and adjust his emotions.
“Chen Boyong, because of your words, I vowed to tell Yingrou that Chen Feng will die this time. Now it is such a result. Have you ever thought about what Yingrou will hear? I tell you, this is likely to become The last straw that crushed her has shattered the hope of survival that she finally raised!” Wang Xiumei said angrily. Before hearing Chen Boyong’s words, she vowed to tell Chen Yingrou that she would kill Chen Feng, but now it is Jing Teng was killed by Chen Feng. How did Chen Yingrou accept this result?
“I know, but the result cannot be changed, at least for now.” Chen Boyong stopped, but did not turn around, but said in a cold tone: “In addition, if she can’t bear this setback, then even if she is alive, it will not be much. significance.”
“You…” Wang Xiumei looked stunned, as if she had never expected that Chen Boyong would say such cold words.
“Shut up your fucking mouth, I’m tired, I want to be alone.” This time, before Wang Xiumei could say the next thing, Chen Boyong suddenly turned around and roared with a sullen face.
Wang Xiumei was so scared that she trembled and swallowed back what she had said.
As Chen Boyong’s wife, she knows very well that Chen Boyong is generally not angry, but once she becomes angry, she had better not add fuel to the fire, otherwise she will end up miserably.
However, although Wang Xiumei cannot be angry with Chen Boyong,
But her hatred for Chen Feng reached a point where it could not be added, and she wanted to eat Chen Feng’s meat and drink Chen Feng’s blood.
At this time, she was more worried about Chen Yingrou’s reaction after hearing the result of the competition.
At the same time, a high-end nursing home in Yanjing.
After having dinner, the patients, accompanied by a nurse, stood in groups and chatted together.
On the other hand, Chen Yingrou was in an advanced ward, holding the mobile phone in her hand tightly, as if waiting for some news.
At this time, a nurse walked in with an ugly face.
“Miss Chen, just got the news that the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng is over…” The nurse went straight to the subject.
“Did that crap die miserably?” Chen Yingrou asked excitedly.
“Well” looking at Chen Yingrou’s excitement, the nurse hesitated for a while before saying the truth: “Miss Chen, according to the information I received, it was Jing Teng who died. He was killed by Chen Feng. Stomped to death.”
Huh! Chen Yingrou’s face suddenly changed wildly, and then she looked at the nurse in disbelief, “You…what did you say?”
“Chen Feng killed Jing Teng in the match.” The nurse said again.
“No! Impossible! It’s absolutely impossible! My mother asked someone to tell me that the crap will die this time!” When she heard the nurse again, Chen Yingrou’s face was no longer excited, and some were excited, and could even say The emotions just got out of control, “Your news must be inaccurate!”
“…” The nurse was speechless, and wisely chose to be silent.
Because she could see that Chen Yingrou was too emotional at the moment. At this time, even if she frayed her lips, Chen Yingrou might not accept this reality.
“You go to inquire, I want accurate results! The accurate results, do you understand?” Seeing the nurse did not speak, Chen Yingrou seemed to be crazy, grabbing the collar of the nurse’s clothes, like a ghost, with eyes hair Red, roared with a distorted expression.
She is not crazy, but she does not want to wake up from her dream.
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