Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 688

At noon, the sun should have been shining brightly, but the temperature on the Wuming Mountain was very low, the surrounding mist was foggy, and visibility was insufficient.
The smog surrounds the mountains. The Wuming Mountain, which was supposed to be as beautiful as a fairyland, has no such feeling at this moment. I just feel that the fog is like a cloud over the hearts of everyone on the Wuming Mountain.
One of the oldest families in the Jingjiahua country, it has a long heritage and is hidden for many years, but every time it is born, it will cause a storm to improve the reputation of the Jingjia and tell everyone that the Jingjia will not be born. Being born like a thunder,
But this time the challenge of Jing Teng, a descendant of the Jing family, did not shock the world. Instead, it became a shame for the Jing family and caused the world to change their views on the Jing family.
This made everyone in the Jing family want to sack Chen Feng and get rid of their hatred.
However, the strength of the Wumeng made them dare not act rashly, at least on the surface, they dare not act.
The most important thing is that Chen Feng has been selected to participate in the selection of martial arts circles, which makes the Jing family hesitate. If they attack Chen Feng, their Jing family will be opposed to the Hua Guo martial arts circle.
They cannot bear such consequences.
One more thing, they already knew about Chen Feng’s killing of Wang Yidao’s apprentice, and then got a place to participate in the world-class competition, and the number of places for China to participate in the competition increased to four.
Jing Shiming, Jing Teng’s father, is extremely regretful every time he thinks of this time. If Jing Teng is not dead, then there must be one of these four places.
It’s just that he also knows that there is no regret medicine in this world, and with the situation at the time, the duel between Jing Teng and Chen Feng was unavoidable.
Seeing his father’s worry, Jing Yunfeng was a little worried and asked: “Father, what should we do now?”
“This bloody hatred is not shared!”
If Jing Shiming was not afraid of bringing disasters to the Jing family, he would single-handedly take Chen Feng’s head in return for his murder.
“Based on the current situation, there are only two methods available!”
Jing Shiming looked into the distance and slowly said, “First, all the younger generations of the Jing family should practice with all their strength until one person can meet the requirements of the inheritor. Second, regarding revenge for Xiao Teng, don’t be impatient. , Watch the changes!”
“How does father watch the changes?”
At this moment, Jing Shiming wanted to avenge Jing Teng.
“As you said, Chen Feng’s bastard has made a lot of enemies over the years. This time I participated in the martial arts competition. I thought that at that time, hostile forces would attack him, and his brother Ye Nantian also offended many people when he was young. Those families won’t let go easily!”
Jing Yunfeng calmly analyzed the competition: “Moreover, in this world-class competition, the last person must be selected. Then, as long as Chen Feng participates in the competition, it is impossible not to be injured. Even Chen Feng cannot cope with many powerful players!”
“The most important thing is that even if he gets the last place, it doesn’t matter. Overseas organizations and forces will not sit idly by. It is easy to kill Chen Feng’s bastard with the strength of our Jing family, but the reason why we don’t do it, It is precisely because our roots are in China. Once I turn my face, will it be possible for me to confront the Wumeng!”
“But the foreign forces will not take care of these, otherwise Ye Nantian will not be disabled. No matter how strong the military alliance is, it is impossible to compete with many foreign forces!”
“Well, my father makes sense!”
“Hey!” Jing Yunfeng sighed and said, “It’s a pity that you can’t kill Chen Feng, this bastard!”
“Shiming, Xiao Teng was killed, and the descendants of our Jing family are gone. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, you must deal with it calmly, take the overall situation into consideration, and don’t rush your head for revenge!”
Jing Yunfeng knew this son very well. He was afraid that Shiming would be dazzled by hatred. He would be in trouble when he shot Chen Feng when he was in the martial arts competition.
In fact, Jing Yunfeng was right at all thinking, Jing Shi clearly thought so, and had already prepared everything, so he could only go to kill Chen Feng as soon as the time came.
It was just that after hearing his father’s explanation and difficulties, he decided to put the overall situation first and give up this matter temporarily.
Moreover, he believes that his father’s analysis is not wrong, and Chen Feng will definitely not survive the attack by foreign forces.
The sun slowly set, and the sky was full of sunset clouds. Ivka once again came to Olympus Mountain, which was called the sacred mountain by the ancient Greeks.
Evka is the head of the intelligence of the Dark Council, and she is also the woman of William the Son of Darkness of the Dark Council. Perhaps it was spread like this by others. As for whether William regarded her as her own woman, Evka was not sure.
But she didn’t pay attention to these. Whether it was or not, she willingly followed William the Son of Darkness and did his best.
“Ivka congratulates the leader for defeating several other candidates, becoming the son of darkness of the Dark Council, and representing the Dark Council in this world-class competition!”
Evka looked extremely capable with short hair, and saw her bowing and saluting, making no secret of her admiration and admiration for the Son of Darkness.
A woman is a very strange person, her recognized personality is erratic. When she is disappointed, no one or anything can make her look back, but when she falls in love with someone, she will take everything about herself without hesitation. Give it to the other party and work for the other party loyally.
A few days ago, the strong behind the Dark Council gathered several candidates for the Son of Darkness and conducted an internal selection on this mountain. William was powerful and crushed several other candidates and became the Son of Darkness.
“Hmm! You are here, is there any news from China?”
Facing Evka’s respect, William did not show any discomfort, which was related to his state of mind.
He has been particularly talented in martial arts since he was a child. Once by chance, he got a bottle of magic potion. After taking it, his talent in the body was improved, and his progress in martial arts practice increased several times. The realm has improved a few levels, he has long ignored his former opponents, and he did not take it seriously this time in the internal selection, because it is really easy to defeat several other candidates with his strength.
And when people mention his name William, they have to say something about the arrogance of the younger generation in the world.
“Yes, the leader, what we have learned is that Chen Feng has already had a life and death duel with the descendants of the Huaguo Sword King a few days ago. In the end, Chen Feng won and killed the Sword King’s descendants and became the representative of China. Participate in this world-class selection, and Chen Feng is hailed as the first person among Chinese juniors!”
After Evka finished the report, she stood there and listened respectfully.

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