Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 705

“Huh, it’s just a list of odds made by the worldly people who thought they were making it, don’t care, remember the main purpose of this time”
Hong Tianba opened his eyes at Hong Yiyuan and said slowly.
“I see, Master!”
When Hong Yi heard Master’s words, he quickly got up and responded.
The purpose of Hong Yi’s participation in the competition this time was very clear: to kill Chen Feng and then to destroy all the contestants in the Huaguo martial arts circle.
“Damn it, my ranking is lower than Chen Feng, and so much lower!”
In the corner of this hotel, in a private room, Ron of the Mafia Firfer family was also angry at the moment.
His ranking on the odds list turned out to be 18th, a full 14th behind Chen Feng’s fourth.
Before Ron finished speaking, his master Solo Childe frowned and said: “No matter when, before you achieve your goal, don’t complain. This game is more than strength. You have to use your best. Strive to be in the top few in the competition. If you can meet Chen Feng, it will be better and kill him easily. In this way, all the rankings are just a joke!”
“Well, you are right!
Ron had a respectful look, and then he looked into the distance with light in his eyes: “Chen Feng, Chen Feng, I can’t help but try to compete with you now. If I met you at the beginning, then I should How great!”
Solo Childe was silent and did not speak, but he also thought so. If Ron can fight Chen Feng at the beginning, then not only can he eliminate a strong opponent for the family, but in the next game, Ron also He could give full play to his strength without taking it into consideration. As for Ron’s defeat to Chen Feng, he had never thought about it. In his opinion, it was impossible.
“Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s wicked dog is still ahead of me, interesting!
In the other private room, Zuo Zhu, a martial arts genius from Dongying, looked at the rankings on the list, showing a sneer.
“This list can’t tell you much. It’s nothing more than the marketing methods of the gaming company. As long as you kill Chen Feng in public in the ring, everything will be ranked as a cloud!”
There is another person in the room, and he is Miyamoto Takeno, the new head of the Shinyin Battle Hall.
He came in person this time, it can be said that he is going to Chen Feng and his death. He has already planned and he cannot put all his hopes on Zuo Zhu. If Zuo Zhu fails to kill Chen Feng, then he will personally take action. .
“Huh, killing Chen Feng this evil dog is nothing. This time the championship is my goal. I will sweep all the warriors and win the first place in one fell swoop. By then, I will not only wash away the humiliation of Dongying, but also the dignity that Dongying can lose. Take it back!”
Zuo Zhu raised his mouth and sneered, as if Chen Feng was already in his palm in his opinion, let him play with it.
Fondigang Guangming Square, this square can be said to be a symbol of the times. This square can accommodate 400 to 500,000 people. It is located on the east side of Fondigang. Guangming Square faces the Guangming Cathedral and is named after it.
Guangming Square is a specific place where the Vatican Fendigang held large-scale events.
Today, Guangming Square has become the venue of the world-class 11th martial arts competition.
In order to ensure that there were no accidents during the game and to ensure the smooth progress of the game, the Holy See of Fen Digang sealed off for four weeks to prevent unrelated persons from entering within a radius of five miles. All those who enter here need to hold certificates and admission tickets.
Not only that, but on the day of the match, the Italian side dispatched numerous patrols to seal off all the surrounding areas, and the formation was huge. At this moment, the square had been surrounded by airtight, leaving only one entrance and exit.
This world-class martial arts competition is the same as other competitions in the past. The world-class competitions are based on countries as the unit to register for the competition. In addition to the Eagle Country and Tsarist Russia, other countries in the European continent are united to form In name registration, there are as many as 20 contestants. Except for China, the United States, and Tsarist Russia, which have four places, all other countries have only one place. This is another difference.
Only one entrance and exit was left after being blocked by the patrol. And the import and export set up a face recognition device. All staff or participants from all countries must pass face recognition before they can enter.
Their information has already been collected, as long as the face recognition is passed, all the information of the person will be displayed.
It was already dawn, and outside the hotel in Fen Digang, players from China, the United States, Tsarist Russia and many other countries were preparing to board the bus and head to Guangming Square, the venue of the competition.
Even if Chen Feng is here, he is still famous, just like he was recognized as soon as he entered the restaurant yesterday, and he is still the same today.
Chen Feng, Sanjie, Tianying, and Ji Yun had just walked out of the hotel and arrived at the door. Almost all of the contestants from other countries would look at him, and some even said hello to Chen Feng and Sanjie.
Chen Feng saw it too and responded with a smile.
The driver’s master greeted, and the thirty-two contestants walked to their respective buses, and then the buses slowly started and drove towards Fendigang Mingyue Square.
Not long after, the bus arrived at Guangming Square. Everyone got off. At the entrance, there were patrols, guards from the Holy See, and people from the World Martial Arts Organization. At this moment, they stood at the entrance and carefully checked the documents of each person. And information.
All personnel from all over the world, without exception, are waiting for inspection one by one without any rush.
Numerous stands have been established around the square for the audience, and there is an open space in the middle where the warriors compete.
At around nine o’clock in the morning, almost all the warriors or their respective team leaders had been checked and entered the playing field.
Although the competition has not started, there are already many spectators or martial artists waiting in the stands. This is a world-class martial arts competition. Although the martial artists in the stands have no chance to participate, they can see this kind of competition. For their own martial arts training, There is also a lot of help.
You should know that not everyone has the opportunity to see the stunts of all the strong men in the world, watching their duels, and there are many benefits.
There are not only ordinary warriors or spectators in the stands, but also the world-class powerhouses of Toyo Martial God Palace, Takeno, Solo, and Hong Tianba, but more ordinary warriors.
At this moment, William and his country’s leader and several escorts are waiting in the open space at this moment.
“Ok!” Seeing Chen Feng’s four coming, the contestants and team leaders from other countries were taken aback. The next moment almost everyone in the venue focused on Chen Feng.
I have known that Chen Feng’s fame has been surging recently, and his every move has attracted the attention of the audience. At the same time, Chen Feng is also the top four in this competition and ranks high on the odds of winning the championship of.

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