Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 681

For the swordsman, the sword is also a second life.
At this moment, he and Chen Fenggang were kicked off the Azure Dragon Sword.
For the swordsman, it is a very shameful thing to be disarmed by the opponent during the battle, and at this critical juncture, the swordsman without a weapon will greatly reduce his strength and endanger his life.
The life and death battle between the two people didn’t take long before Chen Feng kicked off the knife in Chu He’s hand and gained the upper hand.
This scene was watched by Wu Zhizhou, Fang Zheng, and Guan Nantian was shocked in his eyes.
You must know that Chu River is higher than Chen Feng, and he also wears the Qinglong sword, occupying an absolute advantage. Everyone thinks that Chen Feng cannot compete with Chu River. At most, it will not be too much at a disadvantage, but no How could everyone not be shocked at the thought that Chu He’s weapon was destroyed by Chen Feng at this moment.
Even if everyone was like this, Chu He didn’t need to say more. At this moment, he only felt like a dream and illusion, very unreal.
But the sharp pain from his wrist reminded him all the time that everything just happened before his eyes.
If Chu He hadn’t used his inner strength to protect his wrist just now, it was definitely not as simple as being injured at this moment. It was more likely that his hand would be completely useless.
Chu He injured his wrist. How could Chen Feng give up such an excellent opportunity, make a little adjustment, and rush towards Chu He again, clenching his fists, his inner strength surged, and he displayed Broken Mountain River!
The fist wind howled, extremely fast.
Chu He’s complexion changed. At this moment, he was locked in by Chen Feng’s breath, and more importantly, the opponent’s punch, even though it made him feel like he could not hide.
At the critical juncture, Chu Hanei Jin also blended into his arm, turning the knife in his palm, and slashing it with a hand knife. The hand knife slashed through the void, and a gap was drawn in the surrounding air. This hand knife is not much worse than the real treasure knife. It is said that it is a human, even a beast, it will never survive under this hand knife,
At this moment, he was actually preparing to collide with Chen Feng’s broken mountains and rivers.
There was a loud noise, and the two people collided with each other, and their internal energy rushed and canceled each other. Because the internal energy was too strong, the surrounding air was disturbed and a loud noise came out.
The concrete floor under the feet of two people around him cracked in a circular shape and then sank in.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Chu He’s figure couldn’t stop retreating. With every step back, the ground was trampled out of a deep pit, which showed how terrifying it was under unloading.
At this moment, a crack appeared in their palms, and their bodies could not stop shaking.
The most important thing is that the body’s breath is disordered, and the internal organs are shocked, obviously injured.
Looking at Chen Feng again, his figure is as steady as Mount Tai, standing in place without moving, quite like Wuzhizhou.
This scene was shocking again. If Chen Feng was caught off guard by taking advantage of his rich combat experience at the beginning, then he actually had a collision with Chu He just now.
As a result, Chu He stepped back three steps, but Chen Feng stood still and didn’t move the slightest.
Seeing this, how could everyone not be surprised.
Because people like Chu He who inherited the ancient martial arts, leapfrogged to kill, it can be said that it is not new.
But on the other hand, it is basically impossible to kill people who have passed on them for a long time, especially if they have crossed a big realm
Not to mention killing them, it is very difficult to escape from them.
Chen Feng is not the inheritor of ancient martial arts, and he actually forced a strong man like Chu He to retreat again and again to gain the upper hand. This scene is unbelievable.
At this moment everyone is like this, let alone Chu He who is fighting against Chen Feng.
He originally thought that Chen Feng could be crushed by his own strength. He didn’t expect that even if the Azure Dragon Sword was in his hand, it would be difficult to hurt the opponent, but now that the Azure Dragon Sword was released, he was even more disadvantaged.
“With such a strength, I dare to make noise!”
Just as everyone was stunned, Chen Feng’s voice suddenly sounded earth-shaking.
Before the words fell, Chen Feng made another move, appearing beside Chu He extremely quickly.
The fist blasted at the opponent again.
Chu He was already in shock, the blood in his body was unstable, and his internal organs were also injured. Just now Chen Feng’s voice began to spread, and he appeared in a trance for an instant.
At this moment, Chen Feng was descending like a tiger with a mighty aura. Chu He had suffered a loss just now, so he didn’t dare to fight any more, avoiding the sharp edge, and quickly stepped aside.
However, Chen Feng is an ordinary ghost and chasing after him.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
The fist wind roared and was deafening. Chen Feng’s fists were as fast as lightning, and he chased Chu He with a fierce punch, without giving the opponent a chance to fight back. Under this continuous pursuit, Chu He retreated steadily, showing a bit embarrassed.
“Ok?” In this scene, Wu Zhizhou, who was watching the battle, was stunned by Fang Zheng and others.
They also thought that this one-sided situation would definitely occur, but the person in their hearts was not Chu He, and Chen Feng, but now the other way around.
“There was a fierce attack at the beginning, and then I took advantage of the strength to destroy the opponent’s weapon, and then chased Chu He without giving the opponent a chance to fight back, and the situation suddenly changed!”
“This son is not only powerful, but also profound. More importantly, his combat experience is extremely accurate in controlling changes in the situation!”
“Yes, every time he makes a shot is purposeful, paving the way for a certain link, I have to say that Chen Feng can be said to be a talented arrogant among his peers!”
Wu Zhizhou nodded secretly, Chen Feng’s performance was very good, whether it was the challenge of the selection just now, or the current life and death struggle, he played extremely well.
Cang Bo, Fang Zheng and others did not speak, but they agreed with Guan Nantian’s words in their hearts.
If Chu He’s strength in the mid-phase of Huajin surprised them, then Chen Feng’s strength at this moment shocked them.
At this moment, Ji Yun, Sanjie, Tianying and others were speechless.
Even Sanjie, a person who is not interested in martial arts, couldn’t help but admire at this moment: “My big brother, what has gone through? Why is the combat experience so rich?”
In stark contrast to them, Wang Yidao was no longer arrogant and disdainful, and his face was gloomy and his brows furrowed.
In order to improve Chu He’s combat effectiveness, he also often trained Chu He to find methods and increase experience in realization, but he didn’t expect it to be much worse than Chen Feng.
“Although Chu He often fights with the enemy. But I am afraid that he will be injured or lose his life, so the opponent’s strength is slightly weaker. In this case, the opponent knows that he will not have life worry, so there is no such thing. It feels like breaking the boat!” After all, Wang Yidao is also a master. After a little analysis, he found the problem.
When the voice came, Chu He screamed, and Chen Feng slammed his chest with a punch, and his body flew out.
“Huh, useless waste!”

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