Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 687

The three of them just got out of the car and walked into the lobby of the bar. There was a beautiful lady dressed sexy and exposed. She immediately greeted him, took a look, and then directly buckled Yu Wenbo’s shoulders. The scene saw Sanjie drooling.
“Little monk, make arrangements for tonight, let’s have fun!”
As soon as Yuwenbo’s voice fell, Sanjie’s eyes lighted up and his mouth closed with a smile. Yuwenbo couldn’t help but laugh.
The laughter of the two people is called a wretched, and that is called an excitement, quite a feeling of a sex demon meeting an obscene stick.
Seeing the performance of these two people, Chen Feng smiled bitterly, but today I called Yuwenbo on, it’s really true. The two people have similar smells and can play together. If Chen Feng wears the three precepts, maybe the play is not so refreshing. Up.
A group of three people walked toward each other. There was heavy bass music and screams from the crowd. The lights flickered, and there were many beautiful and handsome guys dancing on the dance floor. The atmosphere was particularly lively.
The most eye-catching thing is that there are many handsome men and beauties lined up around them, standing under the lights, posing in handsome or charming poses, waiting for guests to lead them away.
As long as someone fancy, the waiter will be notified, and the waiter will bring him (her) to the guests as quickly as possible.
There are men here who look wretched, and they are not good at first sight. Their first choice is beautiful women, and they will not choose the same one when they come for the second time.
There are also handsome-looking boys, some of them also choose some beautiful women to accompany the wine, and some people don’t know what they think they call one or two men, which is incredible.
Women choose women, women choose men, the scene is chaotic.
There are also some people who are not called to accompany the wine, they are either in groups or in groups, or the first time they come is purely fresh.
Since entering the bar, San Jie’s eyes have not left the beauties, staring at them with squinting eyes and swallowing saliva in his mouth.
“Monk, what are you doing, monk, come here, let’s find a place to sit down first!”
Seeing Sanjie’s unpromising appearance, Yu Wenbo stepped forward and pulled him.
Sanjie reluctantly retracted his gaze, followed Yuwenbo to the booth, and then Yuwenbo ordered some wine and fruit.
“Three commandments, you can choose, you see, as long as you are a beautiful woman alone, tell me if you like it!”
Yuwenbo patted Sanjie on the shoulder.
“Good, good!” San Jie yelled good, excited, and then the boss stared at all the beauties present.
But after a few minutes he has not made a choice.
“Alright?” Yu Wenbo couldn’t help but urged.
“Ahem, this, there are too many people, I don’t know how to pick it!”
Sanjie’s expression was a bit awkward.
“It’s okay!” Yu Wenbo comforted, and with a gesture, a waiter came to his side and bowed and said: “Hello, what service do you need?”
“Well, find me some beautiful girls, let my brother take a look first!”
Yu Wenbo was already a veteran, and he was familiar with the road. He took a few red paper money from his pocket and handed it directly to the waiter.
The waiter was overjoyed and said yes after receiving the reward.
After the waiter left, Sanjie was taken aback, and said, “It’s wrong, why don’t you just let me see it? Why don’t you two look for it!”
“I don’t need it anymore!” As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, Yu Wenbo also said that there is no need to find someone today. The reason why they came here is to play with the three precepts.
“Then I’m so sorry!” San Jie scratched his big bald head in embarrassment.
“Hello, sir!”
As soon as the words of Sanjie fell, a beautiful lady dressed sexy and exposed, came to them and bends and asked.
“Sit, sit, sit!”
Sanjie quickly moved inside and patted on the seat.
The matter is far from over. Since I brought the Three Precepts to play, then we have to play enough. After a while, three beautiful women came over. Without any restraint, they sat next to the Three Precepts. The Three Precepts were immediately surrounded by four beautiful women. Don’t mention too much excitement in my heart.
He just felt more excited than becoming a Buddha right now, and his heart was full
“Energetic, this feeling is so cool!”
Sanjie is surrounded by Wenrouxiang at this moment, already incoherent.
Chen Fengyu and Wenbo both looked speechless,
“Are the monks so unrestrained now?!”
Looking at San Jie’s squint look, Yu Wenbo couldn’t help but ask.
“Hahaha, he eats meat, kills, and does everything, let alone lust!”
Tonight is mainly to take the Three Precepts to play. For him, Yu Wenbo is not stingy and transfers a six-figure amount to the beauties who accompany the wine, just to let them accompany the Three Precepts.
This group of beauties originally came rushing for money, and when they saw Yu Wenbo’s lavishness, at this moment, they all gathered around Sanjie to ask for warmth.
Apart from occasionally giving Chen Fengyu a cup to the Wenbo, the four beauties spent most of the time around Sanjie, wishing to stick to Sanjie.
“Hahaha, this kind of feeling is good, my previous years have really been in vain!”
Sanjie couldn’t help saying that he only felt that he was in heaven at this moment. He had never experienced this kind of feeling. He used to practice martial arts in addition to martial arts. His life was extremely boring, and there was no life like now.
“Sanjie, it’s all yours tonight, enjoy it!” Yu Wenbo couldn’t help joking.
Sanjie laughed, and walked outside with a few girls in his arms.
But at this moment Chen Feng suddenly stopped. He arrived at a middle-aged man, who was standing at the door of the bar, looking at Sanjie with a gloomy expression.
“Master Founder!”
Chen Feng saw Master Fang Zheng and was about to remind the Three Commandments, but at this time there was a roar.
“Three Precepts!!!”
San Jie was taken aback by the roar, and when he fixed his eyes, it turned out to be Master Fang Zheng.
“Great… Great Monk!”
Sanjie didn’t know if it was because he had been drinking too much, or was afraid, and he was trembling when talking.
Fang Zheng came to San Jie in an instant, grabbed San Jie from the pile of women, and then slapped San Jie’s big bald head without hesitation.
Sanjie was beaten and scurrying.
“What? He is a monk?”
Several beautiful women looked incredible.
The scene suddenly calmed down, and everyone was stunned. Chen Feng pondered for a moment, then took a few steps forward, and said with a fist, “Master Fang Zheng, this!”
Chen Feng thought for a long time, not knowing how to express the whole story in another way.
“Forget it this time, hurry up with me to the Vatican, next time you take him out to fool around, I will not only teach him, but also you!”
Master Fang Zheng was angry at the moment. But there are so many faces. It’s hard to say anything.
Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. The Vatican was the venue of the World Martial Arts Competition. Everyone who participated was the best selected. There was no reason for Sanjie to follow.
Xu Ye saw Chen Feng’s doubts, and Master Fang Zheng explained: “This time there are more than one places in Hua Guo, but four. Ji Yun, Tianying, and Three Commandments will all participate!”
Hearing the words of Master Fang Zheng, Chen Feng was completely stunned, and his anxiety became more and more serious.

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